1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US

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guy jones : Edit: Same video with fixed sound sync https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVeZlLO6-fM Part two - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cGEe2makeM More interviews with US Civil War Veterans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq_U63J6wO8

Nick Angelos : None of them look as old as they say

palindrome06 : The 103 year old guy was talking about his grandmother in 1929. Basic math tells us that if he was 103 in 1929 then he was born in 1826. So his grandmother was probably born around in the mid 1700's. Just 50 years after the 1600's was over. Oh man! I would have never thought that a random person lived in the 1700's would ever be mentioned in a video survived till 2018.

Kris Shaw : The ederly were more respected back then

General Mosquito Spray : The man starting at 11:09 was born in 1829. *Eighteen twenty-nine.* When he was a child, many or perhaps most adults he interacted with were born in the 1700s. He may have had a grandparent who was involved in the Revolutionary War or knew people who had been. And we are hearing and seeing him on film. This is astonishing.

respon331 : these old people look much healthier than old people today

The French Fancie : I love that youtube recommended me this out of nowhere, so wholesome

First Name : "I voted the Whig ticket" That is incredible.

Brandon Inman : 8:41 Amazing to hear an elderly woman from 1929 ask me how I'm doing this morning and hoping I'm well.

toddles9 : I bet the internet was *really* slow back then.

streamofawareness : None of them ever could have dreamed that their stories were going to be transmitted as data around the world to be seen by people nearly a century later. Our minds are so incredible.

blockmasterscott : Wow, one of those guys was a member of the Whig party! That's crazy!

Lord Voldemort : Fascinating. These people were adults when Lincoln was president, that's amazing.

Jay Louis : These 80-90 year olds are more active physically and mentally compared to 60-70 year old people today

Pat Uskert : So called "evil white America" run by "the patriarchy" doesn't look that bad, actually.

E Edgerton : The guy born in 1826 talking about voting the Whig ticket. Holy cripes. (Whigs were what turned into the Republican Party, who were actually the most socially progressive party back then.)

bakerXderek : This is insanely interesting

User 0 : Now that the last woman born in the 1800s has died, that era is gone from living memory. People, word of mouth, and memory connect us to the past, lets us know where we come from. I always feel a little sad seeing things from the past, because that world is no more. Forget the racism, poor medical care, and basic hardships. There were people, families, moments that we will never know. A playful whisper in the ear from a sister to a brother during a game in the yard in the mansion. A christmas dinner with a family. A mother torn with grief to find out her son was lost to the crusades. Time has been relatively short for our species compared to the earth, but there have been things all around the world for tens of thousands of years that will never change as human relationships never change. Human nature being what it is, and some things we'll never know, all the little side moments in history, the ones too unimportant to make it to the history books. I love the wealth and knowledge progress has given us. Technology has never been better. But in some ways, we have regressed. To look at the old world and hate all of it because it isn't the modern one is ignorant and self-aggrandizing. Some of it is good, some bad. Some things even better than today. The food, the culture, the way people talked to each other, the fashion, the architecture. I don't long for a time I never knew, but I wish we didn't have to throw it all away. But these people are dead. They'll never be around to tell us what it was like then. Fortunately, someone had the foresight to catch a moment in history and enshrine it forever in the advanced tech of the day-the video camera and sound recorder. Now we have internet caches of these moments forever. Even centuries later our posterity can see time as it was, if only 14 minutes of it.

cely5121 : Daniel Frohman in 6:19 when he says "I hope you have seen me and heard me" if he only knew we are seeing him in 2018...

42jwiener : The woman we saw dancing in this film was born 189 years ago. And my my she seemed sharp and healthy for a 100 year old.

Dave Malkoff : Daniel Frohman at 6:16 "I hope, ladies and gentlemen, that you have seen me and you have also heard me" Yes, Mr. Frohman I have ... in the year 2018!... 167 years after you were born.

JordanRants : This is absolutely incredible. Whoever filmed these interviews is literally a genius. 1929! My god, amazing.

Welp this is here : I swear something is happening to us mentally. When is the last time you've met anyone over the age of 75 who could still hold a long conversation.

soliblue : It's clips like this which remind me what a privilege it is for YouTube to continue to be free. Amazing footage.

