How Dave Chappelle Dodges Laser Beams
This video explains the uniqueness of Dave Chappelle as a comedian

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Get a free trial of Squarespace and 10% off at What makes Dave Chappelle one of the most unique comedians of all-time? Let's take a look at his personality based, celebrity-infused comedy to see how he can do what no one else can: dodge the laser beams. Twitter: Patreon:


Jaisean : “The article says I was boo’d off stage, which is also incorrect. I was boo’d but I did not leave” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

a crusty krab : Of course Amy Shumer steals jokes from a dead legend. Wp Amy

c4blew : I miss his old voice though...

Borginator : So different rewatching Chappelle Show and then seeing Dave swoll AF.

Sufian Abuahmad : Bill and Dave are really the only ones I like to watch now

basilrose : He's not a comedian he's a Philosopher. Genius too. Our generation's Carlin.

Arctan Productions : So I think what you’re saying is... *MODERN PROBLEMS REQUIRE MODERN SOLUTIONS*

Lafe Denton : Why Chappell is funny is simple....HE IS HONEST!

Dillon The Hacker : Louis CK was pretty right about that one year left thing.

payaso uno : You mean he dodges laser beams by STARING RIGHT AT THE LASER BEAM??? Doesn't look much like dodging to me. More like breaks down the laser light and analyzing each light particle and then rebuilds it into ball of light and now everybody appreciates it more.

Manny J : Amy Schumer is not a comedian

Audience 72 : Dave Chappelle walked away from a hit show and tons of money. This man is no sellout. I will always be a fan.

M H S : But Amy Schumer takes joke stealing to a completely new level

Puddingfuzz : But what does Ja Rule think about this?

Vtgr_1 : Dave is the best. He can literally make up jokes on the spot and be funny. His stories draw you in, he’s intelligent and incite you.

Caleb Manning : He isn’t being ambiguous, he is being accurate and mitigated. Ambiguity is an unclear meaning or potential for dual meaning.

Laverne Blaszczyk : Dave Chappelle's persona is so likable that we just feel happy for him😊

Tony Smith : It isn't dangerous. He is really smart, and honest, and charming, and everyone relates to him easily. He is much better them most of the comedians maybe only Eddie Murphy or George Carlin are as good and as smart. I helps having a Mom that is a doctor. He has a really smart family. He is also really modest and will tell you how modest he is. RIP George Carlin , we will always miss him. Chappelle is now the smartest comic alive !

Nasir Butler : Lol. Louis C.K. prediceted his downfall. Spell dat wrong

Francisco Robles : "My parents did just well enough so I could grow up poor around white people" LOLOLOL

Bald Uzi Vert : Dave is just really confident

Smiles ツツ : How spot on was that louie prediction

Ron McDon : "I was boo'd, but I did not leave" LOOOOOOOOOOL

Metro Pcs : That joke about "how old is 15 really?" Was a perfect example of doging Lazer Beens.

Humble Servant : Everyone is surprised about how Dave is able to dodge said laser beams. Dave sacrificed being an ultra millionaire by turning down the Comedy Central deal then he took a decade to himself to become a better man. It’s no secret as to how Dave has become a legend. Dave didn’t sell his soul or conform to the pressure the media and people put on those with a strong voice. When Dave was being bashed and ridiculed years ago he was knew he was going to come back and destroy. Thank you Dave.

Typhlosion in Pompeii : if only Jonathan Joestar could dodge lazer beams like this.....

ricric : Thing is Chappelle is highly intelligent multicultural person. Yes, many are, but he's at another level.

The_Wrath_of_Neeson : Amy Schumer hits every laser.

Lex-Appeal : This narrator sounds like such a soyboy. Ugh, and the music... takes all the chapelle vibe away

Gloria Offord : In other words, David Chappelle is highly intelligent. He didn't pursue a college degree, recognizing early on his talent and passion. He is fascinating in his depth and command of "language," his ability to communicate, connect and deliver his "jokes". David is gifted. I wonder if his parents/teacher recognized it, early on or at all. fascinating

Sextus The Vampire : I love many comedians like kevin hart,bill burr ,louis ck , andrew schulz and a lot more, but Dave Chapelle is the GOAT🐐

Kevin Corso : i've always felt chappelle comes across as one of the more genuine people in comedy. stuff like embracing his fame works for us because from our lens, he's crazy famous, so we're willing to come along for the ride because it's a shared truth. for chris rock to suggest he's not "that" famous just comes off as disingenuous and forced. of course, the point here is not a knock on chris rock, i'm just using a specific example from the video to illustrate my point.

Ψ : How old is 15 really!?

Brian Hobbs : Jerry Seinfeld could only dream of being as funny as Dave Chappelle. He only appeals to white Geeks

Daniel Villalobos : I always thought Chapelle's superpower as a comedian was his intelligence coupled with his taste for humor and the absurd. He's the son of college professors, not unlike myself—but he casually talks "hood" and he doesn't come across as insincere for it. He's also got a great sense of things about him that make him funny, like his voice and appearance. The greatest comics work with their own mannerisms to great effect. And his humor can range from the very subtle to the extremely silly and absurd, but always with wit and originality.

terrence samps : Dave Chapelle is up there with Richard Pryor although both are different but both are intelligent and knew how to express their intelligence uniquely.. but I don't like the commentary at all on this. Who is this guy

dagoelius : Seinfield is massively overrated. He has never been funny. Bill Burr is brilliant, Chappelle is untouchable, Sinbad still killin' it and Black Phillip never got the respect and credit he deserved.

acquired immunity : Pretty much every single joke told by Amy Schumer is stolen. And it’s sad because somehow she takes a great joke and pretty much destroys it

Read Robot : The video is nice, the easy listening version of Killing me softly makes me vomit!!!

Gankageddon : Top Three. 1.) Dave Chappelle 2.) Bill Burr 3.) Patrice O Neil And Amy Schumer steals from all three and somehow no one calls her out on it. I don't understand.

nathan willimams : Im curious how many of those jackets he has

epics7 : Dave Chappelle is like a blend of Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

Consensual Buttrape : Amy Schumer does not belong on a show that's connected in any way to comedy

Hamza 761 : I think you said *ambiguous* over three and a half million times.

Zaidi Ademeit : Dave Chappelle: Richard Pryor's True Heir

William Reilly : "Good people of Detriot, hear me now!" -DC This is why Chappelle is the greatest, his delivery is impeccable

crayzmoe : Amy Schumer a comedian.. now that's a joke

Igor Blyat : Dave is my favorite comedian

Jonathan Sung : chappelle's early killing em softly had more than one of chris rock's jokes. they were very blatant. still a funny guy though.