Ted's Birthday

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Crow : This man had the time of his life XD

PureValLiam : I love how his friend is just dying while he accepts his new life as Ted

KTG : I feel like he actually started to believe he was Ted lmaooo

Blarb Erfash : lmaoo at the beginning he was like who is ted im not ted wtf and by the end he was like maybe i am ted

Cord Barnes : Lmao at when he tells the girl "ya I just don't wanna rush like we did last time." That's when I lost it.

MARIBEL ABE-BENI : Perfect example of "going with the flow" lol :'D

TBestIG : 6 years have passed. Chris now drinks himself to sleep every night after a long day of existential angst. He has nightmares and still can't tell who he is

Frank Delgrosso : We only know ourselves through the eyes of others. And this video is proof. In just a few hours they had him questioning who he was. Imagine the influence a lifetime of being viewed by others has on us.

Pancakes with wings : I love how he started being all like "Hello yes I am Ted."

LucidDream : "Givin' you a heads up, Lauren IS here." *takes a swig of beer*

Magic20151 : This was my 3rd favorite. To bad Rob wasn't there.

Tri Force : they should have had one guy come in like "wait a minute this isn't it Ted" and they all just turn on him

Archerion : This would have been perfect if the real Ted came running in afterwards, greeted Chris like an old friend and asked if anyone else had arrived yet.

TetrisClock : The best was Ted's grandpa. That's the moment when you know that there was no way it could be a simple case of mistaken identity.

rareblues78daddy : ... he continues to wear the hat, which goes perfectly with his outfit.

Ugo Strange : THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN AGAIN!! I've watched ALL the videos on the channel and THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!

John Smith : Havvvvvvvvee you met Ted?

Bridget Mollohan : He just plays along... He probably thinks they mistakened him for some else. And he like isso happy XD lol

James Clarno : Have you met Ted?

MrDenimLP : His friend is dieing over there!

Mooseflame The IVth : The fight club reference alongside the best prank of all time...I think i just died a little

Nukeclears : *am i ted*

Yoshicopter : It's one thing to play along with the joke -- but can we talk about this man's enormous commitment to Ted doppelganging that he was literally willing to dispute his Tedness over a theoretical real Ted? 4:47 This is too hardcore for my brain to handle, I'm done

domgwapo : This one and the 1860's bar were the best, please make more of these!

KiwiSpyGirl : This is my most favorite one ever!!!!. 

Brooke P : He totally went along with the whole thing! Surprise ppl like THIS

GregTom2 : Hehe, I wonder what I'd do. I think most people would end up going with it. I'd probably throw in details like why I left her or something (but I suppose he was hoping he could date her in real life).

Bailey Wr : This is my favorite of the more concentrated pranks, for sure XD

maninthebox0 : So...did Lauren and Ted get back together?!?

thehoustonstrangler2 : next episode: Ted marries Lauren

Lexyvil : The person that the prank is being played on looks a lot like Fraser from Video Games Awesome.

KevinShinwoo : "Every 25 minutes I had to remember I wasn't a schizophrenic" lmfao

773SleepyHollow : "I kinda broke my own heart." Nice one, Ted/Chris!

Lexyvil : The best one! We need more like these! The guy with the hat looks a lot like Fraser from Video Games Awesome.

Mz Kuriyama : He's own friend called him "Ted" lolololol🤣😂🎂

the power master : i wanna be ted.

john smithov : this is hilarious!! I wish they did this to me haha

norman67100 : Would of been so good if they had the 'real' ted walk in like sorry I'm late guys near the end hahah

Elizabeth Gagliardi : Ted and I have the same birthday! lol

VoicesOfGaming : Is it just me or does it look like this vid was recorded in the 80s...

Robot House : a baby in a bar?

tucky helm : i heard this on this american life

SKATE ON : I love how he just plays along 😂

Thought So : I love this show! It's like what would you do except they never come out and reveal it was a prank which just makes it more hilarious!!

Julzie : "You know my size" ........ Lmao

kiprs : Holy shit, the thing he said about Fight Club in the end was so awesome.

Mark Johnson : Does anyone know of any other pranks on youtube like this one?

Caleb Jack : i love how this guy just owned it haha

Amelia Carlson : This was great lol

Max Headroom : Lol he didn't mind being Ted when the pretty lady wanted him back :)