Breaking Bad Finale Breakdown | MythBusters
Mythbusters test Walter Whites homemade autonomous machine gun from the series finale of Breaking Bad

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Adam and Jamie take on one of the biggest TV myths around, Walter White's booby trap from the Breaking Bad series finale. Catch all new episodes of MYTHBUSTERS Saturdays at 8/7c on Discovery: Watch full episodes! Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Check out some classic MythBusters testing results:


fooloof : I wanna see them do an episode where they try to assassinate ten prison inmates within two minutes.

Anthony Griffin : "All the necessary parts are available - automatic door opener, screws and bolts, M60 machine gun..." Only in the USA!

spookycookies : I also want to know if it's a myth that you can dissolve a kid in a barrel of acid. Mythbusters can you help us out? It's gotta be a real kid too, don't cut corners!

Pears are Healthy : Don't Vince sound a lot like Badger?

shon s : you don't say "spoiler alert" after you said the spoilers...

BigGuy4u : Dude whats wrong with you kids in africa could've eaten those bullets.

Chakib Tsouli : Pretty much anything in Breaking Bad was plausible. The show was so scientifically accurate.

KingKarrit : nothing makes me more sad than the fact that they never tested the evidence room super magnet from the season premiere.

DragonBat362 : A homemade gun turret? Perfect home defense against zombies, vandalizing kids, and dogs.

Lucius Vorenus : The guy could produce the purest meth both sides of the border. Of course he could have created a simpler rotational mechanism

Aeig : Making meth in a mobile RV, next myth to bust. Only way to tell for sure is to see how good the final product is by trying it then start selling it. Expand the Mythbuster blue crystal territory and see if becoming rich by being a meth dealer destroys everyones life in the process. Plausible?

KKortez : Which were the other Breaking Bad myths tested?

Devastator941 : Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!

merp derp : Lol Vince Sounds like badger

TragicGreek : I smiled just seeing the gun actually swivel, brb watching final ep of Breaking Bad again

Piratze : Vince Gilligan should definitely make a new series

TopDog69 : Haha, I love that they gave Vince the title of "Living Legend".

Daddy's Flipside : Breaking Bad spoilers in a video called "Breaking Bad Finale Breakdown"? No way!

Kenny Tee : But did the side of the trunk of the car catch on fire like it did in the BB episode from the heat of gunfire?

Elijah Miller : I love how the spoilers were in the first 20 seconds of the video

parada med : Vince is badgers brother? Lol

haggyadaszt : TIL that Lord "Littlefinger" Baelish wrote Breaking Bad! :)

MrPawno : Dat laugh at 1:04

MrMongoose221 : Man the real machine gun sounds so much better and fires so much faster in real life, if they had added that kinda affect int here it would have been more epic.

ethanSADTP : This is for the 1% of the people that actually didn't like the finale because of the unbelievability of that scene! Even i had my doubts but it was still awesome, but now it is also plausible. Breaking Bad is awesome and now that i know that would've actually worked i can give the finale a 10/10 instead of a 9.5. God i miss that show. Vince is like 'i came up with that monstrosity!'

Cyndi Clinton : I miss you Mr White!

DFKnightmare : I re-watched the entire show, just to enjoy the final episode again.

sashabond79 : I remember, watching that machine gun scene in final episode i used to think "myhtbusters should check this" and here it is))

Sportjunky4371 : Am i the only one who thought Vince kinda sounds like badger?

David Popoviciu : Vince got so excited lol. As if he wasn't there when they filmed BrBa.

Bamba Zillah : *You're GOD DAMN right* it's plausible.

bob boberson : Talk about spray and pray

Caio Espínola : 1:02 the laugh of a maniac

Parker Brye : So it actually worked BETTER in real life than in the show!

jmua04 : Vince Gilligan is the most down to earth celebrity out there.

Nico Marquez15 : VINCE GILLIGAN - LIVING LEGEND *you're goddamn right*

BuckSlinger02 : So I can buy a M-60 at a local store?


chrisalix the one : Vince... thank u 4 Breaking Bad!!!

STALKER01100 : Where Epizod with big magnet?

Stef Blok : Yeah mythbusters, Yeah sience

Gabriel Acevedo : Nothing like a epic, awesome and realistic ending for this masterpiece.

:P :D : 1:04 that laugh

Kevinator _ : trunk should be closed at the start...his keychain popped the trunk that set off the gun

loki : I did it for The family

Daily Derpin : I was like if only Vince saw this, then I saw Vince! I was like Holy Shit! What a legend!

Mr. CARMINE : It's PLAUSIBLE that Walt survived the ordeal 🤷🏼‍♂️

C.S.R : Lydia, are you feeling under the weather? Like you got the flu? That was the ricin I slipped in that stevia crap you like to put in your tea.

n NiC K m : Vince kinda sounds like Badger