1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US

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guy jones : Edit: Same video with fixed sound sync https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVeZlLO6-fM Part two - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cGEe2makeM More interviews with US Civil War Veterans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq_U63J6wO8

Jazzmyn sb : shoutout the person who brought us this video, i bet they would have never imagined that we’d be sitting here on our phones and computers in 2018 watching it. May you Rest In Peace bud

Anthony Johnson : The most intriguing part of this video is the two Confederate War veterans. I have the wikipedia page open to " The Battle of Wilson's Creek," which the man on the right at 1:40 is referring to. It's amazing! He has the dates and names of all involved down perfectly. It's really bizarre to be reading the wiki page on the battle, as I'm watching and listening to a real Civil War vet who fought there talk about it so perfectly and with such good recollection. .

Aero FPV : Wow at 3:46 to be able to witness and listen to a human born in 1829 is mind boggling. Thank you for sharing this.

John Baugh : The United States was less than 50 years old when some of these people were born. And we have video of them.

Alex Tucker : The reason these old people seem so much healthier than old people today is indeed because of modern medicine, but not in the ways that you think. Modern medicine raised the life expectancy, so there’s more old people nowadays, barely hanging on due to medicine. Back then, the only people who reached such a high age were those who had superior genetics, which is why they’re so healthy.

Nick Angelos : None of them look as old as they say

GLITCHED MATRIX 2.0 : Hearing war stories from the 1860's like it was Vietnam is just so surreal.

Wolpertinger : One day I will also tell my grand children about the glorious days of Youtube 2006-2010.

Basil Bleu : Imagine some of these old folks had seen and met people from the 1700s.! Wow, just wow!

Lord Marleor : The old gentleman speaking from 1:15 mentions he enlisted in the "War of the Rebellion" (an older term for the Civil War) under Colonel O'Kane. Then-Captain Walter O'Kane had organized what were known as the Warsaw "Grays." He mentions he fought in the Battle of Cole Camp and "fought the Dutch." By "Dutch" he meant Deutsch, the German, pro-union settlers who fought against the pro-southerners. He then mentions the Battle of Wilson's Creek; Confederate forces were commanded by General Sterling Price (the 'fine old, good man') and Union forces by General Nathaniel Lyon, who was killed. He says "the bravest man I ever saw was General Lyon." Mind you, this gentlemen was a Confederate soldier, and General Lyon commanded the Union forces, so it's quite something to hear an old Confederate veteran praise a Union general. They are handed little American flags and have let bygones be bygones.

Bella B : People talk with this certain cadence back then, kinda wish we still talked like that 😂

erni muja : When he said what he thought the ideal world would be like. He did not say the usual stuff you hear nowadays, you know “peace and love”. He said “honesty and integrity”. Different times.

JTsuits : It’s mind-blowing we are watching people talk about the 1800’s

"Real Selling" by Jevon : I don't know about you, but after watching this I don't want to waste any more time on things that aren't important.

Mrcliff4 : I saw some of these guys in Red Dead Redemption 2.

bakerXderek : This is insanely interesting

Terminator X : Back when old people were the real deal. Now an old person talks about how they used to trip on acid and go to Led Zeppelin concerts.


ChubbyChecker182 : This is why YouTube is the best invention of the 21st Century. Yes there is a lot of rubbish, But Also SO much knowledge and wisdom

Aye_Its_Karate : Wonder what these people are up to today?

Melonie Zappa : The fact that someone was rich enough to own a camera and mic & thought "You know what? I'm going to interview the common people." Not movie stars etc. but your great grandma or grandpa. Amazing.

Ojama Black : That’s funny 😆...Asking a 103 year old, what are your plans for the future?

5Detective : Some of the comments on this video are just vile. So ready to use the people, long dead, to project their political views on while talking out the sides of their mouth about respect. Rather than enjoying it or commenting on their statements or the contexts of their lives, some would rather flap their gums about masculinity, feminists, or weakness of modernity. Shameful. These people were probably very excited to share their thoughts in such a novel way, while you take it for granted as a chance to take jabs at imagined enemies and use these people as props.

David Howard : For pity's sake, stop with the stupid comments about how healthier people were back then. In 1929 the life expectancy in the US was 56 years.

