A cargo passes over a plunger

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remote : this is the scariest video i've seen in my entire life

Pedro Henrique Moraes Silva : one of my biggest fears

Eccentric Gamer : It's a wonder that diver didn't turn the water brown.

inn0s : looks really scary. probably really hard to not freak out.

kimmer6 : I sometimes use a plunger to push my cargo down the pipe.

Brit Gilpin : Anyone else find big ship propellers creepy asf

Valchio : I have much more respect for fish now. I couldn't deal with that on a daily basis.

Ray Miller : OMFG. Why did I watch this? As it is, I have nightmares about this kind of thing.

Mo Chubby : I thought he was rubbing his hand against the hull starting at 0:16. That would have been freaky.

Al Morrison : Isn't that really shallow water for the ship to be passing through?

André Sá : OMG! :O that propeller..

JT Blaze : If he wasn't holding onto the rope the propellor would have just sucked him up and chopped him to pieces

Devin McGauley : A cargo

Nik Coffman : Don't dive in shipping lanes lol

D33P S3A : Dude, I can't believe you're not explaining what happened to you, tell your story! incredible freaky video

Moofy : Check out my dive, that pretty intense

dlysele : That is the coolest thing I have ever seen in awhile.

AristocratJonathan : The video is fascinating, but the description is inadequate. Judging by the description, one would expect to see a video of a clogged toilet!

Adonis Marrero : Where in the heck is the safety ship with the flag on top where you can't come close to the diving site needs to stay back like 500 ft

Evan Flechsig : what was the sound bit at the end?

kh40yr : That'll make your balls itch. The freighter had a bent wheel. Could hear it. Almost got swallowed by one riding a JS650SX. Not a good time and learned a lesson.

Dave : Scary, yes. But cargo ship? The world's smallest.

Jim Williams : That water would have been much browner had I been there.


Raghav Sood : Looks like a submarine

FourSeasonsHD : Almost like from a Bond movie.

Korg : The first thing that would go through my head is where is the propeller.

MrBepis : Looks like that MW3 mission where the Russian submarine passes over the Seals

WingNuts2010 : Need to change the title as I had to watch the video just to see what you meant. Try 'A cargo ship passing over a diver' instead.

John Mark Smith : Probably a stupid question, but what is a “Plunger”?

TSA. Steve : too wigly

B VLampe : This is either really stupid of the diver or highly illegal of the cargo ship. Either way, a situation that is NOT supposed to happen.

Dachshund Enterprises : Did you have a dive flag on the surface? If you did, you could press charges

Ed Sunderland : Wow, that was close!

Finn : coolest dinner party story goes to..

justgjt : Darwinism at work

TheJohno25 : Thats The most amazing thing I've ever seen!

Pravish Kuttickat : Crapped my pants... damn that's scary.

Scott Anderson : F**k that!!!!!

Josh Lowery : I've watched boats pass by within 5 or 6 meters not a tanker just wow first of all.. second.. Jesus someone missed a safety step lol should have never happened.

Walker Glover : Noooooope I got submechanaphobia and would have rather died than get. That close

Foxyaway Fox : How was your ears after that?

The ANACONDA : Thats really fucking scary right there

Tyler Hensley : I just peed a little watching this!

Leopard 2A6 : I don't care who you are that would be cool to see. As long as you stay safe like this diver did.

Brian Martin : Oh hell to the no!!

tibor29 : Sooo where is the plunger? Am I the only one really confused by the title of this video?

Barsabus : You can't see shit

Muscle Shark : no no no non NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Jagger Draws! : I don't dive, so this is probably a stupid question, but why is this so dangerous? Does the propeller suck you in or something? If so, doesn't that kill a ton of marine life like sharks and dolphins?