Why Are There So Many Trans Women In Thailand? | ASIAN BOSS

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Asian Boss : We are excited to have our first street-interview video from Thailand. Special thanks to Praew and Team Thailand for making it happen. We have an in-depth one-on-one interview with a ladyboy coming up so stay tuned, subscribe to Asian Boss and turn on the notification. Thanks, everybody!

Vironnikka : 3:33 “Well it’s not so much that we’re more accepting of it but rather we were never explicitly against it.” For some reason I like this mindset much better. 👍

Bobby Ang : I want to retire in Thailand. Such a wonderful country. I love my country Malaysia, but we have 60 years of corrupt politicians and practices to clear off with our new government. The religious and racial divides created by the previous government has indoctrinated many sectors of our people. I'm sure one day we can be as cool as the Thais, we're neighbours at the end of the day. :)

Piriya J : As a Thai this is hard to explain. I don’t believe all of us are that open-minded, but we are just not hostile. Like some Thai people (esp older generations) may not accept it fully, but they don’t do anything against it because it’s not right to meddle with someone else’s life. Same goes for religions or political thoughts we don’t agree with, we try to say nothing and mind our own business. It is not freedom/equality of all genders here but more like respect/distance/ no conflict approach to keep the peace of our society. Offensive things in your mind should stay only in your mind. And to be honest, it’s far far farrrr more worrying for people when they have a lazy irresponsible son rather than a ladyboy son.

The Other Side : *Buddhism. That's the reason why Thai people don't spend their lives judging others or trying to impose their ideas on others.*

Hoàng Kim Việt : I didn't know the word "ladyboy" until watching this video :-0

RockSolitude : "There aren't that many, walking around I only saw 2 today". In most countries it's 2 a year lol

Evil Evan : As a Westerner who has lived in Thailand 15 years, I gotta say that yes, there are indeed way more ladyboys in Thailand than anywhere else. It's one of the things I like about Thai culture so much - they are so easy going and accepting (in general). Nobody tries to shove their religion down your throat. The only Bible thumpers I've seen in Thailand were Americans (literally thumping the bible and preaching at the sinners in the red light district).

Thanapat Pairoh : I'm Thai woman (100%woman). My country,we are open for LGBT. And we respect each other for what other people want to be. And if they change their sex,we also support them and treat them in appropriate way too. So I think this is why my country has many transgenders. Because they don't have to hide what they truly are. PS.I have many friends those are LGBT and they are good friends for me. I love them.;)

Lookgate supitchaya : I'm a ladyboy In Thailand, we have equal rights and liberties. We have the education, knowledge, ability. We have a career as a woman and a man. Thai society is more open to LGBT. But there are also many Thai people who do not understand and do not like us. They have the right not to like us. But they have no right to insult or show bad behavior to us. Because we have equal rights with them.

도깨비 신부 : Thailand seems like a chill country definitely one of my must visit countries on my list!!!

markv1 : One of the main reasons is that Buddhism doesn't hold homosexuality as a sin the way Judeo-Christian-Islamic values do. Before Judeo-Christian values spread through the Western world, homosexuality and men or boys acting like women was wide-spread and generally tolerated through the Ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, etc. But after Christianity spread, it became a big sin and when Islam came from the same roots, it spread as well. Parts of India and South East Asia and Far East are the only areas that are not dominated (with some exceptions) by Judeo-Christian-Islamic values.

Divo Galindra : Thai is definitely one of the warmest and kindest people in the world

Big Animated mator : This is how thai parents teaches us "you can be anything but just be a good person"

Karma Kenzo : To all the Thai people, please stop idolizing foreigners so much, you all have a wonderful country and culture.

Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] : Short answer: they are doing it for the gay tourist money

BeautiFool : I think every country has lot of transgenders/ladyboys/gays as many as Thailand does. They just can’t express themselves fully because of many circumstances.

