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Comments from Youtube

HoldMyBeer : ... I never hated and loved one character as much as him. :DD

Metal Man : My cat's reaction when the food in his bowl isn't centered.

Sam Martin : Whenever Tumblr sees someone breathing.

TdwtSierraFan : I drank lemonade while watching this...

victor rafael : tumblr's reaction to anything.

Shiro Infires : When ur crush isnt looking in your direction

eerereps : when you're fapping and WiFi disconnects...

DisAccountIsDed : My reaction when I lost my WiFi connection.

NerfedFalcon : The new Youtube redesign. Every Youtube redesign, actually.

Gmm4000 : 1.pause 2.put 0.25 speed 3.play

painehtz52 : That moment when Lemongrab finds out he is not part of Every Villain Is Lemons.

Earl Lemongrab : UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Crusader Nikolai : When you read fanfiction about your favorite character

Lemongrab : When someone proves you wrong

Demotana : Internet's reaction to opposite opinions.

Andree Tungcab : when your near a pokestop then it sys no internet connection

MC Gargamel : First off; My physics teacher has an awesome sense of humor. A few weeks before summer holidays he gave us an exercise sheet he created on his own and I instantly noticed a few spelling mistakes. I told my friend, who was sitting right next to me. We were sitting in the very front, so obviously he noticed and he was just like; I'm hearing right now that I made a few spelling mistakes. Like this one bla bla bla and this one. All of you correct that please. Because this is...' And I just replied pretty loud; Uneccaptable ! I swear I almost made him laugh. :D

leonardo luiz lima : yellow D after peridot called her a clod

Steven Dolce : Classic Cartoon Network Fans after seeing the New Boomerang.

Tony Lawliet : The release of Batman Arkham Knight on PC.

ameera bae : I keep replaying this omg I need help 😂

Heinz Doofenshmirtz : When Ash lost the Kalos League.

DynamiteDancer102 : Donald Trump is in UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION! UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Taylor Ball : when your moblie device has no wifi


ChimChim : My reaction to Eren x Levi

Moonbow Dew : 1. press 2 repeatedly 2. now everything is ACCEPTABBLLLEEEEEEEEEE

BlueMageDanny : I just started playing Bravely Default and every time Agnes says "Unacceptable" I hear it in this guy's voice.

MrZsc : my opinion on society

Peejay Bee : Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate...

Ok. : this video is not in 1080p UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

Aidan Reppert : My reaction to these comments

Cloud Striker : The Background Noise in the last half second.

Ishy OQGX : If Gabe confirms that HL3 will never happen.

Big Meech! : because the internet 

Levi Strong : 2.3 Million Views?!? 10 k likes?!?

Nathan Oborne : Should we let this bull in here? UNACCEPT THE BULL!!!

dagi : >mfw letters in my mathwork >mfw 4kids stopped dubbing Pokémon >mfw Google+ took over Youtube >mfw

Sailor Italy : He sounds like an angelic choir that's singing baby harp seals to sleep

I VisiBomb I : if you press 2, it becomes acceptable!

DraxWar : Im going to edit this so he screams for 20 seconds. #NewRingTone

Nayan Something : me every time i see pinecest

SooZoodimp : Set it up as a sound for PC when shouting down ...

SoggyTuna : when a moderator reads you're creepy pasta on creepypastawiki

BlueMageDanny : Agnés Oblige in a nutshell.

KJ Setser : That moment when a video buffers.

bowtiesarecool91011 : 149 dislikes? UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!

Ghost Ion : My thoughts when I played LittleBigPlanet Karting and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Jayu in 3D : When the shipping and handling is more than 3 dollars