1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US

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guy jones : Edit: Same video with fixed sound sync https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVeZlLO6-fM Part two - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cGEe2makeM More interviews with US Civil War Veterans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq_U63J6wO8

Jazzmyn sb : shoutout the person who brought us this video, i bet they would have never imagined that we’d be sitting here on our phones and computers in 2018 watching it. May you Rest In Peace bud

Melonie Zappa : The fact that someone was rich enough to own a camera and mic & thought "You know what? I'm going to interview the common people." Not movie stars etc. but your great grandma or grandpa. Amazing.

FallenHeroes724 : Videos like this should be preserved through out all of human history.

Jay Tee : 1080p in 1929 and yet some people in 2018 film with a potato.

The French Fancie : I love that youtube recommended me this out of nowhere, so wholesome

soliblue : It's clips like this which remind me what a privilege it is for YouTube to continue to be free. Amazing footage.

Frostbyte6686 : 1:14 Kinda shows how "recent" the civil war was. That man fought in the civil war, and there's a car behind him. Goddamn.

Rembrandt van Rijn : Oh my god, the guy at 11:09 was born in 1829! He lived through the Civil War and had grandparents whose generation fought in the American Revolution!

Lord Voldemort : Fascinating. These people were adults when Lincoln was president, that's amazing.

Mark Flatt : My mom came from Germany...always talks about why she loves American History...says its almost within living memories because of how young our nation is...there is a photograph of a very elderly man at our church...very old photograph...he fought in the revolutionary war when he was a child...its stuff like this that reinforces my mom’s point. Her old church in her town in Germany? Its 1,000 years old...there is a saying...”To American 100 years is a long time and 100 miles is a short distance...to a European...100 miles is a long distance and 100 years is a short time...”

Dione : My grandpa was born in 1920, served in WWII he’s still alive, well and cracking jokes. :)

bison1203 : As a history nut, this is just fascinating.

Dub : Wonder if any of these people knew Dutch Vander Linde...

Nick Angelos : None of them look as old as they say

Jon Lewis : People who were 60+ in 1929 were alive during the wild west and civil war lol

truth seeker : Notice how rarely anyone is morbidly obese. The elderly look much healthier. People today over 70 look like mummies or like undead overweight zombies, with several health problems. They didn't eat what people eat today

Rakesh Kharta : The way they looked in their 90s , people look today in their 50s .

Matt Parker : not a single facebook post was shared that day and everyone was happy

bakerXderek : This is insanely interesting

Jay Donagh : It's so cool when you think about it. These are people who were born in between the 1820s-1840s, very close to their final years. They probably had no clue 89 years later, they would be being watched by generations that could easily be their great great great great grandchildren on technology, which they would never have a concept of.

stu sam : A true time machine watching this

Zack Williams : I'm WAAAAAY too high for this --___--

gil val80 : OMG some of these people were born even before Texas and California became part of the Union.

Bruno Ausman : These are incredible interviews. So interesting to hear how people speak and act and what their sense of humor is like.

M Sagri : My grandfather was born in 1929 he is 89 now and lives with us

GreatGarloo : So many questions I would like to ask them: Thoughts on seeing a car for the first time? Airplanes in the sky? You have to remember that these people saw indoor lighting go from: candles to gas lights and finally to bulbs. So much to ask and learn.

Thomas : And the government is feeding us lies that were living longer. They looked better back then!

Nefff : This is why we should record everything now so that people could watch 'em from their brain implants in 2118

R3D : Only 40 years after these interviews, humankind landed on the surface of the Moon.

Maximus_Crotchrocket : All these old people up and moving, no loss of mental ability-still sharp as a tack it seems, moving around and dancing. I can only hope to be like them when i'm old

TheOwlCreek : 12:57 - I like his steam punk train goggles

easysueburs : I've met plenty of mean and bad old people. Age doesn't gain my respect it's the kind of person you are that does that.

Long Schnozzed Tribesman : Absolutely makes me laugh how on every single one of these videos, whenever someone makes a nostalgic comment some annoying petulant crybaby has to bring up “HURR DURR BLACK PEOPLE”. These morons unironically think the country pre 1965 was just a nation of whites walking around with ropes widespread lynching blacks. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Not that it should even matter, because these same standards aren’t placed on non-white nations. That’s what happens when you live in a fantasy world where you literally think the only countries who did “bad” things were white. No, we are nostalgic for old times because the society as a whole was high trust. In other words the complete opposite of the forced multicultural hellhole of 2018.

JordanRants : This is absolutely incredible. Whoever filmed these interviews is literally a genius. 1929! My god, amazing.

Valeera : back before diversity ruined our good country

Chris Ortega : It’s crazy to think that some of these people witnessed the civil war

World Anthems : Back when people had healthier lifestyle before KFC & Mcdo's.....

daveyork0 : They had the opportunity to come out and call President Hoover a cocksucker but they all squibbed it!

Yore History : Wow what is so fascinating is the elderly lady at just after the 9min mark. She would have been born in the 1830s and you can detect a transitional accent. Some words are still very isles sounding. So amazing to have this type of footage available for as someone else pointed out people who lived most of their lives in the 1800s...its literally a time machine!

DC Rayleigh : Thank you youtube for this wonderful video!

Luke Marvin : I like that Railroad Engineer. He was all about facts.

NoComment NoName : Mandatory viewing for millennials! The comment about printing the news two days before it happens is a gem - they had CNN back then?

Eric • : I went down a rabbit hole. Started watching people in the 80s vlogging. And now I'm here. This stuff is so fascinating.

blockmasterscott : Wow, one of those guys was a member of the Whig party! That's crazy!

Yammo and Debo : Who downvotes this stuff!?

Aaron Lane : These folks are incredibly spry for their age.

Bruce Bogtrotter : Imagine 40 years from now our elderly will recall the years spent at the local glory hole. Absolute degeneration of society...

Sean Redmond : many people in their late 70's and 80's today where born into poverty and worked hard all their lives and they are now being given 10 to 20 years extra because of medication.They are the healthiest generation as a whole that ever will be.don't begrudge them that.

Kris Shaw : The ederly were more respected back then