The Worst Shop Day Ever :-(
man Drops multi ton drill press

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Unloaded the drill and things went far from as planned. Picking up and moving the drill went well but setting it down was a little rough.


North West Machining : I don't typically comment, but I just wanted to say that you are a better man than I for posting something like this. I really feel for you. I've dropped a machine a few times, but nothing so big.

Stefan Gotteswinter : Thats scary. Glad you are ok!

newtsfarm : I clicked the like button but not because I really liked what I just saw.

Paul BluffBear Campbell : I really am upset at your loss, but so relieved you are not hurt. Stuff is just stuff, but losing you would be a true tragedy. Take care Brian.

Ron Kennedy : Any day you walk away from something like that can be considered a good day. Could have been a lot worse.

Brian Streufert : Thank god you're ok buddy. You're alive and unhurt. Nothing else matters, nothing. I applaud you for posting this as well. People NEED to see things like this happen. Shop work is not always roses, candy canes and scrapped parts only. At times, shit really does happen.

Abom79 : I'm happy that your still alive and not hurt Brian! That was hard to watch because I knew what was about to happen. When you were moving the trolley over away from the trailer, I don't want to imagine what could have been.

vagecumap : That was frightening to watch so must have been a hell of an experience. Don't focus on how bad it was, celebrate how lucky you were not to be injured.

Robert Savilonis : Excuse me while I go change my underwear, Jesus Christmas this could have been your last video.....Cripes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean-Pierre Guay : Wish I was living closer to your place to give you a hand. I know how you feel. Don't let that event undermine the mamouth tasks you have already accomplished. Rince and continue my dear friend !

Rope Tangler : Hi Brian, Like everyone else I am so glad that you are O.K. and so sorry to see you lose your radial arm drill and your nice new pristine floor. You did much better than I would have done under the circumstances, I'd still be swearing, and I'm not normally a big user of profanity. The main point I wish to make is that there is a way for people to check the condition of wire ropes, it is not all that hard, but is a bit tedious with long ropes I will admit.. You have to open up the rope by twisting it against the lay of the strands. You can also use a fid inserted between strands to open it up, and when you do, if the individual strands have lots of broken wires, they will stick out and provide visible evidence of the rope condition. A rule of thumb was that there should be no more than 1 wire (broken) for every 10 rope diameters, so in a typical wire rope used in a crane there might be 6 strands of wire each having 19 wires, so if your rope was 5/8" diameter, you could safely have 1 broken wire every 6" or so. Years ago I was working a a paper mill as a contract rigger, and was asked to do a routine crane check on one of their many cranes. It was a small 2 tonne gantry crane and had very little headroom above the work area. This necessitated having 8 falls of 1/4" diameter rope to the hook, and in the course of doing the crane check, I picked up a roll of paper close to the maximum 2 tonnes capacity of the crane. I checked the hoist brake which worked as it should, and then tested the travel brakes which also performed as expected, and after checking oil levels and the general condition of the upper machinery, I was nearly finished when I remembered to check the rope. At first glance it looked good, had plenty of rope lubricant on it, but when I rested the hook on the floor and gently twisted the lay to open the rope, I nearly died with shock. What had been a normal looking rope, looked like a cats tail when puss is heading to scratch the eyes out of the dog encroaching on its territory. How that rope had held I have no idea, there must have been 50 broken wires over a 6" length when there should have been a maximum of just 1 broken wire ever 2 1/2" or about 2 breaks in the space I must have had 50 or so. I was very relieved that it had not turned to CR#P with a 2tonne roll crashing down on the line. The large amount of rope lube while being good for protection , did hide evidence of the rope condition I feel, so perhaps some rag with some WD to clean a section and if a rope has higher wear areas, like a point where the rope sits over sheaves when fully loaded, (like the crane I checked did,) then those areas should be very carefully examined. I'm not sure how badly smashed up your drill is, but broken castings would not easily be repaired satisfactorily, nor bent shafts or broken gears, it may be easier to find another drill from some of the machinery dealers. That of course will cost money, and if you can post some details like a PayPal a/c or similar, I would like to send a few Ausie Pesos your way as a heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful videos you have given us. Take care and all the best from now on, Rob

BennHerr : Steel toe boots wouldn't have helped! Glad you were out of the path.

Joseph DAndrea : This is why you never get under a load being hoisted.

klmartin1962 : With steel cable it is almost impossible to tell when it gets bad on you. In the oilfield we had scheduled replacement times that were strictly followed for just this reason. Thank God you are not hurt. Believe me, I have experienced much the same a few times and you never get used to it. I have seen worse, but this isn't the time or place for that. I am just thankful you escaped injury.

Thomas Emmett : Wow Brian, that was some really uncomfortable watching. So sorry to see the damage, heartbreaking. Don't be beating yourself up, just roll up your sleeves and crack on getting it sorted.

