Jason Voorhees on talk show

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barrymk400 : He's probably laughing his ass off under that mask.

1000 Subs Without Video's challenge : I wouldn't be surprise if he started killing everybody in the audience

El Mantishrimp : Talk shows don't do this kind of stuff anymore

Leo Caldwell : I spend hours making jokes to try and make people laugh. Jason makes people laugh by just sitting there.

killzoid the lethal : Jason: exists Audience: 😂

JaxBlade : He mustve been biting his lip so hard xD

Depression Session : *_Jason will remember that..._*

Ross Banter : 1:28 "It's a family thing"

Justin Hackstadt : What happened to you Jason? "Well, I was bullied relentlessly, my mom was cruel and abusive, then the bullies drowned me in a lake. Other than that, not much." Lol

The Infinexos : Jason was looking at the crowd and visualizing ways to use the objects in his environment to murder each and every one of them for 5 minutes straight

Sho Re : 11 M views 11 years ago 11k subs

Sadren Hauk : Guy: You killed 16 people… …HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAH! I don’t know why I’m laughing!

Badusername2000 : Damn Kane hodder is good at not breaking character

CloudyVex : 2018?

Chris Ituah : Jason Voorhees is full of answers.

ShockwaveGaming 26 : Jesus Christ Jason let him get a word in

Agent Beamstar : So inspirational, Jason Voorhees speaks his mind so well

TheMushyWaffel : whos here in 2020? Edit: Wow, is it sad that the most likes I got on a comment is 52? Thx though lol

Brandon Kohout : Jason Voorhees is arguably and truly the King of the Horror Movie Slashers.

ProtoMario : We need more of this lol

Chris : if you look hard you can see jason’s eyes

Rinnegan Ice : I expected Jason to kill him in the end

Enrique Rodriguez : next michael XD😂

Christian Tracey : Kane Hodder is a legend when playing Jason

eternalypissed : He should have asked how his mother was doing. XD

Adam wiggins : Kane Hodder is the only Jason in my mind.....he genuinely likes being Jason, and the mannerisms and nuances he brought to it are how I feel the character should be played. The newest one is ok.... but this was his best.

#Emily Lacy123 : Jason had a lot to say :)

GOKU KID GOKU! : Jason said some INSPIRING things... Made me crie

Smith Wesson : Jason: Wait a minute, this ain't Comic-Con!!!

tom collins : the good old days when things weren't so damn politically correct

WAR golden argus : I HATE WATER TOO JASON!!!!!!

FaZe Dopply : I like the part when he silently stares

Vixie thepurplefox : Can someone fix my replay button? I broke mine

Bruce_GAMER-_- 2 : 2018 anyone?

Not Daniel : Jason is an awful guest, he kept cutting the host off...

Ugly Troll : Jason is my favorite character from fiction, right up there with Godzilla, Michael Myers, Stripe/The Gremlins and a few others... and i gotta tell ya when i saw this as a kid i shit my PANTS i was so happy lol

Boolivara : I know it was made just for laughs and promotion, but let's be a bit serious right now. Arsenio told that he watched all the Jason's movies. And right after that he says to Voorhees - "You're angry. What happened?" Really? You've watched the first part and you still don't know what happened?

Reuben Savona-Holmes : He shoulda just started with “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma”

alwaysbusiness4 : Cha, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha 🔪

Sean Barry : The legendary Kane Hodder, the longest-serving Jason, in full kit on a talk show and staying in-character for the whole thing. No one ever does this anymore. It's sad.

Emma Mcbride : Arsenio Hall, what a beautiful man you are ...

CincoMitzi : He has a way with words 😍.

GiGuVu Bird : I am big fan of Jason Voorhes 😁😁😁

Charles Bray : I remember watching this live when I was 11 or 12. I was hoping the interview would make me less afraid of Jason but it didn’t 😂

Super Blue Gamer 9000 : I like the part where Jason says ........

Smith Wesson : A man of few words, I respect that

Ipleied Dafif : Man I miss Arsenio Hall , where you at Arsenio???

Anime World : Anyone watching this in 2018

TheHeroMario : 11mil views posted 11 years ago 11k subs and its 11/11/2018

Jos M : "What happend man where did it all begin? Was it a woman , did you get cut from the hockey team? " Lmao I'm dying