Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Victory - The GREATEST Comeback in Sports History

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instagram: @filipgrantcharov PLEASE SHARE: This is an update on my previous video, now including his masters victory Songs: First song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL1tjbeNi70 Second song: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+aviators+helen+jane+long Third song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2Y_insWp_o


paysonfox88 : I'd say Tiger's comeback from 2018 is now completed this year.

JADA TO-THE-O : BE HONEST.. ALL those who thought this day was going to happen, HIT 👍🏻 . I’ll start it myself. He’s the GOAT and the GOATS in any sport don’t go out like suckas. I told everyone that after McGregors fight with Floyd, Connor would fall off and that idiot has done more than fall off. And now I’m saying Tiger will break Jacks major record in 3 years. Tiger has won the last 2 outta 3 biggest tournaments starting off last year at East Lake. He’s not the young Tiger of old but he’s the new Tiger of the future.. WERE JUST GETTING STARTED AMIGOS. We’re bout to witness history. I’m sooo excited. Tiger is my generation, Tiger is well..... TIGER

Phillip Oliver Holtz : “I don’t want to become as good as I once was. I want to become better.”- Tiger Woods

Jariel Corey Hunter-Rozier : This is without a doubt, one of the greatest moment in sports history. We're talking about a man that has literally has been mocked and doubted at every corner for almost a decade. Has personal demons and self-inflicted wounds he had to battle with for the public to see. That his body was rapidly failing him and is facing some of the greatest competition ever in his sport at almost a generation gap to his and to come back.....and come back..... to believe that he can win at the highest level and DO IT shouldn't just inspire other athletes but people in general. That you CAN rise from the ashes, that you CAN rise from the adversity of what life can throw at you. That you can come out of your doldrums to do magnificent feats and only thing stopping you is you. Tiger has always been my favorite athlete, not because of his sheer dominance or his flair or his tenacity but for himself to will himself to be better in a game where you basically competing with your inner self to be better than the next shot. Tiger was already legendary but now this just adds to his legacy as truly being, if not, the greatest willed competitor we may ever see. Flawed and all and I can't thank him enough for showing us. Thank you Mr. Woods. Thank you. #major15 #returntoglory

Kenneth R. Kim : Nicely put together.. It was like watching a good ol' friend win his life back..

Jack James : I loved when he put the jacket on and says "it fits!" Sure does!

philip gautier : first time i cried watching a sport video ... amazing 👐

Shannon Elvey : Tiger Woods is golf. Every putt every drive he makes or misses makes you feel like you made or missed it too. Never gave up on him

Tannhu5er : “I accepted I m gonna get more”, what a man!

ChrisS82 : we got to get this video out there share it. This guy may have less than 600 subscribers but this is one of the best videos I have ever seen about a subject. This needs to be seen by the masses.

btw3006 : While his 1997 Masters win was done by a record 12 strokes, I have a feeling that this one might be his most special Masters win. To overcome all the personal problems (media was brutal), the injuries he had and how nobody thought he would win another is incredible. It takes an unmatched level of grit and determination to do what he did.

First name Last name : What an amazing story.

Land Rultz : I really don’t give two shits about golf but u have to respect this incredible comeback

David Jay : God bless who ever made this video. Shared it with my step dad first time I've ever seen him cry. Thanks!

Moses Sulph : So Tiger career is over. Well the exports surely had it wrong knowing it all

Tom Green : All the top players said they wanted to play with "Prime Tiger" when he was dominating. Well you better watch what you ask for😁

SteadyROK : He IS the needle!!! The GOAT is back. That leader board was insane!?!

John Buick : Well I for one never gave up on Tiger. Love to see him become the Number One golf record holder of all time.

Kats Kat57 : NEVER gave up on Tiger Woods!!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Today's win was EVERYTHING!🏃🏾‍♂️👌🏽

Mitchell Halutick : When Tiger is good, golf is good.

Gallant Abbey : In couple of years, this is going to go to Hollywood. And I know the perfect title of the movie: The Roar: The return of the king!

Rick Lewis : Nothing better than hearing brandel chamblee eat his words!!! He thinks he knows everything! Super arrogant! He couldn't sniff tigers jock!!!!!!!!!

J B : Great quote from his Dad Earl because he already knew what emotional challenges he was going to face being the best at his sport. When you’re great or on top it seems you get more hate than love in this world! His Dad knew that. Now he can pass that knowledge to his own son! Break the cycle! Way to go TW!

USE DAT GAMING NOODLE : Dude, hell of a video. Hats off

A West : The work that you have put into this video within the short amount of time that tiger has won is impeccable. Well done sir. Well done.

James Lawrence : What an amazing achievement in my life time their wasn't a dry EYE in our house....

Pro Golfer : watching it live was already so emotional. getting chills from this video. fantastic work

michael glucksman : Very well done video. Actually brought me to tears with inspiration and hope.

Dustin Mulligan : Great video dude. This took a lot of effort, and it came together nicely. Could have been a major network video for all I knew.

brannyxx : Thank you Filip. This incredible compilation. So much love and care for Tiger. I’m crying bro. Much love. The world is right again!

Kekeli A : This brought a tear to my eye...again. The greatest sporting comeback of the 21st Century. A testimony to the strength of the human spirit, to never giving up. Thank you for putting this video together, beautifully edited.

Elizabeth Timothy : Thank you Filip for this Amazing video. This is beyond golf , sport and Tiger, this is LIFE! A big lesson to all of us, still previleged to be breathing, irrespective of our status, position, circumstances, that the IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE, always BELIEVE. Well done TIGER!

Anton Börås : The best video I have seen for a long time! Incredible! <3

Ryan Lehmann : Awesome video! Couldn't have been better. ESPN should pick it up

badrul izhan : When History channel do a piece on Tiger Woods, you should direct n edit it, just makes sense. Great choice of everything, music, cuts, visual...and ofcoz, the perfect subject. Congrats to TW n u, sir.

David aka focus Smith : They should make a movie of tiger after he retired. Congrats tiger best come back ever.

Leo Huynh : Wow, excellent job Filip. I have grown up watching Tiger, I always hoped he would return to greatness. The mountain was high, so so high.... he fought and climbed it despite innumerable obstacles. So happy for him and us just to be able to witness this. What an inspiration!!

Taylormade084 : Amazing video capturing this amazing story

Franklin Visser : What a profound & bold statement of performances by the Tiger's comeback !!! Congrats !!!

Jimmy Zheng : Tiger woods, G.O.A.T.

John Causon : Tiger is a legend but the greatest comeback in golf in my view was Ben Hogan.

J L : Is Lance the next great comeback?Wouldn't that be something?

Josh Jackzone : Congratulations tiger woods! Welcome back! We missed you

Sally Hu : Thank you for putting this video together. I will share it with my family, and will treasure it as an inspiration. A comeback at 43 - after a long brutal fall from grace and your body, for so long, would not do what you asked of it - is so much more glorious and sweet than a win in the prime of your youth.

Level Skip123 : This is probably one of the biggest comebacks in sports history! Wow !

Grady Edwards : I tore up when I watched this video.

Colin Kenney : Great video! I was hoping someone would make this and you delivered well. Good job!

OhHhKiE : This video has me all in the feels. Remember watching this in January and I agreed, that video had 700k views. Wonder how high this one will reach.