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Fighting Expert breaks down movie fights I really like this series

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Competitive fighter and Muay Thai champion Raquel Harris analyzes hand-to-hand combat techniques used in some of Hollywood's biggest TV shows and movies. How legitimate are these actors' karate, martial arts, kickboxing, wrestling, and other stage combat moves in the classic fight scenes we love? Still haven’t subscribed to Self on YouTube? ►► ABOUT SELF Daily health, fitness, beauty, style advice, and videos for women who want to achieve their personal best in life. Fighting Expert Breaks Down Movie & TV Fight Moves | SELF


Steven Bee : _"There's no reason to punch meats"_ Words to live by.

Jianju69 : "The form for the moon-walk is off too.." dying.


Evelyn Burke Dressage : "Hi, I'm Raquel, I am extremely adorable but I will also F*** you up" lol

IceDragon978 : I really appreciate that she actually demonstrates this stuff in addition to talking about it. More of this, please!

Nikhos Garcia : "When you're sparring, it's important to wear protective gear. If my teammates and i kill each other in sparring, then we won't be in great shape to fight." :D

Vincent Cruz : 2:05 I like the way she said Jean Claude Van Damme

Maynard For President : Oh dear.. did someone just critique Neo..... [i can hear the keyboard keys clicking already... like a tsunami of imminent comments] lol

brando vasquez : "The form for the moon walk is also wrong too"🤣🤣🤣😂😂

Giancarlo Paniccia : "The form for the moon walk is off too." Savage AF.

Rushil N : The music alone made me want to watch Enter The Matrix AGAIN!

Julia Castro : It's so amazing seeing a female fighter explain this. I grew up in the martial arts and agreed with every single comment she made <3 (12 years of Karate with JKD spliced in)

Rhizon Haze : Wait hang on, undisputed? Ip Man? Freaking Boyka?! Come on now lol

Marc Vezina : dont do the matrix... unless you want to also demonstrate how to dodge bullets and slow down time.

D B : "The form for the moonwalk was off too" LMAO

kj robbi : Jean Claude took ballet. That's what made his form and style so smooth and beautiful.

RustyGaming : She just knows mma she doesn’t know any of the traditional styles like aikido or Kung fu.

Big Buddha Jay : So just to point out. Wahlberg was more trying to emulate micky wards fight style rather than "showing confidence". But her analyses were spot on. Great vid

Alex Lockley : Fairly chill for a potential killing machine

MrStarTraveler : One, does not simply say "good job" to Chuck Norris!

Brandon13 : I would've wanted to see more Arrow with the additions of daredevil and John wick and Shrek from the first movie

Ivan Hernandez : “Wouldn’t actually recommend to kick a tree.” *laughs in Buakaw Banchamek*

Nicoline Hovmand : I love that Blindspot was noticed for Rhonda 🤣 it’s one of my favourite series and the fighting in the newest season looks so crisp 🙏🏼

Booker DeWitt : 2:14 - "Jean-Claude Van DAYUMMM..." lol

Farhan Haque : You could get a great job as a Hollywood fight choreographer.

That Communist Weeb : Matrix is pretty good when you consider they are fighting in the Matrix using really good Tang Soo Do

A H : She's smart giving Chuck Norris a 10.

Robert McIntyre : You have wrist throws in karate, ninjitsu, akido and other martial arts so that's the only critique

Tío Kaiju : THIS is the gold standard of martial arts reviewing! Very clear, to the point, actual demonstration of the moves and explanation of techniques, and none of the sass, sarcasm, or know-it-all attitude that I've seen others have.

Matdy James : Really enjoyed this. Raquel was informative and charismatic, please bring her back for more.

Raurie Sime : This was pretty cool, I learned a bit about my own techneque (and mistakes) form when i was doing Judo.

Tattooed Dad : Haywire doesn’t get enough credit.

Arshia Mh : BADASS girl (thumb up)

D Vigz : also any fight scene from The Raid! :D

Gabriel Leigh : The scissor throw you see performed by Chuck Norris is called Kani Basami. It's illegal competitively in Judo but a very good technique if you want to do damage but very hard to perfect

Unicornz Exist : She even corrected the moonwalk XD

KingBongHogger : I love watching movies, but I hate how they make everyone think that's how fighting works.

Sam : "The form for the moonwalk is off too." That was great.

Celeste Yi : "The form for the moonwalk is off, too." RIP

Wen Ricky : 7:58, except in taekwondo, tho practically speaking none of the off the ground kicks are gonna be very useful

Josue Roberto : No John Wick?

The Aces : Steven amell (arrow) does his stunts and proper workout like salmon ladder

Theras I : ”...jean claude van dammmmmnn”

Alex N : even if you are highly decorated in one sport, it does not mean you know all there is to know. No, you will not necessarily injure yourself by punching meat. There are full contact competition formats that do not use any hand protection and they're just fine. Whether punching dead cows is a good practice - that's a different matter.

Just one more video : 6:39 To me, the throw looks more like some kind of one-armed Tsurikomi Goshi than a Seoi Nage. Rousey is not tucking the arm with her elbow (or lodging her own elbow in the armpit, as you would in a Morote Seoi Nage). More importantly, she's pulling the opponents left arm over her own right shoulder, where with a Seoi Nage you always pull the arm over the same side shouler. I gotta say though, that ridiculous shaky cam makes it almost impossible to say for sure.

Bumbles Bounce54 : The Delta Force wrist throw was actually an Aikido throw. The pain of having your wrist twisted causes you to jump, then you get thrown. Not made up!

Miller Time : 2:40 It’s all about that Crazy Monkey defense. Why block with your fragile hands, when you could just break your opponents fragile hands...with your elbow

sensai : Rest in peace to the guy being used as enemy. 😂😭😂

Futility dot dot dot : Never forget that Mark Wahlb**g used to try to murder people for fun in real life before he became famous.