Why Are There So Many Trans Women In Thailand? | ASIAN BOSS
Why Are There So Many Trans Women In Thailand ASIAN BOSS

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Osuman AAA : Reporter: How often do you see ladyboys? Citizens: Not that often, I only saw 2 today.... To someone like me who only saw like 2 or 3 in his whole life, that does sound like an "often" thing :D

Jason W : Plot Twist. They accidentally interview a lady boy not realizing lol

Delilah Jones : I lived in Thailand for 5 months. I definitely saw more ladyboys. They were accepted. I was told it was because Buddhists consider it a positive if you are experience two genders in one lifetime, but only if you go from male to female, not female to male. Notice that none of this video was about women transitioning to men...

Sayuri Willis : A confusing and layered concept of woke

SUKANYA PURTELL : I love Thailand. I grew up in a small village and back in the days we had gays and ladyboys in our town and Thai ppl was ok with it didn’t care at all as long as you are good human that’s all that matter

Awang Budiman : "I only saw two today." Bruh, that's already a lot. lol.

Cat's Meow : I love how progressive Thailand seems, but this left me wondering about the experience of trans men there!

Emil Kingsley : They say that they only see two or so a day, but the thing is that you not always know when someone is a trans, sometimes they look extremely like the opposite sex and you'll never find out just by looking. So if they catch two, most probably they've already seen 4.

Potatoes and Tomatoes : Wow. Thailand is much more opening and accepting than what I thought.. it changed my perception..

Achaemenes of Persia : This language sounds so cute. I wanna learn it.

uiop2k7 : To me it's just unfair that Thailand is perceived mostly like "the land of sex tourism for foreigners with guilty pleasures" rather than the place of tolerance with hospitable people, exquisite food, unique culture and history that truly is.

Once Upon A Blink : Good for Thailand it sounds like transgender people are treated very nicely over there I’m sure they have issues there always stupid people but still good for Thailand

yuni sara : i really admire how thai people think

Just Another Aroha! : I think it's a bit unfair that Thailand is "just known" for the "sex tourism for foreigners" ... They have so humble people, good food, wonderful nature and culture, so many legends and history~ Please keep that in your mind too~ I am so happy, that people can show who they are in Thailand! It makes me very happy to hear that~

Incognito Writer : 09:52 She can have sex through another way, through the ears... What a good question and great answer! LOLS So cute. Appreciate this.

Merit R : As a Thai I never understand what the big fuss with Bruce Jenner coming out as trans, like they gave her awards, call her brave, etc. Some celebrities in Thailand have been openly trans for like 3 decades already, lol.

Khaffit : wow this was the first ladyboy that didn't look like trash very natural she looks very happy, just like the other guys said xD

Jordan Tyler : “Are you a woman or transgender” b o t h b i t c h

ARC VIEWS : They look extra??? Like having extra legs 😂 3 to be specific

ขวัญชัย วงศ์ขจรไพบูลย์ : สิ่งหนึ่งที่อยากให้รู้ กระเทยประเทศพม่า,ลาว,เขมร,เวียตนามมุ่งมาใช้ชีวิตในเมืองไทย ซึ่งพวกเขามีอิสระในการแสดงออกกว่าอยู่บ้านเกิด จำนวนมากแฝงตัวหาเงินในแหล่งท่องเที่ยวไทย จึงทำให้มีเพศที่3 มีมากในประเทศเรา

BAKERSMAN : Many interview shows appear to question only narrow-minded, uneducated people but the people on your video appeared open-minded and able to express well thought out opinions.  Thank you for doing such a quality job with your videos.

Calum Stenner : 6:30 "Yes, I have. It was dark, at a club"... famous last words

Dolce Vida : My bucket list goal is to visit Thailand 🇹🇭 I loooove the food, culture and the people!!.. hope me and my love make it out there one day soon ♥️♥️ 🙏🏼

Amrutha ashokan : This host is so gorgeous..

erick douglas : And what about the male transgenders? are they equally too visible in Thailand?

