The Whole Shabang: Chips So Good You’ll Have To Go To Jail To Get Them | NBC News

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They call me Alf : That empty Ramen bag that was being slammed on the floor, can be used as a glove

Hassan Karatas : When someone asks why you got arrested

AREAL2ND : “Chichis” Hispanics cannt stop laughing.

Dark Owl : When prison inmates are eating better than you.

Unyt : Don't drop the -soap- Shabangs

Netendo Stars : After continuosly smashing your packet of Ramen on the flavorful blood stained prison floor, proceed to use the Ramen packet as a glove to crush up your Shabangs to ensure maximization of flavour is achieved.

Simon when he fell on his face : I committed arson to try these chips 2/10 not worth instead of getting a call I wrote this comment see you guys in 50 years.

Z. Cowart : Those chips are amazing. Used to be a Jail Officer and I ate them all the time.

Griffin Aasen : Diabetes in a bag

OCG - Overwatch Console Gameplays : Its all-dressed chips, we have them everywhere in Canada in all kinds of brand. Its funny how you guys are like "OMG WE FOUND DRUG CHIPS"

Njofra : "The chips so good you have to go to prison to get them" That doesnt sound so good...

SykoChiipmunK : When you've worked in retail you learn about brand names, packaging and rebranding. These chips are actually the same as the Zapp's Voodoo Heat flavor sold in grocery stores. The branding is just different. The ones distributed to the prisons are done under a different name so as to not taint their brands. They are considered "Private Label" foods. People are making the Jail House version "The Whole Shabang" into some hot commodity and over paying for them. Man, people fall for anything way too easily.

A B : Food companies specifically for prisoners??? No wonder we have a mass incarceration many people/corporations make money off prisoners

Phlegethon : This was just a free 7 minute infomercial for the Keefe group?

SETH GEIS : *Person walks up to Cop* Person: Can you send me to jail please? Cop: Why? Person: I want The Whole Shabang!

ShadowGaming : *Rob shaBangs* *Goes to jail* *ENJOY SHABANGS!*

Izzy SoDope : There are various recipes ppl make. A fave amoung my friends were "jailhouse tacos". They're disgusting

filex .C : boiii, if that aint the whitest meal I've ever seen 😂😂💀 gawdamn

Bubblegum : *Cough* Realises he is on tv. 'I mean they are pretty good. '

Tina Belcher : Who else went to jail to try these?

M Alexander : This is the recipe for the most epic diarrhea ever!!! 💩 💩 💩

Honk Goober : That guy is extremely punchable

Xarkus : This is madness they cost a dollar from the jail commissary but cost 3 bucks per bag out here!!

Eric C : You just put a meth head girlfriend/on meth/ on video recording to million's of people without noticing; congratulations NBC, you just played yourself.

barz berz : The sound of Ramen hitting the floor is all you hear in jail all day everyday

Edgy Boy : Is no one going to talk about how awkward the intro was...?

de132 : That reminds me of that Principal Skinner scene where he rants to Bart about being in a POW camp with soup and not being able to get it on the outside lol

Michael Smith The Boss : You turn on the news “man arrested for leaving jail with 10 bags of shabang chips”

Unoriginal Brian : The American dream of a heart attack and diabetes all in one ٩( ᐛ )و

Poké Trafficker : Yo that was real dope of him. Nobody is really noticing this man went bought a plane ticket, had the chance to obtain some rare chips and just gave then away to old inmates. This guys a true one.

Lazar : I just murder 4 people so I get arrested, so I can try these. Still waiting.

SuccThiccThighs : 0:00 is this what you call “asmr”

Lipi Rastogi : That looks like throw up

Pumkin Eater69 : I really wanna try the chips, but I'm good thanks for the mix.

satish890 : all 3 of them looks like and acts like drug addicts

Anthony Higashi : Why would you spend money and years in culinary school when you can just go to prison for 3 months and become a master chef?

miguel felipe minecraft jose : soon as that man said spicy cheese puffs it was game OVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!

The McGeeker : romanticizing prison

D.O.G Pufferton : This guy needs to close his mouth and chew less louder

HB Tonics : chichis means tities. in spanish

Jonathan Reyes : That Keefe Group sounds _way_ more shady than most of the inmates I've heard about, to be honest.

Candi Soda : I'm good, you guys go ahead to prison

Muhammad Siddiqui : Hot Cheetos are better.

David : Sponsored

West Up : These guys miss being in prison.

Callum Tanner : 0:00 - The high quality sound of him crunching those chips makes me want to rip my ears off.

Soviet Onion : I’d rather not , just eat lays chips xd

Melissa Irwin : Come to Canada. You’ve just described what we call All-Dressed chips.

Weak Mill : So All dressed chips? Canadian here

Bob Ross : I wanna try this but I think I'd make it only once. Looks like a stroke lying in wait.