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IceDragon978 : I really appreciate that she actually demonstrates this stuff in addition to talking about it. More of this, please!

D B : "The form for the moonwalk was off too" LMAO

Sam : "The form for the moonwalk is off too." That was great.

Tío Kaiju : THIS is the gold standard of martial arts reviewing! Very clear, to the point, actual demonstration of the moves and explanation of techniques, and none of the sass, sarcasm, or know-it-all attitude that I've seen others have.

Booker DeWitt : 2:14 - "Jean-Claude Van DAYUMMM..." lol

kirby march Barcena : Even for someone who's fit,staying away from trouble is still the best.

redthorpe : Almost all of the advice and critiques in this vid are really good, I'd just say a couple of things... 1) I can't be certain, but the second throw Chuck Norris does looks like an Aikido wrist throw - it's about leverage rather than power and the attacker has to flip if they don't want their wrist broken. As mentioned, Chuck is a martial artist, and I'm sure he'd have complained if the move wasn't legit. 2) Luke running with Yoda on his back is no different from military training where soldiers run with fully stocked packs that can weigh upward of 50kg - that part is endurance training, not combat training.

Borginator : Used to watch Ong-Bak all the time! So badass!

BeastHugzHD : She is a good fighter and is cute af

Carlo Evangelista : Gotta love all these comments from randos mansplaining fighting to an actual fighting expert with 5 belts. But I bet if they used a male fighting expert in the video there’d be fewer of these stupid comments.

Gewgulkan Suhckitt : I kick trees too . . . not to train though . . . they know what they did.

Adolf Hitler : Chuck norris can definitely generate enough momentum by just touching his enemies wrist, because Chuck norris is a God among mortals.

Cyro-Nydd : I liked the combination of just being extremely adorable and extremely knowledgeable with clear explanations from Raquel. Confirmed badass.

Mr. Josh : He's training with meat because he can't afford actual equipment. 😜

ChrysOtaku : I did martial arts for most of my life, but I've never been in any big fights. I always wondered exactly how a real fight would go down without the pads. XD HOw much of it would go like a Jackie Chan film versus OldBoy.

Giancarlo Paniccia : "The form for the moon walk is off too." Savage AF.

James Roper : Wahlberg had been training for a long time for this film and the trainer is Micky wards real life trainer. He played himself in this movie

pat walsh : the pad holder from the fighter is playing himself...he actually worked in mickey wards corner

RICO GOLDSTAR : Chuck didn't just grab the wrist. He lowered his center of gravity, he shifted his leg and foot position to change his body angle, and he used a wrist lock, pressure point/pain compliance technique. He threw his opponents balance off, and used a pain compliance method to make the other guy move in the direction he wanted him to move.

RICO GOLDSTAR : next one, do raid/raid 2, John Wick, Blood Sport, Mortal Kombat, Undisputed 2, Blood and Bone, Foxcatcher, Return of The Dragon Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris

Ali's Archive : She is legit

thomelvig : I don't fully understand the Matrix critique. Morpheus is trying to show Neo, the normal laws of the universe DO NOT apply to the Matrix. You can partially ignore gravity, and you cannot run out of breath. There is no real oxygen. You are not exerting physical force, your brain is interpreting a simulation.

Chinedu Opara : Wait... you talked about Snake in the Eagle's Shadow??? That's classic kung-fu! It's meant for fun and cheesy *hilarity* , not for real combat!

FAYZA : start a youtube channel. i'd sub

NCM : Where was Jason Statham? He does a lot of fight movies too

Captain Deadpool : Rocky isn't the only person to beat the meat

dio kun : No the raid? That's the best fighting movie in recent years. :(

Androval : Alright, I won't question this miss' mastery, I highly doubt she usurped her titles. Still, I had a problem before even getting to two minutes into it: the "made up" wrist projection is "Sankyo Omote" (Third Projection, Front Form) from Aikido, and it doesn't need momentum since it just needs a bit of force on a joint to "force" the opponent to double over if he doesn't want his wrist broken... She may be very talented and strong, but she also obviously lack knowledge of styles other than hers, thus rendering the very format of this video irrelevant. Which is sad, because it was interesting and she was good at explaining. =/

diablojd52 : @ 13:32 "Penny for your thoughts." "I hate Brenda and a bad guy hit me in the shin and I peed all over my pants"

Ivan Ivan : Hi! I'm Chuck Norris! And I don't approve of this video🤜💥

Gizzy Pope : only thing I disagree with is her stance on jumping kicks. She didn't mention a jump spin kick, which creates much more momentum than a normal kick or even a spin kick. it allows for the entire weight of your body to hit the target. While yes, it can be more inaccurate you have to train to understand how to do them properly. That being said, there aren't many that are viable but those that are have a very good use.

