Dad's DRINK, went to JAIL | Father's Day - 42Fab #21

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Gerald Trice : Drill a hole through the cap and drink with a straw.

Barton Robinson : Beautifully done..ya gots ta luv it !!

A Martin : He said ‘thanks, Richard’. I translate that to ‘Thanks, DICK.’

Rag Tie : Fabulous

ManCraftingTM : I haven’t done exactly this, but I did something like it twice. Once for my Father in Laws Christmas gift and the second was for a Makers Wanted skit when I welded a Benchmade knife in a metal brick sized box for Jimmy. Merry Christmas Jimmy.

jasonmushersee : that's clever

jdawgs place : LMAO!!!!! what a awesome gift for he's proud you're a welder

Trenn Hoffman-Ideus : Instead of welding he will be grinding

silveravnt : I gave my dad a phone call. Thats two hours I won't get back...