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IceDragon978 : I really appreciate that she actually demonstrates this stuff in addition to talking about it. More of this, please!

Booker DeWitt : 2:14 - "Jean-Claude Van DAYUMMM..." lol

Stevan Valentino : How can you even skip a review on IP MAN by Donnie Yen??????

EskimoUlu : I don't fully understand the Matrix critique. Morpheus is trying to show Neo, the normal laws of the universe DO NOT apply to the Matrix. You can partially ignore gravity, and you cannot run out of breath. There is no real oxygen. You are not exerting physical force, your brain is interpreting a simulation.

Mr. Josh : He's training with meat because he can't afford actual equipment. 😜

Sam : "The form for the moonwalk is off too." That was great.

Maynard For President : Oh dear.. did someone just critique Neo..... [i can hear the keyboard keys clicking already... like a tsunami of imminent comments] lol

James Roper : Wahlberg had been training for a long time for this film and the trainer is Micky wards real life trainer. He played himself in this movie

Akbar Humayun : Tony jaa is a freaking badass

JaneDark94 : Chuck Norris doesnt count. He can pulverise an entire city just by farting :P

Ali's Archive : She is legit

eyeammi : No offense, but if you're critiquing the fighting style of the Matrix in terms of real world techniques, then you don't understand the basic premise of the Matrix.

Nicholas Enak : Where's kill bill

dio kun : No the raid? That's the best fighting movie in recent years. :(

NCM : Where was Jason Statham? He does a lot of fight movies too

kirby march barcena : Even for someone who's fit,staying away from trouble is still the best.

Redapple : Also where is my master Steven Seagul? he knows 1532 forms of martial arts and has blackest black belt in most of em.

Atlas 24 : The martial artist is very much a Western martial artist. Stances like the ones used in the matrix are displays of art. They are a display of mastery in different forms. They are not meant for efficiency. The Rocky scene of punching meat is a adaptation of old fist strengthen technique practiced by monks near China in which repetitive harsh strain strengthens the bones and muscles in the hand to improve combat capabilities and reduce risk of injury mid combat. It is a very useful practice that for pure endurance, let alone pain endurance. These is in no way a demeaning of the martial artist in the video it's just probably knowledge she is not aware of due to her practicing and researching very Americanized martial arts. Other small details have been already commented on so I'll leave it at that

Logan Wolf : ok... well, the second move from the second movie (delta force 2), the "made up" move; in aikido we have something called Soto Kotegaeshi that is actually holding someone's wrist from the outside of the hand and throwing them in the air very strongly. in the scene, he is kinda mixing that hold with a bit of Shihonage (another aikido throw) and if you meet a good aikidoka, it would not be too hard to recreate. it would, however, produce A LOT of damage on the person falling, if done like in the movie. meaning that the arm (wrist, elbow and shoulder) would burst in pain and even break, the hip would fall so hard on the floor, regardless of wether the person is thrown in the air or arm-locked to the floor without elevation... so thank you stunt artist. 1:45 and i'm already not trusting her view to be 100% accurate.

And Now This Dude [ANTiD] : +1 if you expected to see John Wick in this video

Gewgulkan Suhckitt : I kick trees too . . . not to train though . . . they know what they did.

Robert : 9:29, I would argue tho that punching meat propably is as close as it gets getting to punch a human tho, no? agreed its still not neccesary at all, but still if it floats your boat, i dont see why not?

Jeremy Anderson : It's wonderful getting to see a pro's take on these, even if a lot of the results are really unsurprising ("This actor who's never fought before this movie has bad form, but this professional MMA fighter who's doing a bit of acting has great form!") I really appreciate the extra bit of background you offer on each of the moves, especially when you demonstrate the proper form so the layperson can understand the comparison.

Acrimonious Mirth : I think Keanu Reeves actually learnt Kung Fu for the movie, so his fights were informed.