Curtis Lame : Mc Gregor fight

Aj Jeannot : When🙏 you 🙏try 🙏and 🙏breakdown 🙏matrix 🙏fights 🙏🤦‍♂️

Lautaro Quiroga : When the girl you like is adorable af but she's actually a 5 time fighting champ. LMAO do not mess around. The explanations and demonstrations were 10/10, thanks!

Stephen Hines : No surprise that Rhonda's throw is better than Chuck's. She is an Olympic level judoka plus most of the time older movie fights don't look as good as newer

TheGorignak : I would like to see her react/review the anime "Kenichi: The World's Greatest Disciple."

Sofie Pieschel : Do a fight expert breaks down the hand-to-hand combat scenes from the Clone Wars please

yugoxgc : Seriously Charlie's Angels was a silly fun movie but Having THAT called moonwalk drove me CRAZY =_='

Yehudiel : when she's mild mannered, cute, petite and holds 5 titles in a brutal martial art <3

Logan Wolf : ok... well, the second move from the second movie (delta force 2), the "made up" move; in aikido we have something called Soto Kotegaeshi that is actually holding someone's wrist from the outside of the hand and throwing them in the air very strongly. in the scene, he is kinda mixing that hold with a bit of Shihonage (another aikido throw) and if you meet a good aikidoka, it would not be too hard to recreate. it would, however, produce A LOT of damage on the person falling, if done like in the movie. meaning that the arm (wrist, elbow and shoulder) would burst in pain and even break, the hip would fall so hard on the floor, regardless of wether the person is thrown in the air or arm-locked to the floor without elevation... so thank you stunt artist. 1:45 and i'm already not trusting her view to be 100% accurate.

Candi Soda : Million Dollar Baby is one of the coolest boxing movies. It was pretty sad too

obame : she dare comment the fight of the legendary chuck Norris.. .. .... She will be judged and punished!!!

MAHAN 195 : a Muay Thai champion, an mma fighter, all they know is about: kickboxing, BJJ, kyokushin karate, Modern wing chun, hapkido, catch wrestling, Muay Thai and American boxing. they have little to no experience and knowledge in Judo, Aikido, Krav Maga, German Jujutsu, Japanese Jujitsu, Kung Fu, Tai chi, Free style or Greco-Roman wrestling, Keysi, Taijutsu, Wushu, Defendu, Wendu and etc which all of them are unarmed martial arts let alone armed combat and street fighting techniques.

MuitoDaora : 13:35 Tell that to the army. Edit: What I mean is that the army doesn't care about the injuries soldiers can get by carrying heavy weights at their backs

XxXp00nageXxX : she is actually dead wrong about Vandame, as a muay thai ''athlete'' you should know better he was kicking a bamboo tree and that's a part of the high end training...

PrisonCipher : Shes got 16 fights under her belt and shes an amateur champion....she already has 4 losses at age 27....its fair to say women's amateur MT is a joke. While I agree with some of her assessments, running with a weighted backpack is literally the essence of Marine core and special forces training...this is where you guys should've edited that portion out. She's a fighter, not a weight training specialist.

FoolWise : I believe the Chuck Norris Seoenage that you critisized was not a seoenage but a wrist-lock throw more inspired from aikipdo/jiu-jitsu.

Dwight Schrute : The Matrix defies logic so it doesn't count.

Jeremy Anderson : It's wonderful getting to see a pro's take on these, even if a lot of the results are really unsurprising ("This actor who's never fought before this movie has bad form, but this professional MMA fighter who's doing a bit of acting has great form!") I really appreciate the extra bit of background you offer on each of the moves, especially when you demonstrate the proper form so the layperson can understand the comparison.

Candi Soda : Lol now break down Rousy's shadowboxing LOL