George : When he grabbed that hundred year old woman and started slinging her around, I thought a limb was gonna come flying off.

Philip S : In that era, there were no transgendered bathrooms, no leftist thuggery and no mass shootings and any wars fought were merely over fundamental issues. All the Caitlyn Jenner types were labeled lunatics and thrown in insane asylums. People worked hard and men and women had their distinct roles and did not feel oppressed by the other. Generally people were much more content than they are now.

Bruno Ausman : These are incredible interviews. So interesting to hear how people speak and act and what their sense of humor is like.

omg wtf : When people still took pride in their dress appearance at the expense of comfort.

Rembrandt van Rijn : Oh my god, the guy at 11:09 was born in 1829! He lived through the Civil War and had grandparents whose generation fought in the American Revolution!

Jay Donagh : It's so cool when you think about it. These are people who were born in between the 1820s-1840s, very close to their final years. They probably had no clue 89 years later, they would be being watched by generations that could easily be their great great great great grandchildren on technology, which they would never have a concept of.

Dione : My grandpa was born in 1920, served in WWII he’s still alive, well and cracking jokes. :)

Yore History : Wow what is so fascinating is the elderly lady at just after the 9min mark. She would have been born in the 1830s and you can detect a transitional accent. Some words are still very isles sounding. So amazing to have this type of footage available for as someone else pointed out people who lived most of their lives in the 1800s...its literally a time machine!

swagmeister : I wonder what they would think of the degenerate culture we have today.

Ana Castellano : 9:55 she called herself a cracker lol

Jon Lewis : People who were 60+ in 1929 were alive during the wild west and civil war lol

Frostbyte6686 : 1:14 Kinda shows how "recent" the civil war was. That man fought in the civil war, and there's a car behind him. Goddamn.

R3D : Only 40 years after these interviews, humankind landed on the surface of the Moon.

Daniel Eric Benavidez : To think everyone you see and hear on here has died.. very very very long time ago even all the voices in the background and most of the scenery gone..this is clearly a time capsule and the only real way one can actually go back in time and hear and see people who have long since vanished..its very surrealistic and strange and sad in a way and at the same time amazing and absolutely interesting these people are in many ways timeless and immortal through film.

lumariadp : Holy crap, that man said he used to be a Whig. Amazing to hear someone say that aloud on video. I don't know why. It just is.

Schnitzengruben : American accent/articulation sure has changed since then.

Mark Flatt : My mom came from Germany...always talks about why she loves American History...says its almost within living memories because of how young our nation is...there is a photograph of a very elderly man at our church...very old photograph...he fought in the revolutionary war when he was a child...its stuff like this that reinforces my mom’s point. Her old church in her town in Germany? Its 1,000 years old...there is a saying...”To American 100 years is a long time and 100 miles is a short distance...to a European...100 miles is a long distance and 100 years is a short time...”

Dakota Neubert : Little did they know, their great great great great grand children will be eating tide pods

E Edgerton : The real missed opportunity is that nobody asked the 1826 guy if his grandparents had ever told him stories about the American Revolution, since they might well have been children back then.

Francis Herrera : Let's be real.. It's no different then than today. If you're well off, you can eat the good food... If you ain't, you eat bad food,etc. These people here are in a social clubs for RICH AND INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE. They had $, the best Healthcare and all that, even back then. Thats the benefit of being rich

S. Mesut : 100-years old and look at the shape she is in; even dancing. Puts people these days to shame. They ate healthier back then and were not controlled by the food industry as we are now. We now have genetically modified, corn syrup, etc everywhere, and have to label pure foods as organic just to distinguish them as being REAL food. Sad; truly sad indeed.

Paraskanava22 : im so so happy we have good quality documentation of history like this. some people on this video were born almost as long ago as the year ~2200 is to us. it's incredible.

Back to the Basics 101 : Amazing how much Energy and strength at their age. Very old people but yet physically and mentally strong. I can’t help but think it’s because they were eating Whole Foods very little sugar and just flat out wholesome food.

TheOwlCreek : 12:57 - I like his steam punk train goggles

stu sam : A true time machine watching this

Colin Kehoe Letterkenny : There's better quality on this than some of the videos uploaded to YouTube more recently.