How Dave Chappelle Dodges Laser Beams

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Myotic Tesseract : Goddamnit i thought this was gonna be a video about Chappelle actually dodging literal laser beams and doing acrobatics and shit

sithlordsoup : “He rapes, but he saves, he saves more than he rapes..but he probably does rape” -DC

a crusty krab : Of course Amy Shumer steals jokes from a dead legend. Wp Amy

Jędrzej Spychał : I've seen all Dave's Netflix specials about 4 or 5 times and it's still funny.

Jaisean Forever : “The article says I was boo’d off stage, which is also incorrect. I was boo’d but I did not leave” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dillon The Hacker : Louis CK was pretty right about that one year left thing.

NolanEP84 : I think Dave might be the top comic of all-time. He's a master of the craft. The way he tells his stories, creating the tension for the payoff is subtle. He's not a loud comic like Kat Williams or Kevin Hart, meaning he doesn't rely on "being big" on stage, he relies on his ability to tell stories. He's a cerebral comic and that's why he is consistently funny. Personally, I don't think Kevin Hart is that funny. He's just obnoxious. He plays the same character in every movie he's in too, just like Will Farrell. It's boring.

Sushii : is Dave Chappelle just, genuine?

c4blew : I miss his old voice though...

Sufian Abuahmad : Bill and Dave are really the only ones I like to watch now

Aidan S : Oh Amy Schumer. How you love to steal jokes.

Borginator : So different rewatching Chappelle Show and then seeing Dave swoll AF.

payaso uno : You mean he dodges laser beams by STARING RIGHT AT THE LASER BEAM??? Doesn't look much like dodging to me. More like breaks down the laser light and analyzing each light particle and then rebuilds it into ball of light and now everybody appreciates it more.

basilrose : He's not a comedian he's a Philosopher. Genius too. Our generation's Carlin.

78755477 78755477 : Please tell me why people find Kevin Hart funny?

ToonrificTariq : Making the background music “Killing Me Softly” is such a genius, subtle touch.

Xfalcon Playz : I thought there were actual laser beams and this was a skit

Rafael Duran : To be honest, and Im latino so I really dont have a dog in this fight, if Bill Burr was black he could do what Dave does. Hes white so he has to jump off at the last posible second and land safely while the joke burns into flames, he cant stay because he risk being yet another race war victim, that cop out or "maybe Im just an idiot" thing he does is like a lawyer using the word allegedly.

Cory Mck : You never explained what a laser beam is exactly.

Lafe Denton : Why Chappell is funny is simple....HE IS HONEST!

Now You See It : Some thoughts that didn’t make it into the video because of runtime: 1. I say Chappelle is the only “living comedian” that does this stuff simply because Richard Pryor was dodging laser beams 40 years earlier. Listen to Pryor’s bit on his drug addiction, or watch his character comedy. You’ll see what I’m talking about. 2. I should reiterate that this doesn’t mean you have to like Chappelle. I must admit I am obsessed and fascinated with how unique his way of joking is, but I still find some of his humor out of touch. I didn’t like, for example, how he implied the Louis C.K. victims didn’t have strong enough dreams because they blame Louis for not succeeding. That’s not the point. 3. Louis C.K. is in this video because I can’t ignore the contributions to comedy he has made over the last 10 years. I’m not saying you have to like him. I’m not even saying his jokes are funny or not. What I am saying is his Everyman style was the quintessential counterpoint to Chappelle’s laser beam style. 4. The background song is from Chappelle's Equanimity special, Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack:

Daniel Villalobos : I always thought Chapelle's superpower as a comedian was his intelligence coupled with his taste for humor and the absurd. He's the son of college professors, not unlike myself—but he casually talks "hood" and he doesn't come across as insincere for it. He's also got a great sense of things about him that make him funny, like his voice and appearance. The greatest comics work with their own mannerisms to great effect. And his humor can range from the very subtle to the extremely silly and absurd, but always with wit and originality.

Laverne Blaszczyk : Dave Chappelle's persona is so likable that we just feel happy for him😊

maximus1318able : Although I agree, but Patrice Oneal had none of these problems. He was giving you Patrice if you liked it or not. My all-time favorite comedian. Man I miss him

Active Lemon : Dave Chappelle tells very smart jokes and is most of all authentic. I believe he is the same person on and off stage. A lot of comedians switch personalities as soon as they hit the stage, i.e. they overdo it, which i personally don't like very much.

