Cake Without Oven - AMAZING stove top cake recipe

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Sauce Stache : WHAAAAAAATTTTT You just blew my mind!! That looks incredible! Its perfect!! I can not wait to make this.... in the jungle!!!!

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking : That's the first time I've seen that

In The Kitchen With Jonny : babe lets make a cake in the jungle 🤣🤣. I’m speechless 😶 even though u are my friend, I’m a big fan, I swear I’m amazed of your creativity, authenticity and talent. This video made me respect you more as a baker. The cake looks so moist and amazing, even better than if it was baked in the oven.❤️😍❤️😍❤️😘😘😘

How Tasty : This is an amazing video! Very creative and so easy to make! The cake is so moist and delicious...Jane and Tarzan will finally make a cake! :D

Homeschool Royalty : This is brilliant! I'm going to show this video to my children for Home Ec next week! I just subbed and will also be sharing this in my homeschool support group! I'm mind blown!

Acorn Bakes : Between this and the skillet brownie Julia posted this week, I’m amazed at what you can make on a stove! I want to try this just to find out if it works. Also, glad to know I’ll still be able to have cake if I end up in a jungle 🙇🏼🙏🏻🙌🏽

Khanty Amelia : I often make cakes by steaming. It's super moist. I prefer steam cake instead of the oven one. 😄

joyce lopez : Omg this is amazing. I love cake n this cake looks absolutely delicious. Great job. Now I wanna try to make it. I love strawberry cake. Well any flavored cake🍰🎂❣

F.B. Jeffers0n : Now I want to go to the jungle to make cakes! This was such an awesome technique. How many times did you fail learning this method?

Joel Lloyd : Thanks! How'd you know I needed a jungle cake recipe? 😂

Emojie reacters And Gamers : WOW THANKS SOOOO MUCH.I thought it was impossible to make it with no oven BUT......YOU MADE IT POSSIBLE!!!!!

SANCHANA C : first time I'm seeing a cake baked not in oven nor microwave nor PRESSURE COOKER u r amazing and really talented

PamLovesEventPlanning #1 : Where did you get the double pot from with the steam holes??? I'm sure this has been asked but it's too many comments to go through plus I want to have time to look at more of your videos 😁

M.ferrea : your videos are quick and time saving 👍👀

Dani Sanchez : Omg it turned out to be really nice!!

Eu. P. : Cakes cooked in steam are actually called sponge cakes.

FitAngie : *omg I am super impressed with this method Emma. I have never seen this before and that cake looks sensational! I have to try this out one day it’s so awesome thank you girl xx*

Nadya bas : in my country this steam method , already exist from long time ago, there is no oven before

Shaw Takao : So nicely done, without oven or electric mixer! Just thought you were going to wear a pink tank top or sweater :)

Valentino Nelson : your amazing. great Baker.

Truly Epic : Awesome recipe! I had no idea there was such thing as a no bake cake. You should totally do some buzzfeed cake tests.

SuperMommyZynch : aww... isn't it not good to soak the cake pan into the water while steaming it? i only have limited pots fit my baking dome tool.

reshma jeethendra : I love emmas recipes especially cakes

Sophia Chen : That looks so professional

Malinee Wongshoppo : This is such a good idea! You are amazing! I will share this to my friends in Thailand. A lot of Thai people don't have an oven, but they still want to make cake. My friends will love to see this!

Gaia Calls : Your fun love your excitement 🤓✌🏻️🙏🏽

Rico Lewis : I am a new subscriber I like that cooking on top of the stove I'm about to try that out I know it's going to come out wonderful thank you🎂😁

Remarkable : This is fantastic method to make a cake without an oven! Like you say, you regulate the temperature for cooking the cake precisely because of the steam. This is way, way better than methods that use a pressure cooker to make cake IMO!

Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman : Can you do more "If you don't have a oven videos"?

Sanjoy Lourembam : Emma i will surely try this if i had cocoa powder and i know the place to buy it....😊👍👍👍

Ofelia Hultberg : I actually love you for putting recipes for cups AND grams ❤

Hamid IRN : 14 dislikes for what ??

Nandini Chaudhary : hello Emma, I just wanted to take time and say that you're amazing, you make my day every single time, I just love you and your channel and your recipes 😘😍 this one was incredible too 😊

the Critiq's Dispatch Arrundmund : "it's a cake guys" "it's a friggin cake!"

Melissa : You're so skilled Emma!! In every single video you teach us something new in such a positive way that I definitely want to try each of your desserts included this magical cake! It's so incredible!! I didn't believe it'd have come out so beautiful, chocolaty and moist!! 😍🍫 sei fantastica cara Emma!! 😘💗

Deadcool Shikha : You're so sweet helping everyone in their baking. God bless you for bringing smile to so many faces. Love you Emma! And thanks for such a delicious recipe yet again 😘😘

lidette711 : Your nerdy-ness has paid off!! Baking is essentially a science, and I think it's great that you tested this method out and shared it! I really want to bake like my Mom used to, but our oven has been broken for years. Thanks to your video, we just might be having homemade Christmas cake this year. :)

Adam : awesome recipe i didn't think it was possible to make a cake on a stove top really cool

Grizzly (IBearAVlog) : I've got an oven... but I don't care: there's chocolate? I'm in😋😍 and I still can experiment. I love experimenting 😊🍰 and why not doing it in the jungle? It is always a good time for a chococake 👏💖 So as always thank you very much Emma: nice, easy, wonderful (and _chocolaticious_ indeed 😋) and very creative😉🎈

AnD sPriTE : Now i can make a freaking cake!!! But i know i will mess it but thanks

Home Cooking : Emma u r doing great job!so sweet and lovely😍😍😍

Carmela F : Thank you for this! I don't have an oven and now I can bake one for my son. :)

Bilqees N : amazingly awesome like wow need to try!

Third Culture Wife : Oh wow cool! I grew up seeing this method being used and not in the jungle 😂. But rather than beans we use sand in the pots. But big thumbs up! Your videos are always fun to watch 🤙🏾

Jasmien Davies : Omg what a clever idea gained a new sub and liked the video such a clever idea thank you for sharing instructions were clear and loved the way you kept giggling made me wanna have cake gotta love baking

Harrah Abigail : This is actually perfect for people that live in rural areas of developing countries tho, not just the jungle. This is a game changer for me!

Cassandra Cronin : Wow I have never seen this before!! Incredible!

Ryan Hansen : So cool. I love all of your recipes, they are so great. Could you make a peanut butter and chocolate cake. Could you also make swiss meringue frosting with a low butter content.

emoji land : early squad

Pris World : I was juz waiting now to c u an Ur lovely u Emma dear