Pierre's Garage : Hi Brian, First, you're safe and sound... ;) Just felt so helpless being here and watching... :( I couldn't believe it when it just let go... What a mess...!!!!!! If you need a couple of French bad words to express whatever you felt let me know, they work pretty good, even better than most English ones... Like Harold keeps saying, just keep on keeping on...! Pierre

vic patton : Man!!!! All I can say is how glad I am that you or Bailey did not get hurt!! The rest of it is bad but trivial in contrast to your safety and well being. regards vic

David Fraser : Holy Shit that was intense. I knew it wasnt going to be good when I saw the title. Man I am so glad you are ok. That slow motion shot was amazing. Wow what a bad deal. All that remains is to thank the heavens you are ok and will live to tell this story...and you even have it on video to show the grand kids. Sorry for the set back. No matter how careful you are shit happens. I need a drink.....I cant imagine how you feel

king of the world : So I came to look at this video on Keith Rucker's recommendation. are one lucky to be alive dude. So glad you didn't film your own death. Man I bet that thud registered on the national seismographic's instruments. Ya know you could have inspected that cable and still never saw the defect. Chalk it up to shit happens. You're goes on. You'll fix it and learn a fairly expensive lesson. Glad you're okay.

Scott Tyndalls Home Shop YouTube : I about cried for you brian.. My heart goes out to you Glad your safe and bailey was not in there.. and for the floor you might be able to pump grout under it to support the broken sections so it wont go anywhere.. SO GLAD YOUR SAFE and un harmed.. Keep your head ole chap

Dale : Wow, that could have ended so differently Brian. I'm sure it's difficult, but you just learned the first lesson on that beast of a tool. Thanks for having the courage to show it for everyone else to see it and learn it as well. Doesn't change my opinion on your abilities one bit. You'll get the concrete fixed and the drill replaced or repaired. No one on here will doubt that. Cheers

Neo7CNC : So sorry Brian but glad you're ok.

Aaron Durda : Brian!!! Wow that had my heart going, buddy. So glad you're safe and not crushed to sludge or decapitated by that cable whipping around. We've all had shitty days in the shop- this one is up there.

Neil Smith : Holy shit, Brian! So glad you weren't caught up in that crash

shoots2001 : Glad you're ok. The drill and the floor can be replaced. You should go and put a line on the lotto and have a few pints.

Dan Kolar : “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Mike Nixon : Wow Brian you are lucky to be alive. We can always replace concrete and machine parts glad you were not hurt.

Janne Kotka : that was scary, as hell. sure glad you are ok, in the end other stuff is replaceable.

Armand Du Preez : Jeez that was a scare. Glad you are OK Brian.

Stuart Hardy : Brian As you said no one got hurt and you are alive to fight another day I will leave it at that

Pete Ferguson : We've talked in person but I'll share for the rest.... The hair on my neck was on end when I saw the video last weekend, still the same today... It's a tough thing for sure but You, Baily and the rest of us are blessed that no one was hurt!! Take Care

Shop Dave : Scared the crap out of me. I am very glad you were not physically hurt. And my compliments to you for being big enough to post the video. A lot to be learned there. It's going to take a while but you will recover.

hogcat : Brian thank God your OK. The rest can be fixed. Don't let it get ya down my friend, as the floor, cable and machine can be fixed. Just be thankful your OK!!!!!!

Eric Corse : It was pretty awful but could have been way worse in so many ways. Pick up the pieces and keep on.

Bjorn Janssen : Glad you are ok! Luckily machines can be replaced/rebuild.

Jeff Trithart : You are alive and weren't injured. That is all that matters! Yeah it is a set back but dead can't be fixed.

Ray's Garage : Thank God you are not hurt! I feel terrible that this happened, my heart sunk when it broke loose. I hope the drill can be repaired but not sure about what you can do about the new concrete.

motoerhead85 : damn...

Louis Keen : As have many others have stated, I am glad that you were not hurt in this. I have an uneasy stomach to what damage was done, so I cannot imagine what you feel. I feel that karma has something positive headed your way after this. I always enjoy and appreciate your content, no matter if it is something sad like this.

btfarmer789 : Glad your ok. Really sorry to see this happen to you. Hang in there. It's a lesson for us all.

BS Nelson : Very happy to see you are OK. Murphy is a cruel mistress.

John Fry : Sorry this had to happen Brian , just glad you didn't get hurt !

motoerhead85 : glad to see you are oke

O K : Oh man I really feel your pain, at least your unhurt as it could have been a lot worse if you were any closer.

William T. Musil : Oh man, so sorry. Thank goodness you didn't get injured.

scrout : Lord in heaven looking out for you brah, everything but you can be replaced. I am literally shaking. Damn shame.

G Kuljian : Really sorry about that. The floor being relatively green probably didn't help things. If I were to tell you about my failures, you might feel better. But it's not my place. Boy that hurts. The only thing to remember is that tomorrow is another day. The devil really is in the details.

Bull Shyte : Damn, we need to Start A Online Fundraiser for Brian !

Tom Q : Just glad you're ok........