Why Are There So Many Trans Women In Thailand? | ASIAN BOSS

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Asian Boss : We are excited to have our first street-interview video from Thailand. Special thanks to Praew and Team Thailand for making it happen. We have an in-depth one-on-one interview with a ladyboy coming up so stay tuned, subscribe to Asian Boss and turn on the notification. Thanks, everybody!

Vironnikka : 3:33 “Well it’s not so much that we’re more accepting of it but rather we were never explicitly against it.” For some reason I like this mindset much better. 👍

Ian Hargis : "Today I only saw two" Two more than I have ever seen in my life.

The Siamese : This is how thai parents teaches us "you can be anything but just be a good person" Edits:oh god so many likes how did i got lots of likes so quick like this and i never have so much likes like this *tears up*

Lookgate supitchaya : I'm a ladyboy In Thailand, we have equal rights and liberties. We have the education, knowledge, ability. We have a career as a woman and a man. Thai society is more open to LGBT. But there are also many Thai people who do not understand and do not like us. They have the right not to like us. But they have no right to insult or show bad behavior to us. Because we have equal rights with them.

Karma Kenzo : To all the Thai people, please stop idolizing foreigners so much, you all have a wonderful country and culture.

Awang Budiman : "I only saw two today." Bruh, that's already a lot. lol.

David Lerh : Why are there so many lady boys and prostitutes in Thailand? - well if that is what you focus on then that is what you see ... Thailand is more than that ...

Belle Chalisa : Just wanna point out, Asian Boss, the interviewer girl used this term "ตุ๊ด" to call transgender people and it is not ok. There are many terms for transgender people in Thai, but that word is usually considered offensive to them (hell, it sounds offensive to me and I'm a straight woman). Great content for the vid, but do better research next time.

Awesome Alie : In Thailand, they do not have a third gender restrooms, they do not have claases regarding gender fluid. They only have men and women restrooms. They are knowledgeable that their are gays and transgender. I think these people are ore comfortable about their countrymen, that when one becomes gay or transgender it is accepted. Plus it is good business to other foreigners. Helps family to earn money.

Hoàng Kim Việt : I didn't know the word "ladyboy" until watching this video :-0

User Name : I'm sure it wasn't the intention but this video comes across as so disrespectful, trans women are not drag queens or freak shows they are women.

Jizzii : เกลียดพวกฝรั่งที่ มาเที่ยวอาศัยอยู่แค่แถว พัทยา และแถว ซอย.นานา ไม่เปิดตาดูที่อื่นแล้วมาคอมเม้นว่า เป็นเมืองกระหรี่โลก เพราะพวกมึงไปอยู่ในดงกระหรี่เอง

Lovely Planet tv : Nice video. I`m from the UK but have lived in Bangkok for 3 years. This is one of the things I enjoy about Thailand, the people here seem to just accept this transgender thing instead of being looked down on as would happen in lots of other counties, including those so called 'developed' countries in the west. I must admit I try and stay away from the tourists here because they are the ones who shout about THAILAND BEING FULL OF LADYBOYS TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. It is probably true that Thailand has no more ladyboys than anywhere else, it is just that they are allowed to be open about it and don`t lock it away.

Yee Rattakorn Y. : I am Thais. I can say that Most of Thai people are really opened-mind about LGBT even in elder person. Or at least try to learn and understand. In my case, my father-in-law is a soldier who has served the military for many years, a tough guy who is 100% Thai masculine. He loves Muay Thai, Boxing, Shooting or even animal fight. However, his son (my wife's brother) was a lady boy and he became gay later. You can tell that this was an extreme case. Yes it was in the first place. Their relationship was not so good. Progressively, the father learned and accepted. Currently, they are going out, hanging out together. I, myself, graduated from all-boy school. There are ladyboys and gays overthere. We can be friend. We played soccer together. Some trans in our country know Muay Thai very well.

Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] : Short answer: they are doing it for the gay tourist money

SUKANYA PURTELL : I love Thailand. I grew up in a small village and back in the days we had gays and ladyboys in our town and Thai ppl was ok with it didn’t care at all as long as you are good human that’s all that matter

paramita wulandari : I’m sure they are many ladyboys too in every countries, but they’re hidden in closets. Thailand gave them freedom so it looks like they have the most ladyboys.

rj contreras : I hope the next topic was ,why there's so many koreans did the plastic surgery

chaerin queen : I wish my country would be as open-minded as thailand, unfortunaly, Brazil is the country that kills the most lgbtq+ people in the world per year, 1 person every 19 hours.

도깨비 신부 : Thailand seems like a chill country definitely one of my must visit countries on my list!!!

