Cross City McDonalds Hot Mic!!!!

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Drive Thur worker has a hot mic

Comments from Youtube

KeystrokeCowboy : McDonalds please don't fire this woman. This was funny as hell.

Jessica Stanfield : Every single line was funny. Hotter than s mfer.

Anonymous : I mean it's okay, I just got a glimpse into her life, not overtly offensive and she said some funny ass shit. It was kind of admirable listening to her real thoughts for a few seconds. If this happened to me I wouldn't care.

Viktor Frankenstein : idk she had some slow lookin dude in the car with her yesterday.

Tristan Clark : she had some slow-lookin dude in the car with her yesterday. Hahahahaha

Mike Stephens : Thanks Reddit

Sher Jo : This is what it feels like to chew 5 gum

Thunderblaze16 : Straight to the order, bravo.

Pamela Bedenbaugh : I watched it a dozen times. Funny as hell on so many levels. Kudos to Brittany with her weed and her slow looking dude. “He don’t look like he is all there in the head.” They are Florida famous!☀️

Adam Blackburn : I thought he was going to say "Let me get your manager"

weez : She deserves 15 bucks an hour.

Busta Ryans : I learned two things from this; McDonald's is now hiring, and if you need a front just find the girl hanging out with that slow looking dude.

Michael Gardner : "I don't know, she had some slow looking dude in the car yesterday."

Lise K-this : I call fake only for the fact that I have never found a drive-thru you can actually make out wtf they are saying 😂

JAKK KKAL : Andy Milonakis really needs a break

Jacob Magilicuty : Bout that time the duke boys showed up.

blahh53 : Should of said "i owe $10 to brittany for the front, is she working?"

lilbro93 : RIP her job.

Austin Crider : Kim Deal has fallen on hard times.

José Explosion : Brittney IS a joke. And her weed is garbage.

HufftyPuffty : This is my favorite reality show

Jason Khanlar : I haven't seen anyone mention it in the comments yet so ill say it.... "she had some slow looking dude in the car with her"

The Misogynist Feminist : When she started talking 'bout getting fronted some weed, I was like... Gurl!!! 🤣

levy : I've actually eaten at that McDonald's before, and I would not go back. mainly because it's in dixie "inbreeding" county

Janoy Cresva : WOuldve been great if you wouldve said "Oh and make those HOTTER THAN A MOTHERFUKER too!"

Daemon : We reached out to the man, who said he only caught half of the story on camera. He claims he could hear the woman talking about her need to use the restroom. "There was about 45 seconds of stuff before I could get my phone out," he said. "She was talking about having to take a deuce and how they hadn't had a car in 15 minuets and now this M'Fer (me) pulled up when she had to pee." The man said he did not tell the lady that he could hear her, because he was worried something might happen to his food.

Ryden Soko : It's like the part in Portal 2 with the radio where Cave Johnson rants and rant, then gets to the part with the lemons! Haha

The Blue Morpho : OMG I can't stop laughing. It just gets better and better.

randallross420 : this is my new favorite video

TheDiceBear : you could say he exhausted the NPC dialogue, after that it would loop

Matt Life : If she gets fired then I will never order in conlds anymore.

Fishing With Austin : CC Yee Yee

cepillin73 : Brittney better pay up.

Johnny Fernandez : Of course the only time my town becomes famous it's cause of a McDonald's mic being left on

Jake RedFawks : Can confirm this is how cooks in every restaurant talk.

WeRiot4Cobearz : Wtf...sounds just like my ex...holy..LOL

mallory hauck : I love how you just start ordering after all that, just chillin the whole time 😂 you're awesome

Mtn Dew : How long was this guy sitting there listening to this that he could realize what was going on and get his phone out and start recording? lol

sullybub : this is golden XD

A Nun Oh Mouse : Normally it's supposed to be dinner and a show, this was a show followed with dinner lol Lady needs to drop some shitty friends sounds like.

Battle Angel : Just me or does the sound quality get worse when she starts taking to the driver? What kinda sense does that make?

Russ Tafari : It keeps getting better and better lol

D4nkfury : I like that you just ordered afterwards like nothing happened

stacy mirba : That's the clearest McDonald's mic I've ever heard.

Cheap and Easy : This could be a new series. Mickey D's Hot Mic.

Just For Laughs : This video put cross city on the map

x SilverFire : Yo, is this the"Backing Up" lady from the gas station video? Sounds exactly like her.

Marisa VanZandt : The only reason I wanna say it's fake is because the managers and sandwich line all wear the headsets as well, and someone would have stopped her at some point and said something.

Igloo Island Entertainment : Lol this is a funny she told her whole biography threw the drive threw