420 Disaster

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SkeletonMan84 : “My favorite time to smoke, thanksgiving” Like if you’re watching in November

therealist2013 : lol he's a damn good actor

Dogman : I remember watching this in 2008 and thinking it was actually real and really funny.

Valientlink : "I think this is cashed dude" at a joint LMFAO

Smug Cat : hahahaha holy god what a genius skit. They need their own skit show, they're WASTED on snl

Belarion A.D. : I laugh everytime he runs up to the cops and snitches dude out.

CoporalSubway : I'm gettin a new bubbler.

Jarod Sparacio : One whole decade ago this happened holy shit I miss the old YouTube

xDreamerDreamerx : A Tribe Called Quest towards the end. You got a like from me!

Cast Sanchez : I love the fact that these guys are at a old Saosin concert

xXLsUTiGeRsFaNXx : Let's boxhot dude

Ryan Johnson : My blaze brother dude

Bert Jete : I wouldn't smoke some lit shit some stranger is giving me either, but I thought that was just common sense.

DoWork : Was this guy in Parks and Rec for one episode? Applying for Toms job..

semperpee : love the greenery dude!

TRU SKATEBOARDS : I think its cashed! lol

DUTCHswift : saosin?

Cinnamononomon : freakin kyle lol. one of the many faces.

Roo Hale : I wonder what he actually said to those cops xD

Gonk Monty : Came back on 420 2016. Happy 420 my dudes

Farrah Zimmerman : It's Kyle Mooney!!


Relentless Remag : Is this the Zumiez guy's Dad?

therealist2013 : what did he say at at @00:58? my belize brother? 

Sean Taylor : Is that 'A Tribe Called Quest' playing near the end?

Matt Wester : Kyle has really proven through the years that his favorite time to smoke is Thanks Giving

Cody Goodman : Classic Style!

Andrew Lewis : looks like Kyle Mooney from SNL. could even be one of his characters he plays

Andrew Doolan : sounds like the frat dude from workaholics

Claudia McManus : I don't understand how people don't understand that this is Kyle. Like Kyle Kyle. Where've ya'll been the last few years?

Kamikaze Gorilla : Looks like USC's campus.

0B3Y M3 : Where is his top lip?

Pablo Insano : The way he says "dude" reminds me of Ethan from H3H3...funny

Stephen R : Here we our again on another 4/20. I remember the good days when getting high wasn't cool.

DCFanatic7 : I used to get baked and watch this over and over just straight crying bahah

Nocturnes : Saosin4days

yootubesucks123 : THANKSGIVING DUDE!

Kala : I came here for Saosin

J. Ward : acting McActorson strikes again with his fake

gsxwrx : is this a DOUG BENSON impression?

colellad : Heheheheheh sperts and weed, dude! Lms for Michigan State! 🌲🍅

joevw007 : he was clearly an undercover cop. he yelled i love weed loud hoping the cops nearby would see him. Also why he never smoked it

ajg : Award Tour

Kyle Kayfish : he is just high on life.

jesse minor : Damn what a tool telling the cops

3:17 AM : I watch this every 4/20. It's crazy it's been 9 years since this came out!

succ : Omg 2008 was 10 years ago 😕

Sam Reddoch : Underoath at the beginning

Darius : Just started watching Zoolander 2... took me forever to realize this is where I know him from hahaha

Moo : D A N I E L S