Amama Riaz : I just want to appreciate Thailand for the reason that they accept everyone😊

Once Upon A Blink : Good for Thailand it sounds like transgender people are treated very nicely over there I’m sure they have issues there always stupid people but still good for Thailand

Gonzalo Afable : It's not in the Volume of Ladyboys that Thailand became famous, it is because of how beautiful they are. Thailand has more Beautiful gays than any other country for one Factor "Public Acceptance". Thailand is more lenient in accepting compared to other countries. My country the Philippines has lotsa of gays, but their are certain parts of our country and only "some places" view them as a nuisance. Which is a bit sad, I think.

Achaemenes of Persia : This language sounds so cute. I wanna learn it.

야한생활 Y&A's daily life in Korea : "Its not that we are more accepting, but we were never against it" Yes. This is it.

IZaubermausI : Wether there are more transgenders in Thailand than in other countries or not - Thailand can be proud of being so tolerant to transgenders and tomboys!!! I love it.

Oh yeah yeah : Im moving to Thailand , i dont care anymore.

BenjaminFranklin99 : It might be circular - more public acceptance leads to more with the inclination to become ladyboys doing so, and more ladyboys are visible because they are more accepted. Kindness is the greatest virtue. _/\_

Kota Ishijima : I’m a transgender actress/musician in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve had my surgery in Thailand. Love the country and the nature of Thai.

uiop2k7 : To me it's just unfair that Thailand is perceived mostly like "the land of sex tourism for foreigners with guilty pleasures" rather than the place of tolerance with hospitable people, exquisite food, unique culture and history that truly is.

Alfred Romeo : The first transgender I ever saw was one evening in Soho, London around about 1978. I remember feeling quite startled and a little uneasy as I had never seen a transgender before, I was obviously quite wet behind the ears to such matters. Now as a frequent traveller to Thailand I see them all the time, whether they are walking the streets or working in bars/shops etc, and generally have found them to be quite friendly, fun loving and outgoing.

JohnnyHulk99 : In Japan more than half of population are gay undercover married with women.

bunnyfreakz : Thai languange is so weird, it's like they speak with their nose.

Anny Mazzyka : I'm proud to be Thai and love my country.

Osuman AAA : Reporter: How often do you see ladyboys? Citizens: Not that often, I only saw 2 today.... To someone like me who only saw like 2 or 3 in his whole life, that does sound like an "often" thing :D

Ethan M : Most Thai people are too busy working and putting foods on the table, they don't have the time to think about anything else.

selina Newman : Thailand is popular with old men they come here to get a Thai bride

oremfrien : How would Thai people react to a transman? I ask because although there is a long history of ladyboys/kathoey in Thailand, there is no history of transmen and I am inclined to believe that the acceptance has more to do with the longevity of the tradition than some modern LGBTQ openness.

Javi Ruiz : I'm gay and I still don't get it! But people feel the same about me. I just don't judge and to be honest don't really care. We are all humans and as long as you are not racist or a thief or killer I'm cool with you.

Piriya J : As a Thai this is hard to explain. I don’t believe all of us are that open-minded, but we are just not hostile. Like some Thai people (esp older generations) may not accept it fully, but they don’t do anything against it because it’s not right to meddle with someone else’s life. Same goes for religions or political thoughts we don’t agree with, we try to say nothing and mind our own business. It is not freedom/equality of all genders here but more like respect/distance/ no conflict approach to keep the peace of our society. Offensive things in your mind should stay only in your mind. And to be honest, it’s far far farrrr more worrying for people when they have a lazy irresponsible son rather than a ladyboy son.

may chan : I just don't agree treating trans women as if they're somehow less than other women. But its a good video, I like how they respect lgbtq comunity, because among asian countries most are still close minded towards us :(

Megan Smith : I love Thailand , and the people are so awesome

Gin Se : so much negativity in comment section lol I just don't understand why some people hate Thailand so much?

dorky hobi : I'm just glad they accept/tolerate it.

Bobby Ang : I want to retire in Thailand. Such a wonderful country. I love my country Malaysia, but we have 60 years of corrupt politicians and practices to clear off with our new government. The religious and racial divides created by the previous government has indoctrinated many sectors of our people. I'm sure one day we can be as cool as the Thais, we're neighbours at the end of the day. :)

splashy 76 : Plot twist: Everyone getting interviewed are ladyboys!!!

Chazy East : Look extra while his gf has purple hair XD

erick douglas : And what about the male transgenders? are they equally too visible in Thailand?

qjtvaddict : Some ladyboys are ladyboys of culture and have good taste in women not all are only into men