Dr.h luvs art : This is not as relevant but I'd like to direct your attention to the biceps at 2:44 in the background, just a PSA

yer da man : They be like yeah I see 1 or 2 .. Me: the hell were you doing ...wink wink

may chan : I just don't agree treating trans women as if they're somehow less than other women. But its a good video, I like how they respect lgbtq comunity, because among asian countries most are still close minded towards us :(

Vironnikka : 3:33 “Well it’s not so much that we’re more accepting of it but rather we were never explicitly against it.” For some reason I like this mindset much better. 👍

Hai Paw : This video show that there is still hope for humanity. Do you know why this people in the video so respectful to other being? Because their god tell them to not to hate and be good to people.

Nora : Do more on Thailand ... would love to impress my Thai man with knowledge of his mother’s country.

N Schweiz : To Thai speakers: why does the transgender interviewee say "wabub" alot?

Bucherviews : This is what I like about Thai culture - they're so chill and just let people live their own lives. I've got really into Thai drama series lately and the fact that there are often LGBTQ people just around as side characters (or main characters in some) is really refreshing to see in an Asian country.

RN : This is nice.... I see that Thais are tolerant towards trans. Their view is neutral, non-discriminating and accepting... which is not common in many Asian countries.

slaanghoul : Yes there are many lady boys / transgender in Thailand .... more than anyplace in the world. I am a Thai / American and lived in both countries and traveled the world and yes... the rate of lady boys is very high. It is funny that the people in the video say that there are not many lady boys in Thailand "I only saw one or two today" ... that is VERRY HIGH. Compare to most country or places in the world... You might never see one in your life or may be once a month (all depends on your location or country).... Thai are just used to lady boy and just think that seeing one or two a day is not many... that is a lot.

Miss Mina : Thank you for this video. Love Asian Boss! Every country means something a little different to every person. To me, Thailand is home to friendly locals and amazing food. You'll see way more street food carts than you see ladyboys on the street. Most of the time anyways.

Blackfriars FFC : Interesting perspectives. Thanks for the video and your continued series work.

Julie Waninger : Their mentality is much more advanced than the US. Even older people are accepting.

Rei : So many westerners would be shocked by their opinions. It's almost like someone else's gender isn't any of their business or concern.

Miracles Happen : I think this video is heavily biased because it only talks about male to female transgenders but totally forget about the female to male transgenders who are becoming more and more popular in Thailand thanks to their appearance in TV shows. Thailand has plenty of ladyboys but also tomboys (I don't like these labels but this is what they are called in Thailand). What impresses me the most about Thailand is that transgenders of both types are totally integrated in society, you can see them working in shops, restaurants or shopping malls and nobody cares: this is an example every country should follow. However, a Thai lesbian told me that when it comes to homosexuality, gay women are heavily discriminated against and many girls attempt suicide because they don't know how to face their families. Yes, an open society which favors the male born gender for some reason, still outstanding but there is a long way to go before achieving complete equality for all!

少女ゴミ : I used to live in a a big city in Thailand! I almost saw 7-10 lady boys everyday! Kinda miss Thailand tho :(

Donavon Ho : It would be cool to interview more than one trans. I'm sure they have different experiences.

Morimoto : I've been to Thailand recently. I thought there would be more ladyboy but maybe I was just not at the right place.

michael misantrope : I love the thai language its so feminine sounding the language but also sounds beautiful

Aaron Marks : I'm so proud of you Thailand 💗💜💗💜💗

Sara : Watching this after watching the vid about ''what do the koreans think about LGTB+?'' .......the difference omg it's a great surprise

Kalana Herath : We had a transgendered mayor in Sri Lanka where I'm from, and our Buddhist culture is very similar to that of Thailand. That's why we're all so accepting of all different types of people

ShewithBathsoap : Not that we have more LGBT. It’s because we accepts them so they can be themselves

David Hammer : One of the best vlogs I've seen. It was informative, even-handed, well-produced, and had excellent sub-titles when people spoke Thai. Keep up the good work!