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IceDragon978 : I really appreciate that she actually demonstrates this stuff in addition to talking about it. More of this, please!

Gewgulkan Suhckitt : I kick trees too . . . not to train though . . . they know what they did.

Ali's Archive : She is legit


Yehudiel : when she's mild mannered, cute, petite and holds 5 titles in a brutal martial art <3

Theras I : ”...jean claude van dammmmmnn”

D B : "The form for the moonwalk was off too" LMAO

Asher8328 : I liked this video, but it was strange to include critiques of movies that have supernatural elements like, "The Matrix," and, "The Empire Strikes Back."

Adolf Hitler : Chuck norris can definitely generate enough momentum by just touching his enemies wrist, because Chuck norris is a God among mortals.

Giancarlo Paniccia : "The form for the moon walk is off too." Savage AF.

Glaze Meister : Kinda disappointed there was nothing about bruce lees movies in this, lol

tss3393 : Let's get a part 2 so I can hear your take on the hallway fight from Daredevil!!!

michael savage : She is beautiful AND she could kill me..... soooo

Shady Vladimir : Ong Bak is my favorite marital arts movie, I'm glad it was featured in this video

Igloos : Sad there was no Raid 2 :(

Carlo Evangelista : Gotta love all these comments from randos mansplaining fighting to an actual fighting expert with 5 belts. But I bet if they used a male fighting expert in the video there’d be fewer of these stupid comments.

Artie the Swolest Man in the World : You can't throw someone with just their wrist, but you can sometimes make them flip themselves instinctively to escape the pain of certain joint locks. Good video although I think you're reaching a bit commenting on the Matrix, given that it is just a simulated world the very point was that "wire-fu is a legit fighting style here." In fact the various character's fighting styles were intentionally extensions of their personality or even "mind": Agent Smith is pure machine, "shortest distance A-to-B," straight right hands and straight kicks. Trinity's special move is a flamboyant "floating snap kick of doom" while Morpheus favors the all-business "plummeting knee of death." Your comments about Rocky are 100% accurate but I feel that such was the point: Mickey and by extension Rocky are super-old school tough-man style boxing. This became very poignant in Rocky 4, as even Apollo's mentor Tony Duke favored a less scientific, more psychologically toughening regimen for Rocky in that film as compared to the literally computerized training regimen of the super-athlete Ivan Drago. Although Duke prepared Apollo in a fairly orthodox way in Rocky 2. This was a great video you are clearly an excellent fighter but also clearly very intelligent and eloquent and knowledgeable. And extremely cute lol thumbs up

SMH SMH : "You shouldn't train with a backpack"...tell that to the military. Some of these clips were pretty good, some not so much; she makes a few mistakes about blocking (always block with your, confuses a wrist lock with a throw, and a few other errors here and there. Would have been better if she focused more on fundamentals, many of which are similar across multiple disciplines (different forms of fighting). She did that a couple of times, and that's when the video was good.

Nate Hitpas : You should get actual stunt people to break down these sequences. Fighting for film is VERY different than fighting in real life.

RICO GOLDSTAR : Chuck didn't just grab the wrist. He lowered his center of gravity, he shifted his leg and foot position to change his body angle, and he used a wrist lock, pressure point/pain compliance technique. He threw his opponents balance off, and used a pain compliance method to make the other guy move in the direction he wanted him to move.

RICO GOLDSTAR : next one, do raid/raid 2, John Wick, Blood Sport, Mortal Kombat, Undisputed 2, Blood and Bone, Foxcatcher, Return of The Dragon Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris

johan jimenez : I was waiting for Tekken

Lee Lorenz : She's not evaluating the character. Rocky explains why he punches meat and he's prone to punching walls cos he's a street guy, who grew up with an inability to express himself verbally. Also I'm gonna listen to you over Jackie Chan? Running with a weighted back pack not a good idea? I'll let the SAS and SEALs know.

obame : there is no bruce lee ...... she know herself the master!!

