1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US
1929 Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US

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Compilation of sound interviews with some of the oldest people living in the United States in 1929. Footage is from the early Movietone sound cameras. Condensed/worked on footage. Same video with fixed sound sync - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVeZlLO6-fM


palindrome06 : The 103 year old guy was talking about his grandmother in 1929. Basic math tells us that if he was 103 in 1929 then he was born in 1826. So his grandmother was probably born around in the mid 1700's. Just 50 years after the 1600's was over. Oh man! I would have never thought that a random person lived in the 1700's would ever be mentioned in a video survived till 2018.

1992 Music : We just heard voices that were alive 190 years ago. That guy was born back in 1829. He was alive 190 years ago and we heard his freaking voice. Insane man.

klerta marta : These guys lived while Abraham Lincoln was a president

oskaveli662 : Recorded video might be the greatest invention of all time. It's the equivalent of creating a time machine.

Iroquois Thompson : '94!? That's a fine age for a young man.' Killed me 😁

Melonie Zappa : The fact that someone was rich enough to own a camera and mic & thought "You know what? I'm going to interview the common people." Not movie stars etc. but your great grandma or grandpa. Amazing.

Dom Wings : These dudes at 94 look better than a lot of 64 year olds

Marcus Gorinski : The footage from then is better than most security cam footage these days lol

RozitaVideo : It’s the closest thing we have to time travel.

Patrick Knowlton : Something so heartlifting about seeing a 100 year old lady rise from her seat and start to dance as easily as ever.

Bodacious Bob : they look and sound damn healthy for being 80-90 years old

Aiai Monkey : Videos like these are so fascinating. But it really drives home the fact that 99.9% of human history has no picture or video to commemorate it. I would give alot to see a video of the ancient Roman streets, the building of the great Wall or the Great Pyramids. Imagine.

Erik Terock : I never in my life thought I would actually see an interview with a civil war veteran. That was amazing

Kingstad : what wouldnt we give for such interviews from 2000 or so years ago

Adam Haase : 6:40. Talking about grandparents who were born in the 1700's. :o

Joey T : Only 90s kids will remember these days.

Riley Newton : It's absurd to think that I am seeing this. This was 90 years ago, and they were talking about events 90 years before that. Crazy.

Bertie Blue : Dementia must be a modern illness those oldies are sharp as a tack

Perebynis : The old ladies knitting, chatting and laughing are just priceless. Some things never change. :D

Jimbles Notronbo : These people watched the death of the Wild West, never knew how big it would be in Hollywood about 20-25 years later

There is Only one : I wonder at the time they knew that they would be listened to by over 2,000,000 people in 2019😂

Just Hunt46 : Priceless. This is exactly why the elderly should be cherished so there stories are not lost

20WideAwake17 : This is what the elderly should be doing and how they should be living...not lying forgotten in some out of the way nursing home.

Richard J Reynolds : And they say we're living longer now, BULLSHIT. These guys look healthier than me!

Mad Wax : "I'm just going to live as long as I can, and I'm happy"

Giannajoe Marciano : That dude is 94??? Damn he looks 60!

Zain Ahmed : Just a little observation. Almost everyone being interviewed pronounced years as "Eighteen hundred and seventy four" instead of how were accustomed to pronouncing it today as "Eighteen seventy-four".

kingsmeadow : 1 month later stock market plunges and they all become homeless...

Cell Chaos : "I don't know where you come from, but I give you all the welcome I've got to offer." Love it. We should bring that saying back!

Steve R. Neill : That 94 year old guy with the shades (sitting next to the guy rambling on about the war) looks so friggin’ cool, as if he could continue living another 94 years without breaking a sweat.

Cosmic : Look at all those ladies on their phones, I mean knitting needles.

ERIC ADAMS : 2:40. That guy would be 184 years old...still a good age for a young man.

David K. : It may sound corny, but watching videos like this always reminds me how ephemeral everything is and that you should live life to the fullest

AquaStar : The 103 years old man.. the other guy said "arise".... he laughed at that 😂😂

Simon Amete : Only the 1800s kids can relate.

Mariko : It’s hard to believe that everyone in this video is long gone ☹️

Will Hale : "i would have people honest with each other and do away with bad habits" Good advice from a man who is 103

Spartaculus Jones : In 1971 I was a teen aged orderly working in a hospital when I visited a bed-ridden lady Lydia who was 111 years old. I asked her about her earliest memory and she told me how she remembered her father coming home in 1864 from.....the Civil War. I stood there at her bedside and I was so shocked I could not say anything to her.

J Finlay : People seemed healthier for there elder years, back then. Wonderful video footage. It's a privilege to see this video footage, thank you.

Kri MD : Those old ladies are getting their gossip on lol 😂 meanwhile dang !! This is excellent footage for so long ago ! They’d flip out seeing what has become of The world !

Nordmarian : 2:17 - How old are you ? - 84 - You was in the same ...... ?? - In the same war - Same jedi - the same general, general Grievous - Good man - Good man yes he was

Budulis Penki : They talk with force and passion. Such a strong will to live longer

Seeker of Gnosis : A 103 year old man in 1929 wishes we were all just honest with each other. Beautiful.

Dustin Dean : "What-kind-of-an-environment-was-you RAISED-in."

American Decay- The Untold History of America : Someone should do the same in 2029, then 2129, and so on. Elderly people every 100 years.

Dennis NessiD : 7:57 "what is your outlook for the future?" "i dont worry about the future." ma man ! amazin footage !

Trump Messiah : I'm utterly fascinated by these ancient recordings. To see and hear actual people that were born 190 years ago. Remarkable. Thanks for sharing this.

Cam Williams : Wow that one guy was born in 1829. .never seen or heard a person from that far back

JakulaithWolff : Thanks Youtube for making human-kind proud with your recent worthy suggestions.