Nauli 3
Nauli 3

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Girl doing yoga trick called Nauli


Franklin Cerpico : I wonder if she knew her puss was in the video and decided to post it anyways? If the answer is yes, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!

TzTing Yang : 0:18 1:21 6:23

D.threesixzero : Why is this vid less than 7 minutes but I watched it for over a half an hour?

Karekare Nohay : 1- She has an impressive kriya-yoga abdominal control. She knows it and she wants we know it. 2- She has an astonishingly beautiful female body. She knows it and she wants we know it. 3- Thank you and God bless you for let we know. And for the yoga thing, too.


Davis Pham : this is amazing, never seen this before, didn't even know it was a thing! Pure art! I'm not sure why i cant reply to the person's post that is the second below me, but Amanda Clements. This is why you fail as a parent, know what you are showing your kids before you let them see it. Have respect for your kids.

Damon Jones : wonderfull amazing, beautifull skilled, so exciting

Diana P. : WOW SO NICE BELLY!! so exercised seems it works! Can you make a spoken tutorial explaining the technique?

Dubravko Borscak : Thank you for this brave and beautiful video. It keeps inspiring me in my everyday practice!

Naaman aka Coolbreeze : It was amazing how your stomach muscles continued to work during the entire video! It seemed your stomach muscles were growing stronger as the video progressed.

Wayne Green : I liked the part at 17 sec.

Joe Smith : You are beautiful and talented. Thank you.

Bidmartinlo : That's such a weird skill! :D

KomoWp : What a great body. 10/10 would bang

shivaneswararajah namasivayam : lot of thanks for grate Nauli Demo i am thanking to the Nature to gave very good yogic Body.

Rafał Alek : come to poland and be my wife :)

mardrom : The point is this.... The vacuum pose is an exercise that tones the transverse abdominis – the innermost ab muscle that holds your stomach in. Everyday crunches don’t target this muscle. Exhale all the air from your lungs. Expand your chest and suck in your stomach as much as possible. Imagine trying to touch your belly button to your spine. Make sense?

geekhacks : Yog (Yoga) - Nauli kriya (exercise)

Razorback2088 : Beautiful stomach, love the stomach vacuum and long extended nauli, sexy, sexy sexy, Love that big sexy belly button!!!

Johnross Almonte : Mmmmmmmmm yummy !!!!!!!! Do more please !!

khanh quoc : wonderful! . but who can teach me? whom can i learn from?i want to do nauli, but dont know how? thank you very much!

stringr123 : Лады, буду тренироваться.

DiCTor : плохо смотришь, бро)

xXScythianUAXx : святые...яйцеклетки...Х_х

Александр Попов : не кормят её,ишь как исхудала то.Кушать просит.

Вадим Карни : Тема сисек не раскрыта, рас уж мы столько раз узрели... ну вы поняли.

Bob Jr : пельменем

stringr123 : Нас наебали, расходимся.

Иван Остапенко : Подытоживаем: 0.19 1.21 6.24

wasilka1 : песда на ТыТрубе? очень интересна ...

Legio V Macedonica : Хех, а на этом видео watch?v=JF1-wuy953o у нее еще лобок небритый был)

Legio V Macedonica : Красивая киска у нее)

Дмитрий : главный вопрос - НАХУЯ?

Mikhail Liddell : Girl doing girlish trick called seduction.

belgudei tsgotsaikhan : WTF is that fucking Nauli? So disgusting.... Get disappear!!!

Skully 5544 : oh god I seen lips

MIRUS : Роди мне детей из этого живота!

Nuestro Toro : Да у неё же астма!

Naryck : была бы в штанах - выключил бы на 30-й секунде, пожалуй

Naryck : была бы в штанах - выключил бы на 30-й секунде, пожалуй

SEAN CRONIN : Wonderful control, beautiful belly.

Vladislav Bogomolov : Куда смотреть то?

Max Zamaraev : Столько лет, небось, работала над собой, а кому её наули нужна, все на пилотку любуются.

KinDzaDza123123 : А ничё так её наули, бритая!

Mihalev Yaroslav : А во время секса она так может?)

brent jackson : Best video I've ever seen on you tube! DO MORE!

80hamza80 : она офигенна

zlojcrash : Она великолепна!!! Хотел бы познакомится с такой.

Lev Limin : Не знаю какого Чужого она там всё родить пыталась, но песда зачотная.