Cross City McDonalds Hot Mic!!!!

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Joshua O'Neill : I respect that you didn't skip a beat when she asked what you wanted. No commentary, just right to the order.

Jessica Stanfield : Every single line was funny. Hotter than s mfer.

Viktor Frankenstein : idk she had some slow lookin dude in the car with her yesterday.

Anonymous : I mean it's okay, I just got a glimpse into her life, not overtly offensive and she said some funny ass shit. It was kind of admirable listening to her real thoughts for a few seconds. If this happened to me I wouldn't care.

Sher Jo : This is what it feels like to chew 5 gum

Tristan Clark : she had some slow-lookin dude in the car with her yesterday. Hahahahaha

Lise K-this : I call fake only for the fact that I have never found a drive-thru you can actually make out wtf they are saying 😂

Adam Blackburn : I thought he was going to say "Let me get your manager"

lilbro93 : RIP her job.

KeystrokeCowboy : McDonalds please don't fire this woman. This was funny as hell.

Matt Life : If she gets fired then I will never order in conlds anymore.

Thunderblaze16 : Straight to the order, bravo.

Matthew MacLean : Bout that time the duke boys showed up.

Mike Stephens : Thanks Reddit

weez : She deserves 15 bucks an hour.

Kyle : This is just fantastic.

5W4994N : I haven't seen anyone mention it in the comments yet so ill say it.... "she had some slow looking dude in the car with her"

Reflexez : You shouldnt list the location dude wtf, dont get this girl fired man

Busta Ryans : I learned two things from this; McDonald's is now hiring, and if you need a front just find the girl hanging out with that slow looking dude.

Suyeb Shaikh : Hahaha 😛😅

DCsmoke : Trump voters.

Nik kiN : Why upload this tho, you know the person will get in trouble for this. Why not just tell her that the mic was hot, and be satisfied with her embarrassment.

HufftyPuffty : This is my favorite reality show

A B : Nigguh

DoctorBlankenstein : These people work hard... Life is tough as hell.

Jesse Cox : They both played it off -- not hear the "woah" part from her? She knew and he knew. Personally, this was a private conversation and he should've just went on about his business instead of uploading it to YouTube. It's funny as hell -- don't get me wrong but this woman will end up being fired for it and her friend will probably never speak to her again. There are small moments of gold in life where you just have to keep them to yourself. For those saying it's her job to serve food and not gab, have you ever worked in the food industry? About the only way to pass the time is to gab. You don't know what she was doing the entire time she was gabbing though. Having numerous family members who've worked for McD's, I can promise you that in most locations, if you're just standing around, you're either fired on the spot or told to go home.

Thehillshaveeyes! nonamesallowed : Too funny

jebiniah thistle : Welcome to Dixie county

green cat : she was fired from her job :(

blahh53 : Should of said "i owe $10 to brittany for the front, is she working?"

J V : "we deserve 15 dollars an hour"

Bamx333 : This Is America These are the conversations of rural middle America. These are the conversations of people who voted for aholeTrump. Democratic leaders need to find a way to inspire and talk to these people.

Mister Twister : snitch

Eric M : Fake

OzzieBloke : You have the patience of a saint, driver.

Jarrett Fayer : The only thing she did wrong was make people wait longer for food. That is not acceptable in this industry. She might make it as a comedian just telling the truth of what happened to her everyday.

Austin Crider : Kim Deal has fallen on hard times.

cepillin73 : Brittney better pay up.

AGarcia1703 : Brittany better pay that lady her money!

Kennedaddy : I'm dying

pearlmax : Dude should have waited to upload this video until she no longer worked there. It's not like it's going to become outdated, and not like he had to beat anyone to the punch by uploading it as soon as possible. Way to cost someone their job.

DhiscoStu : fking britney!

randallross420 : this is my new favorite video

Al : hilarious this dude is so well mannered and patient

Michael Gardner : "I don't know, she had some slow looking dude in the car yesterday."

Pamela Bedenbaugh : I watched it a dozen times. Funny as hell on so many levels. Kudos to Brittany with her weed and her slow looking dude. “He don’t look like he is all there in the head.” They are Florida famous!☀️

JAKK KKAL : Andy Milonakis really needs a break

cat montty : It's hard to find good help.

The Purple Platypus Podcast : Fake. Her voice sounds to clear to be McDonald's

Austin Stephenson : CC Yee Yee