Nauli 3

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rogi : 0:18 1:21 5:56 6:23

Franklin Cerpico : I wonder if she knew her puss was in the video and decided to post it anyways? If the answer is yes, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!

Cuentos de la Cripta : i bet shes showing off her puss on purpose.

sbowesuk : Regarding the nudity, she almost certainly knew what she was doing. You don't wear an ultra skimpy outfit like that without underwear, unless you plan to play peekaboo with your junk. Furthermore, if it were an accident, she'd likely have removed the video the moment the comments started rolling in. Video is still up in all its glory, which says it all really.

Adele Vermouille : What if ... she just does'nt care that we can see her vagina ? It's just the most natural thing in the world , you were born through it . Grow up . She's a yogi , waaaay above all this. the panty would just have blocked her guts . The practice is made to massage the guts and reorganize your transit , so you can make beautiful poo -poo :)

D.threesixzero : Why is this vid less than 7 minutes but I watched it for over a half an hour?

mardrom : The point is this.... The vacuum pose is an exercise that tones the transverse abdominis – the innermost ab muscle that holds your stomach in. Everyday crunches don’t target this muscle. Exhale all the air from your lungs. Expand your chest and suck in your stomach as much as possible. Imagine trying to touch your belly button to your spine. Make sense?


Karekare Nohay : 1- She has an impressive kriya-yoga abdominal control. She knows it and she wants we know it. 2- She has an astonishingly beautiful female body. She knows it and she wants we know it. 3- Thank you and God bless you for let we know. And for the yoga thing, too.

Skully 5544 : oh god I seen lips

Damon Jones : wow.. i find my self trying to lick the screen

TzTing Yang : 0:18 1:21 6:23

Fritz Blanka : Holy goddess of my boner.

Nicholas Lopez : everyone stop complaining. shes excellent at this exercise +shes providing some sexual energy our way (thats a good thing) plus havent all you adults taken anatomy before? or are you still uncomfortable with the opposite sex....grow up...haha

Elia : was it necessary to expose your private part for the public?

Stone Sorceress : man are dogs, and when they see something sexy they start barking... nothin' wrong with that

Gugle Suxks : She revealing more than a trick called Nauli! LOL

john doe : beautiful fingers!

Wayne Green : I liked the part at 17 sec.

j00f : I'm trying to abstain from masturbation as part of my yogic path. These videos don't make it easy. :/

Vito Dino : Awesome :)

Factologist : Nice lookin vag, good job. Maybe don't use a bothersome wrap next time..

Heynowville : Very dedicated practice, I followed along, thank you so much!  Great to do the stomach work again!

SEAN CRONIN : Wonderful control, beautiful belly.

Paul Garnett : Thank you for the great demo.  Very inspiring to develop my own practice more in the core area. Please ignore all the immature, stupid and irrelevant off topic comments.

vicesat : 0:18 6:23 :P 

Michael Whitten : Thank you

justsaying : Typical western dumbassery, will sexualize everything.

Владимир Осипов : ...хи, пипиську видно немного. А по делу только показ Наули а объяснений нет как делать, а без четких пояснений только смотреть можно и в том числе и на пипиську... :-)

Davis Pham : this is amazing, never seen this before, didn't even know it was a thing! Pure art! I'm not sure why i cant reply to the person's post that is the second below me, but Amanda Clements. This is why you fail as a parent, know what you are showing your kids before you let them see it. Have respect for your kids.

shivaneswararajah namasivayam : lot of thanks for grate Nauli Demo i am thanking to the Nature to gave very good yogic Body.

Alexandros HoMegas : Who is this girl?

nowispower : Я думаю всего лишь из за двух моментов .... ха ха ха ха  этот ролик набрал столько просмотров!!!  А фигура хорошая!!!

Άλκης Δ. : I found the Bene Gesserit, guys!

SuperTcubed : Most beautiful stomach I have ever seen. EVER.

ykcyc mayonez : почему это видео в ютюб пёсда засветилась

mystic548 : Amazing muscle control!

Aleksei Matveef : Yoga is not yoga when pants on?

Bidmartinlo : That's such a weird skill! :D

brent jackson : Best video I've ever seen on you tube! DO MORE!

neverajoy : GOSH!

Josh Babb : Women have vaginas. (What?!!) There, it's been said. Can we all accept that and move on now? Beautiful Kriya. Surprisingly easy to learn. Like raising one eyebrow in your belly!!

Lo1jke : Наули-писюли

los1wochos : Time to fap

ModelsUp Clup : besides just wanting to expose yourself here and there, what is the reason of this?

Marc Barber : wtf is the point of all this?

Anton Sinistaj : Best part of the vid is at the 19 sec mark, her cooter pops out and says howdy.

getl0st : This was the easiest 3 grams of body weight I ever lost....

joao carlos nazario Carlos : Posta outros vídeos igualmente esse delícia

Reptor*** : DAMN THIS WAS SOOO HOT*** TO WATCH...!!!