Cake Without Oven - AMAZING stove top cake recipe

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In The Kitchen With Jonny : babe lets make a cake in the jungle 🤣🤣. I’m speechless 😶 even though u are my friend, I’m a big fan, I swear I’m amazed of your creativity, authenticity and talent. This video made me respect you more as a baker. The cake looks so moist and amazing, even better than if it was baked in the oven.❤️😍❤️😍❤️😘😘😘

Sauce Stache : WHAAAAAAATTTTT You just blew my mind!! That looks incredible! Its perfect!! I can not wait to make this.... in the jungle!!!!

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking : That's the first time I've seen that

Pri's World : Hi Emma dear nice to c u an Ur recipe.....last Friday we really missed you....

How Tasty : This is an amazing video! Very creative and so easy to make! The cake is so moist and delicious...Jane and Tarzan will finally make a cake! :D

Mohamed Mike Fahmy : That's Amazing Emma, I Love The Creativity, Looks Amazing.

maliis maliis : Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw very very delicious I looooooooooove you Emma

Zaidi rice mills : tjis video is amazing

Acorn Bakes : Between this and the skillet brownie Julia posted this week, I’m amazed at what you can make on a stove! I want to try this just to find out if it works. Also, glad to know I’ll still be able to have cake if I end up in a jungle 🙇🏼🙏🏻🙌🏽

Homeschool Royalty : This is brilliant! I'm going to show this video to my children for Home Ec next week! I just subbed and will also be sharing this in my homeschool support group! I'm mind blown!

East Indian and Vasaikar Songs : But we can still bake it with the same Recipe. : That cake looks cute, great recipe. Liked and subbed, can you sub back?

Pri's World : I was juz waiting now to c u an Ur lovely u Emma dear

Chris McFadden : Incredible video, Emma! Such a clever master baker!

Ross Boss : this girl is fucking amazing..I could imagine going camping and Emma making cake for

Remarkable : This is fantastic method to make a cake without an oven! Like you say, you regulate the temperature for cooking the cake precisely because of the steam. This is way, way better than methods that use a pressure cooker to make cake IMO!

Vincenzos Plate : Mamma mia vhe goduria. Ciao bella how are u?

Martha Mendoza : Mmmmmh!!! Que delicia!!!

F.B. Jeffers0n : Now I want to go to the jungle to make cakes! This was such an awesome technique. How many times did you fail learning this method?

Feriel Sullivan : You are my favorite YouTuber Emma my cooking has improved so much thanks to you .I love watching your videos so much 😍😍😍😍 can you please do a video on how to make a blueberry pie and apple pie too ?

Nandini Chaudhary : hello Emma, I just wanted to take time and say that you're amazing, you make my day every single time, I just love you and your channel and your recipes 😘😍 this one was incredible too 😊

Joel Lloyd : Thanks! How'd you know I needed a jungle cake recipe? 😂

Charles Bertie : No oven just fabulous, love the lemon color hoodie🇮🇹🎂

Your food addiction TRAVEL FOOD : Definitely something to try, looks amazing 😋

Pamela Taylor : yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

Home Cooking : Excellent!👍💖💗💛💜❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘you r so yummy same r ur cakes quite detailed recipes love u😚😚😚😚.Thanks a lot!

Home Cooking : Emma u r doing great job!so sweet and lovely😍😍😍

Adam : awesome recipe i didn't think it was possible to make a cake on a stove top really cool

Joann Jacquin : I love this!! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!! Cake made on a stovetop.....who knew??

Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi : This is really revolutionary. You should get the peace Nobel prize for giving cake to the world! :P

kingtazyc1 : Hun you're a genius this a great recipe I never thought of making a cake this way! It such a wonderful cake! 😘❤️👍🏻🍰

Zahra Ali : Amazingly delicious baby thankyou so much for this idea and your voice is sooo cute like a baby the way you laugh you look beautiful too just now i subscribed you

SANCHANA C : first time I'm seeing a cake baked not in oven nor microwave nor PRESSURE COOKER u r amazing and really talented

Latoyia Sharae : Spectacular, doll!!! This is perfect for summer baking when u don't want the oven on...😍👍🏼

Bradley's Baking Bible : What wizardry is this?!?! Haha awesome recipe! Definitely need to give this technique a go 😄

Kam M77 : Hi Emma, Glad to c u back❗️❗️This is so cool but I was certain you were going to make these in a cast iron or something. ❤️learning new stuff. Thanks for sharing😘 Have a wonderful weekend👋🏼😃

ADITYA RAMESH : How do you not have 1 million subs..... Great video!

les gourmandises : OMG it's incredible, you are genius haha, amazing video, continue you're delicious recipes!!❤😘😄😃

Nana Tayang : New subscriber here Emma😊The cake looks yummy..thank u for sharing!😘

Mazhar Iqbal : Oh my God..... Emma!!! I have tried the chocolate cake in pressure cooker but due to steam the top was very wet..... But your method is the best.... I'll try it as soon as i can....

Saby Soto : That's awesome. Ruby loves the pink icing xo BRAVO !!!!!!

Aya : This video made me so happy

Melissa : You're so skilled Emma!! In every single video you teach us something new in such a positive way that I definitely want to try each of your desserts included this magical cake! It's so incredible!! I didn't believe it'd have come out so beautiful, chocolaty and moist!! 😍🍫 sei fantastica cara Emma!! 😘💗

PapaKryptoss : So cool there. I enjoyed the video very much

Pri's World : Today also no video..... feeling sad....😞

Grizzly (IBearAVlog) : I've got an oven... but I don't care: there's chocolate? I'm in😋😍 and I still can experiment. I love experimenting 😊🍰 and why not doing it in the jungle? It is always a good time for a chococake 👏💖 So as always thank you very much Emma: nice, easy, wonderful (and _chocolaticious_ indeed 😋) and very creative😉🎈

c&m : So cool thanks

Truly Epic : Awesome recipe! I had no idea there was such thing as a no bake cake. You should totally do some buzzfeed cake tests.

Carmela F : Thank you for this! I don't have an oven and now I can bake one for my son. :)

Little Kitten : How do u not have more subscribers