Francisco Perez : I am 30 years old and I was fortunate to meet a person who was born in 1888 his name was Mamerto and he was a slave until he was 8 years old. He died in the year 2000 at the age of 112 years due to natural causes. I see these videos and they give me nostalgia sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century and although I know that in those times life was harder it would have been interesting to have been born in those years, people were decent and friends were real and relationships lasted all a life. Excuse my words is only my opinion and my experience.

The French Fancie : I love that youtube recommended me this out of nowhere, so wholesome

Wisdom Tooth : These folks grew up in the wild wild west.

Lord Marleor : I've seen people comment that it's weird to think that some of these people had contact with people born in the 1700s. In turn, those people of the 1700s had contact with people from the 1600s, and going all the way back as far as you want to go. History has far more personal contacts than we realize. In my case, I'm 27. My Mom was 26 when I was born, but my Grandma was 35 when she had my Mom; in turn, Grandma's Father, my great-grandfather, was 55 when he had Grandma, so I have a great-grandfather who was born in 1875. Most of the great-grandparents of people my age were born anywhere from 1900-1920. My great-great-grandfather was born in 1843 and served in the Civil War, on the Union side, and later was a member of the GAR. So, my Grandma had contact with a Civil War veteran, who had once had contacts with people from the 18th century, and so on. Reminds me of the fact John Tyler, the 10th President, still has two grandsons alive today, because President Tyler fathered a son when he was 63 (in 1853) who in turn had children in his 70s; just like that, the Tyler brothers have indirect contact with the 10th President of the United States. Just like I said earlier, history has far more personal contacts than we realize.

I am Jason : Back when America was tough as nails...

Liam Chamberlain : Funny, some old people talk in a kind of way a 10 year old might.. simple statements based on observable facts about their environments and states of mind. Not in any way negative, just a simpler life..

JordanRants : This is absolutely incredible. Whoever filmed these interviews is literally a genius. 1929! My god, amazing.

dout9929 : My fellow commentators. This is the closest to a time machine we will probably ever experience.

duanmcinnes : I haven't even seen footage of myself growing up, and here are a bunch of people who lived when Lincoln was shot!

Basra Abdulle : Those were the real Americans who built the most strongest country in World because they were the most intelligent and honest people in the world

F X : I can't believe 103, 100, wow... sitting up right and perfectly sound. Looking like they could still chop wood

R3D : Only 40 years after these interviews, humankind landed on the surface of the Moon.

King Bora Beats : 94 looking 72, he looks so healthy

MEDIADWG : Imagine some born before 1829. All their speech influence was from people born in the 1700's. They could describe their lives without once saying, "Ohmagod', "awesome" "insane".

MrKinglizzie : The cameraman did an incredible job. He captured the essence of those people and the olden times.

comiskey2005 : They all looked good at their age because they worked their asses off their entire lives and stayed in shape. None ate copious amounts of fast food or sat in front of their TV or constantly texted. One gentleman gave great advice, “Be honest with each other and don’t get into bad habits.” Well said!

Bruno Ausman : These are incredible interviews. So interesting to hear how people speak and act and what their sense of humor is like.

Nick M : Back when people were able to age gracefully and still have their minds intact. This video is gold

Jesus is KING : We are told by the shrill feminist movement that Women during this time were weak, feeble and not able to speak their minds. Seeing with your own eyes just how tough, independent and feisty these Woman were, CONFIRMS it all as lies and propaganda. The Men were also very Gentlemanly as opposed to the uneducated brutes and monsters Feminists claim over and over. My how far we have fallen.

1964 Strat : Men were no pussies, no metro sexuals, and absolutely full of masculine toxicity......=)

Isaiah Anfield : Imagine a hundred or so years from now and people in the future researching videos of people that lived in 2018 and 2019.

blockmasterscott : Wow, one of those guys was a member of the Whig party! That's crazy!

Obito Uchiha : Many of these people never saw WW2

Paul Slater : This is just bloody terrific! Greetings from Tasmania, Australia!

Rapa Nuii : This people have likely met people of the 1700s when more than a half of the Americas were still under the Spanish Empire that's mindblowing.