Cereal Bowl Made From Cereal | Dipit #21 Froot Loops Bowl!

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Winston Zeb : HAHA I SAID IT FIRST (3 Years ago!)

ManCraftingTM : I love that you actually used it. Too often the projects people do leave you wanting. Not you Peter. You deliver.

Laurie Ann Hunter- Heartwing Arts : Show it in 6 months when those Froot Loops decompose! 😂 Awesome bowl tho!

Chekiemonkey 99 : You should make a spoon so your eating fruit loops out of fruit loops using fruit loops

Chekiemonkey 99 : Make a paint pallete... *out of paint*

Innerpeace Love : Poor fruit loops seeing their fruit loop friends dead in resin.

SkaiXMask : Sponsored by kellogg's Froot Loops

Abdulrhman Alharbi : Make a bowl out of milk

Chrisought : Can you eat the bowl?

B⃟a⃟d⃟a⃟s⃟s⃟ G⃟a⃟m⃟e⃟r⃟ : Kid: Grandpa what did you on youtube . Grandpa: I made a bowl of fruit loops Kid:.....

Suqqar : *that one sad froot loop that got left on the table*

504girl3rd : Kellogg's would probably buy this bowl from you and use it in their commercials.🤔

Mary Monaghan : "it is becoming now and more acceptaBOWL by the second" 7:30

Dylan Babcock : Well that was a big waste of LØØPS bröther

Keondin Perry : Should have put a milk lookin resin in it to

Carl Jacobson : Man you nailed it again! Can I get an invite to that dinner party?

The Rock : And I just finished eating cereal and this popped up in my recommendation. The fbi is always watching.

cupcake maniac : There is no weirder cooking channel that how to basic, how dare you clam that title

im me : He kind of looks like sheriff hopper from stranger things


tswrench : Eating Fruit Loops from a bowl made of Fruit loops seems strangely cannibowlistic to me. You, sir, are a cereal killer!

Geert Wilders : Watching a video about cereal while watching an ad about cereal while eating cereal while hes eating cereal out of a bowl made from cereal

Awesomo 360 : Make a Xbox made out of PS4’s

Angela House : I’ve been watching this channel for two years, funny thing is I’m a 17 year old girl who works with cars but have never and will never do anything like you do, I just love watching these fun things be created and you have a great fun personality

Aubrei Manthey : Try bath bombs in resin or epoxy

Michael Moore : This is so unnecessary, I need a set of them.

Liyah Orange : *Threadbanger's Rob Czar has left the chat*

SHRUTI : Cerealy😵😵😵!!! I mean seriously😋😁😋😁!!!

Kawaii Universe : Display it. Don't use it cause it's a masterpiece.

scuffzy : *Make a cow out of milk*

Capn Late Night : Make an ashtray out of cigarettes.

autumn Phillips : the hand movement at 2:06

RandomdudeZ9 : Make a bowl out of milk

hailey rae : The sickest thing I’ve seen

Niko Lirosuve : *9:56** MY DUDES*

Good Christian Child : 4:17 I swear something actually flew at my face just then

Dancer47 36 : Now instead of pouring in milk first it’s going to be did u pour in the solution then the fruit loops

Rat Gaming : Guys Use Subtitles its the funniest stuff

MaximilianMus Soldier : Smart idea, that way when you get too hungry, you can eat the whole bowl

Kaysler : Peter! Right this instant - take a screenshot of your smirk at the end of the video and put it on a shirt with that quote! "I hardly taste resin at all" and let me purchase that shirt!!

Yung Money flow : Make something cool with awesomeness

Lee Trevis : And they say white people have no culture 🙄

Romane Paul : Can you try to suspend ferrofluid and a magnet inside of Resin?

Nationally GT : Him : use 1 day to make it Me : prints cereal picture and tape it on a bowl..

El Rubiusomg : Meat bowl?

Ju Joe : I usually dont do thumbs up on videos, but your videos are amazing. The way you put your time into content, and the effort in your projects is what a true youtuber is. Not to mention, your voice is amazing, haha! Keep up the good work, I can see 1 million subs very soon!

Joshua Ash : Can you coat it with food grade resin?

Santa Snake : I finish very well :D i like it

Zipra : Did he just pour milk before cereal? Did he just pour water instead of milk? *_Did he just pour resin instead of milk?!_*

Punki Ryan : Okay, this is epic.