Gus Johnson : Excellent video. Long live Dave.

Bald Uzi Vert : Dave is just really confident

Caleb Manning : He isn’t being ambiguous, he is being accurate and mitigated. Ambiguity is an unclear meaning or potential for dual meaning.

Smiles ツツ : How spot on was that louie prediction

AudioImpression : Dave Chappelle is the greatest comedian to have ever existed in the English language. Jerry Seinfeld is not a good comedian, his comedy is so boring, generic, painfully obvious that is simply unfunny. Dave Chappelle is a comedic genius, his comedy is actually enjoyable not only at face value but on a deeper intellectual level and many of his jokes have deep philosophical meanings.

Nasir Butler : Lol. Louis C.K. prediceted his downfall. Spell dat wrong

Russell James : He is the funniest comedian

Quesly1 : Louis spot on with the 8 months to a year left

Kevin Corso : i've always felt chappelle comes across as one of the more genuine people in comedy. stuff like embracing his fame works for us because from our lens, he's crazy famous, so we're willing to come along for the ride because it's a shared truth. for chris rock to suggest he's not "that" famous just comes off as disingenuous and forced. of course, the point here is not a knock on chris rock, i'm just using a specific example from the video to illustrate my point.

Coy : I honestly thought this was going to be 14 minutes of chappelle stand up with special effect laser beams blasting around him.

Tony Smith : It isn't dangerous. He is really smart, and honest, and charming, and everyone relates to him easily. He is much better them most of the comedians maybe only Eddie Murphy or George Carlin are as good and as smart. I helps having a Mom that is a doctor. He has a really smart family. He is also really modest and will tell you how modest he is. RIP George Carlin , we will always miss him. Chappelle is now the smartest comic alive !

Typhlosion in Pompeii : if only Jonathan Joestar could dodge lazer beams like this.....

Humble Servant : Everyone is surprised about how Dave is able to dodge said laser beams. Dave sacrificed being an ultra millionaire by turning down the Comedy Central deal then he took a decade to himself to become a better man. It’s no secret as to how Dave has become a legend. Dave didn’t sell his soul or conform to the pressure the media and people put on those with a strong voice. When Dave was being bashed and ridiculed years ago he was knew he was going to come back and destroy. Thank you Dave.

Daimon Mario Perez : Dave evolved. As his life changed leaving" Comedy Central" he explored his past truths. Why he left Comedy Central and things being said about him and how this affected him. To dealing with him coming back after being out of the lime light for 10yrs, but still doing his craft. Now dealing with a new President, Transgender, and how he left-50 million on the table. Subconsciously, Dave making more money since he came back to primetime. The comedians that start making movies like Eddie, can lose their everyday experiences and their audience can't relate to their stand up. Dave Chappelle has managed to stay with stand up and he's been successful and still relating to what's going on in the world today. Ducking Laser Beams, and still being funny....

M.C. Ballyhoo : The root of all comedy is that which doesn't make sense. That which throws off the audience. That which is unexpected is in fact what creates the art of humor.

Julio Gonzalez : Before i watched this i didn't know you but now i f*cking love you cause now i use this video to fight arguments on how Dave Chappelle is the best srand up comedian. So thank you

Manchester Is Blue : chappelle is the king

Wickedthtz : George Carlin. ..for one

Gankageddon : Top Three. 1.) Dave Chappelle 2.) Bill Burr 3.) Patrice O Neil And Amy Schumer steals from all three and somehow no one calls her out on it. I don't understand.

Alpha Strong42 : I’m genuinely asking, not hating. How is/was Jerry Seinfeld the funniest comedian any time? He was funny-ish but I never thought he even came close to deserving that title.

Gale Kiwi : Another comedian who addresses issues without worrying about their reputation or not appearing humble enough is bob the drag queen. Y’all should check him/her out on Amazon Prime.

michael timmer : It is not wrong to be uncomfortable with transgender people. As long as you don’t go out of your way to break down their character.

Ron McDon : "I was boo'd, but I did not leave" LOOOOOOOOOOL

T. S : Seems like you are forgetting about Ricky Gervais.

Freeyourmind : Burr is not so funny to me. And I see myself as quite the connosoir of stand up comedy. And both of those are my opinions. Which don't mean shit to anyone but me, I think.