Ozan Koşar : The video was good but you don't talk about Chuck Norris, just don't... Because Chuck Norris once... nevermind, you got the joke ;P And criticizing Matrix, Star Wars, Jackie Chan... It is just pointless! Matrix fighting scenes have most moves from older and popular martial art movies. And they are in the Matrix, why the hell they should be more on ground. He flies at the end of the film you know?! Star Wars, pointless again. The Force trumps back pain! Jackie Chan started training in martial arts at 6 years old. And there are lots of different styles in Kung-Fu. So who the hell gives a crap if they are using a ring. Their choreography is great! But giving tips about safer training is good of course. Overall, you absolutely have a great career and great knowledge about martial arts but don't mess with classics and science fiction. I mean, it is fiction anyway :) And don't get into Hong Kong movies :D

heavy meddle : I competed in Wtf Tae Kwon Do and Judo since 1982. Not now... Too old... But she's good. She demonstrates and doesn't only talk. I like that

Lautaro Quiroga : When the girl you like is adorable af but she's actually a 5 time fighting champ. LMAO do not mess around. The explanations and demonstrations were 10/10, thanks!

FoolWise : I believe the Chuck Norris Seoenage that you critisized was not a seoenage but a wrist-lock throw more inspired from aikipdo/jiu-jitsu.

James L Kid : When you punch meat and kick a tree you’re strengthening your bones; in biology when you get injured (not necessarily meaning breaking your bones) your body gets stronger every time you heal as long as you have the right diet and health (meaning it works with people who consume the right vitamins, and probably won’t work for people with diabetes and/or arthritis).

MAHAN 195 : a Muay Thai champion, an mma fighter, all they know is about: kickboxing, BJJ, kyokushin karate, Modern wing chun, hapkido, catch wrestling, Muay Thai and American boxing. they have little to no experience and knowledge in Judo, Aikido, Krav Maga, German Jujutsu, Japanese Jujitsu, Kung Fu, Tai chi, Free style or Greco-Roman wrestling, Keysi, Taijutsu, Wushu, Defendu, Wendu and etc which all of them are unarmed martial arts let alone armed combat and street fighting techniques.

David Van Drunen : Great video!

Kuziwakwashe Chikwete : She is Waifu material

SticksEasty : nice vid, chuck and jcvd dont need no scripted fights, which 90% movies etc are scripted you do this he does that. ✌

AussieBlokeGordo : LOL when she says JCVD's name, aw yeah you know what she's thinking >8D

Steve M : I don't know much about silat, but the scenes in "The Raid" and "The Raid 2" were impressive, although unrealistic.

kirby march Barcena : Even for someone who's fit,staying away from trouble is still the best.

Vance Vega : So that's what Nadine is doing nowadays

obame : she dare comment the fight of the legendary chuck Norris.. .. .... She will be judged and punished!!!

The Kung Fu Channel : The stances in "The matrix" are absolutely idiotic! I am doing kung fu as well why also this quote? Because those stances are not stances! They are a part of techniques and techniques in kung fu/ tai chi does not function without it! So the pose of Neo in 7:21 is actually a throw. He had double traped the oponents arms, steped behind the opponents front leg. After that Neos right arm pushes the opponents chest over the leg of him. That causes a throw. So in the Matrix like in every other martial arts film there is a lot of show but no real martial arts as well.... But the film was actually fun

Henry Hudson : i was kinda hoping they would do Yuri boyka

Samira Peri : Punching meat can be arguably useful if you intend to eat it after the session. :3

Aleksandr Jermakov : I am sad that they followed the rules and did not talk about Fight Club

gawainethefirst : Apollo’s trainer Duke, he seemed rather scared of Rocky’s workout routine.

Free Bee : I wish you wouldv shown the actual boxing from rocky movies. Even tho we all know its pretty unrealistic.

Matt B : Great video! Can you break down the throne room fight in The Last Jedi? I feel like it's ridiculously overrated.

MuitoDaora : 13:35 Tell that to the army. Edit: What I mean is that the army doesn't care about the injuries soldiers can get by carrying heavy weights at their backs

inSherlock : She is adorable and deadly. This was a good segment.

Augustus Freeman : I think I'm in love.

Cullen Lea : she's the coolest!

LiGhTMaGiCk : DAMN! You can really tell that Raquel definitely knows what she's talking about and she's totally awesome.