Androval : Alright, I won't question this miss' mastery, I highly doubt she usurped her titles. Still, I had a problem before even getting to two minutes into it: the "made up" wrist projection is "Sankyo Omote" (Third Projection, Front Form) from Aikido, and it doesn't need momentum since it just needs a bit of force on a joint to "force" the opponent to double over if he doesn't want his wrist broken... She may be very talented and strong, but she also obviously lack knowledge of styles other than hers, thus rendering the very format of this video irrelevant. Which is sad, because it was interesting and she was good at explaining. =/

Giancarlo Paniccia : "The form for the moon walk is off too." Savage AF.

Marc Vezina : dont do the matrix... unless you want to also demonstrate how to dodge bullets and slow down time.

Aden hui : 5:41-5:55 😏😶

Aj Jeannot : When🙏 you 🙏try 🙏and 🙏breakdown 🙏matrix 🙏fights 🙏🤦‍♂️

Simone Rose : Most army units do a run/marches with a full pack exercise. SAS also runs/tracks Brecon Beacons with full packs, one of the most hardest training exercises in the world. You need to complete it at least once to progress in SAS Qualification Selection. All British soldiers do Loaded Marching and is considered a core skill and exercise. And you are tested yearly as part of your Combat Fitness Test. Lucas took this training straight out of US Army Basic Training (Vietnam War had a big influence on Lucas and Star Wars). So Yoda is in fact teaching Luke a core skill here. What is still used in most armies training today.

MuitoDaora : 13:35 Tell that to the army. Edit: What I mean is that the army doesn't care about the injuries soldiers can get by carrying heavy weights at their backs

Sebastian Molina : Aren't you suppose to not extend your elbow all the way because it can cause an elbow injury when throwing a punch. Shouldn't your arm be at a 20ish degree angle when you make contact or am i wrong?

K Fox : She's a champ in muay thai and hasn't kicked a tree?

GHOST MINE : Moral of the story. Don't underestimate the little girl...

MyWasteOfTime : Umm done right, there most certainly is a wrist throw. Either their body flips or you snap their wrist! Very common in Hapkido!

D B : "The form for the moonwalk was off too" LMAO

Blaine McCranie : There is no such thing as a "fighting expert" that can expertly break down any fight scene or martial art. Espicially a boxer lol

Mr. I Get Girls : I think I just found my new wife😍

Sofie Pieschel : Do a fight expert breaks down the hand-to-hand combat scenes from the Clone Wars please

Jack Snow : you do realize that if you punch walls your knuckles get stronger when you give them time to heal.

Lautaro Quiroga : When the girl you like is adorable af but she's actually a 5 time fighting champ. LMAO do not mess around. The explanations and demonstrations were 10/10, thanks!

tajrulzify : she comes off as kind off pretentious.

Greek Engineer : There are two different types of people that interact with martial arts...athletes and martial artists....unfortunately, there is a big difference between them...full contact form of sparring is on another level than a box or kickbox match.

dragonf1re96 : She is actually wrong about a lot of things, but it is understandable given her training, a lot of the time the rules of the ring create artificial boundaries that are otherwise perfectly practical in the real world. And to add, that matrix flying triple kick is based off of a real thing, although fake in the movie, i have seen people do this.

Nicolas Alcalde : She doesnt think you can throw punches from a cross guard like they showed in Divergent? Go tell that to George Foreman when he was 45 and the heavyweight champion of the world using it....

Tío Kaiju : THIS is the gold standard of martial arts reviewing! Very clear, to the point, actual demonstration of the moves and explanation of techniques, and none of the sass, sarcasm, or know-it-all attitude that I've seen others have.

Candi Soda : Lol now break down Rousy's shadowboxing LOL

Kevin Roberts : I liked that, I hope she does more episodes. There should also be more credits to her personal Carre or links to see her fights.

x_BlueWolfGamer_x : 1:37 wrist lock throws exist

Josue Roberto : No John Wick?