1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US
Interviews with Elderly People Throughout the US in 1929

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Compilation of sound interviews with some of the oldest people living in the United States in 1929. Footage is from the early Movietone sound cameras. Condensed/worked on footage. Same video with fixed sound sync - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVeZlLO6-fM


1992 Music : We just heard voices that were alive 190 years ago. That guy was born back in 1829. He was alive 190 years ago and we heard his freaking voice. Insane man.

Simon Amete : Only the 1800s kids can relate.

MrSifaperdire : I wonder what they might think knowing that their video would be seen all around the world in 2019.

Jacob Huggins : Finally documentary proof that they did play with those silly beards.

Bookum Danno : Dude was born in 1826, same year Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died. Lincoln was a teenager

Bodacious Bob : they look and sound damn healthy for being 80-90 years old

BuffaloMafia716 : Wow these types of videos are human history, that need to be preserved for eternity.

Thomas Leise : wow, an elderly guy in 1929 talking about "in those days..."

The Night Watcher : 7:28 “I’m a republican now, but before they were around, I was a Whig.” This man was alive before the Republican Party even existed.

5ilver42 : these people in their 80s and 90s look healthier than people I see in their 50s and 60s now

Jarom Christensen : Imagine telling these people that a century later this footage of them would be available for millions of people to watch in the palm of their hand at any time. They probably thought it would just be viewed by 1 or 2 audiences.

Cody Morris : Jesus... That 103 year old guy from 1929 was born in 1826, which means he was alive to witness: • The founding/restoration of the Mormon Church in the 1830’s • The Mexican-American War • The 1848 Revolutions in Europe • The Bonaparte’s coming back to power in France under Louis-Napoleon, future French Emperor Napoleon III. • The Industrial Revolution • The Civil War, and the transition of Africans from being property to human beings (well, dealing with Jim Crow Laws anyway) • The Italian Wars of Unification, which unified the Italian Peninsula under one sovereign nation for the first time since the Byzantines and Romans. • The fall of the Bonaparte’s in the Franco-Prussian War and the rise of a unified Germany • The independence of the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire, including the full independence of Romania, the Serbian War of Independence, Bulgarian declaration of independence, Bosnian Crisis, and the First Balkan War (excluding the 2nd because it was about readjusting borders rather than independence.) • WW1, and the ensuing end of the era of Europe being dominated by monarchies, including the replacement of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian Empires by the Weimar Republic, Republics of Austria and Hungary among other states, the Turkish Republic, and the Soviet Union respectively. • The ascension of the United States as a Great Power after WW1. • The “Roaring 20’s” and perhaps the beginning of the Great Depression if not more. That man had been through nearly it all. If he somehow could’ve lived another few decades, he’d have seen even more. EDIT: Adding a few more things that I would’ve added initially but spaced out. Also rearranged some stuff to be more chronological.

Brandon from Kentucky : Still better picture and audio then some of today's cell phones.

High Overlord Snarffie Beagle : fucking crazy to hear people who were in the civil war just hanging out, think how annoying it will be in 2119 for people to have hours and hour and hours of video of us

Nordmarian : 2:17 - How old are you ? - 84 - You was in the same ...... ?? - In the same war - Same jedi - the same general, general Grievous - Good man - Good man yes he was

Drakijy : 3:37 "The first hundred years is the hardest" Great example for us all to follow. Keep your sense of humor folks!

Bethany Butler : "I'm 94" "pretty good age for a young man" love their humor haha

Nathan Carter : “I can recall the redman moving through the woods” that’s absolutely insane to think she can remember seeing Indians being moved into territories. Just nuts

palindrome06 : The 103 year old guy was talking about his grandmother in 1929. Basic math tells us that if he was 103 in 1929 then he was born in 1826. So his grandmother was probably born around in the mid 1700's. Just 50 years after the 1600's was over. Oh man! I would have never thought that a random person lived in the 1700's would ever be mentioned in a video survived till 2018.

Edward Burton : They're all still doing well I hope. Please update.

RNGesus : That lady who’s 100 sure could move and dance well! 💃🏼

Payoner 02 : AHEM

rick 1 : These people met those who were in the American revolution

oskaveli662 : Recorded video might be the greatest invention of all time. It's the equivalent of creating a time machine.

SamIAm701 : Now, we have elderly people who were born in 1929.

Odette : The way they spoke is so different and I like it so much, sounds so classy.

Ol’ Caruso : She called herself a north Georgia cracka with such confidence haha

There is Only one : I wonder at the time they knew that they would be listened to by over 2,000,000 people in 2019😂

Alex Ervin : Just think: These people shared the same world as Arthur Morgan, and John Marston. Legendary.

Nick Girouard : This guy just said before the republican party🤯

ERIC ADAMS : 2:40. That guy would be 184 years old...still a good age for a young man.

Mars Blackmon : It’s kinda of weird to imagine the stock market just crashed that year and would lead to the Depression

Joey T : Only 90s kids will remember these days.

Zak Mohammed : 'I don't worry about the future... I'm going to keep on living as long as I can. '

Dead Gorgon : Whoever's idea of doing this is genius. Now we see how they talk, speak and interact. It's absolutely charming.

Landry Prichard : "I think for an old Georgia cracker my size and age..." 😂 I love that lady!

sombertownDS 1 : Damm, these people were around during the civil war, ww1, and the spanish-American war i believe

klerta marta : These guys lived while Abraham Lincoln was a president

Buffalo Bill : They look sharp and happy, no depression, anxiety, loneliness like today.

AriesFireDragon1 : Real live historical testimony, love it. Thank you.

Arif Akyuz : Damn, they are 90 years old? That is incredibly high considering the lower life expectancy!

Tabitha Peña : 8:23. So amusing how a 103-year old man born in 1826 found the word “arise” archaic in 1929. Too cute hahahaha 😂☺️

Jazzmyn sb : shoutout the person who brought us this video, i bet they would have never imagined that we’d be sitting here on our phones and computers in 2018 watching it. May you Rest In Peace bud

TheVickersDoorter : Interesting to hear traces of Irish English embedded in some of their accents, which I guess in essence is from where the American accent developed.

МАСШТАБНОЕ МЫШЛЕНИЕ : Unbelievable! I had no idea footage of such great quality from that era exist!!!

Anthony Palermo : 7:24 I never drank or smoked anything. Im 102 years old.

Cyphlix : Thank god filming in vertical wasn't invented yet

Melonie Zappa : The fact that someone was rich enough to own a camera and mic & thought "You know what? I'm going to interview the common people." Not movie stars etc. but your great grandma or grandpa. Amazing.

RobinFlysHigh : 9:55 Her calling herself a cracker got me hahahaha