Cereal Bowl Made From Cereal | Dipit #21 Froot Loops Bowl!

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Lex Sketch : Would you have been able to use stabilizing resin to harden the cereal and then dip it to make the consistency better so that it wouldn’t grab on the lathe?

ManCraftingTM : I love that you actually used it. Too often the projects people do leave you wanting. Not you Peter. You deliver.

Mark Hazlewood : During Peter's last doctor visit the doctor asked if any members of his family suffered from mental illness. Peter said, "Nooo, we all pretty much enjoy it."

Betsy Bee : soooooo next you're doing a cookie platter made out of cookies, yeah? (that actually would be pretty cool as a plate for Santa's cookies lol)

Shannon Fargo : "......two a.m. and I polished a bowl before work...." Maybe the most California thing I've ever heard you say. lol

Doug P : My favorite cooking show on YouTube!

Kaysler : Peter! Right this instant - take a screenshot of your smirk at the end of the video and put it on a shirt with that quote! "I hardly taste resin at all" and let me purchase that shirt!!


3dDave : Is Art resin Food Safe?

Remco van Vliet : Awesome project! I think if you ever want to retry this, you might want to experiment with drawing a vacuum on the pot before you pressurize it, to improve resin penetration.

Bashfuldoc : Is there a type of resin that could permeate the cereal pieces before setting them in a bowl shape?

heyou : Never pour cereal down the loo. It Kellogg's up your toilet.

Dielli veseli : I hate colors but i like this

Babyjohn : Great job! I enjoyed your video. I appreciate the patience you had to create the cereal bowl.😊

Jaimie : I bet the workshop smells wonderful while turning the cereal!!!

Nancy Massi : Love the bowl! The crunch from the cereal was great too. Hope you have a great Christmas!

Liza R : This guy looks and acts like my dad

Mark Knicely : Is there such a thing as food grade resin????

MsKittyAmazing Kat : I want front loops now :(

Romantic Crafter : Hi Peter. Looks fantastic. It is what it says on the tin... Cereal bowl for cereal

*Shrek* : *Peak of human evolution intensifies*

srynamebroke yeet : Ok, now this is epic

Alexis Nelson : I lost your channel a couple years ago so glad to find it again I enjoy your videos have always. Also your soooo cool I wish you were my dad 😂 I was just thinking about how much I loved the crayon fase I know you hated cleaning it tho

helookalikaman79 : Watching this I loved seeing a true artist at work, and one that shows the hiccups in turning the bowl and on top of all that talent he is a stud!

BulletHaus : How about screwdriver handles out of screws. So a phillips head made out of phillips screw

Kiyo : Is there any type of sealant or coating that would make your resin creations fully food safe? :) I think a platter would actually be fine if you went full grandma and always put a wax paper doily under your cookies/cake.

Jack Beckey : Midlife crisis at 0:58

Shamar Daniel : Man... (BAD JOKE INBOUND) This Project this time around was so.... CERREAL... I’m sorry, it’s 1 am 😆

AbbadonsMonsters : So maybe a similar process to make a special drinking glass using oreos? (perhaps cheat and use fake oreos)

suntoast beltran : I would coat the wood in varnish so the resin won't seep in

Caleb Voisine-Addis : It may be totally unusable, but you should make a pizza peel out of a pizza.

Cereal God : I’m cereal god and I didn’t even think of that

Stephanie V : Dip it: cotton candy? Even if it dissolves, will it be treated as a light dye or frost the resin?

DayGloOreo : Aw man, it would be cool if you did a project where you had the cereal floating in white resin like it was milk.

ezrub dell : This mad lad poured his cereal before his resin

Chillin Dude : does he sell these?

cynical psycho : Finally!!!

angela frazier : Is it even a Peter Brown video if he doesn’t break out in song? 🤣🤣 ~Tiny bubbles make me warm alll overrr~

Jenn Wojack : Hey, you should make a bowl out of cereal!

Elias Velasco : I want one

Alex Kuss : wow genius work as always

Hola Amigos : Aye December 2 was my birthday

Nightwatch : Four Hours! -One Mississippi -Two Mississippi -Three Mississippi [pressure pot] -fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Lolita's Garden : You made my kid so happy tonight.

Hannah LeeAnn : when you don’t want to wash a bowl

toddlerwipes : Eat a donut sir.

ILuvMzk : Ash tray out of cigarette 🚬

Andrea Quadrati : You are a madman when it comes to dipping. I like that

ILuvMzk : I ate cereal while watching by accident lol

thisistherevolt : Who else came here because of imgur?