Falaqie Nila : I never understand men who say "coward like a transgenders". Transgenders are one of bravest people.

hope dean : 3:12 - 3:26 sums up pretty well. I'm half-Thai and it pisses me off so much that people just associate Thailand with ladyboys and joke about how Thai women are actually all men. Thailand has an amazing, interesting, rich history and unique traditions and customs and all they can focus on is the fact that we seemingly have a lot of transgender people when in reality it's the same as any other country. The reason it seems like more is because people are more free to express themselves in Thailand and there's not really a homophobic/transphobic culture

Chilaka_ : The reason would be that for some reason Thailand is the only asian country that is more accepting towards em and allows its people to be who the want and are. Yeah they might not all support it but they dont go out and tel ppl yall wrong. They go w it. Pretty cool ppl in Thailand tbh. I hope the rest of asia too one day will remove that stigma that its not ok because it is ok it is ok to be yourself. They slaying yall.

Osuman AAA : Reporter: How often do you see ladyboys? Citizens: Not that often, I only saw 2 today.... To someone like me who only saw like 2 or 3 in his whole life, that does sound like an "often" thing :D

projectnicky CH : It's sometimes unfair that some people see Thailand as a place for sex tourists looking for guilty pleasure. They don't recognize our country as the land filled with history, exquisite food and a unique culture. I'm really sad that they ignore these factors.

T. C? : Thailand is a beautiful place, wonderful culture, wonderful accepting people. I do know & the government & police have been trying very hard to shut it down, but there are horrible forced sex rings that include women, men & children. A lot of wealthy child molestors come here. There is anothet country know for it as well but I can't think of the name. The good thing is that the government is working very hard to find & arrest these people. I know a person who went over & brought over pictures of children sitting in men's laps. I hope they get it under control.

David Lerh : Why are there so many lady boys and prostitutes in Thailand? - well if that is what you focus on then that is what you see ... Thailand is more than that ...

drshoexu : visited thailand this year for my honeymoon, amazing place, people are super friendly and foods are delicious. we had a great time there.

Y&A's daily life in Korea야한생활 : "Its not that we are more accepting, but we were never against it" Yes. This is it.

Lonex : They so seem so chill with sexuality etc. in Thailand, that must be why they produce so many good BL dramas lol In China they ban (some of) them, in Korea there’s a small number of them, and in Japan it’s mostly just manga, and even then it’s looked down upon and made only for “rotten girls” So it’s refreshing to see that (at least from my perspective) Thailand is generally more open minded! I was once on a holiday with my family and we visited Koh Samui, Krabi and Bangkok, at one point we went to a “ladyboy” show and it was absolutely AMAZING! So much fun!

Sdwhsms 7 : Don’t know about other but I use to live in Thailand and seeing gay/ trans are normal thing to me so I never questioned until I came to America where I learn that it’s not “ normal “ for some people and they think it’s bad.

Lovely Planet tv : Nice video. I`m from the UK but have lived in Bangkok for 3 years. This is one of the things I enjoy about Thailand, the people here seem to just accept this transgender thing instead of being looked down on as would happen in lots of other counties, including those so called 'developed' countries in the west. I must admit I try and stay away from the tourists here because they are the ones who shout about THAILAND BEING FULL OF LADYBOYS TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. It is probably true that Thailand has no more ladyboys than anywhere else, it is just that they are allowed to be open about it and don`t lock it away.

grn_ appls7 : Bit misleading. I thought the interview would focus on why more transgender people feel free to be who they are in Thailand. When I was in Thailand the sense I got was that the Thai people didn't really treat transgender/ladyboys much differently and found it interesting and respect-worthy. I don't know why the interviewer focused on why foreigners know Thailand to have a lot of transgender people or why foreigners see that. That makes it seem like it's a negative thing, like oh the foreigners are only focusing on that aspect of Thailand which is completely not true. Or that Thai people have to try to explain or defend this. I actually think Thai people's open-mindedness about transgender culture was awesome. I may be ignorant to internal social issues since I don't live in Thailand but I feel like the piece could have done a better job of making Thailand's acceptance of transgender a positive thing that other countries should learn from.

uiop2k7 : To me it's just unfair that Thailand is perceived mostly like "the land of sex tourism for foreigners with guilty pleasures" rather than the place of tolerance with hospitable people, exquisite food, unique culture and history that truly is.

Jiann Tyng Cheow : Glad to see Asian Boss doing more interviews in Thailand nowadays. Hope to see more interviews from south east Asia - I’m from Malaysia, but it’ll be great to hear more from our neighbors in Indonesia, Vietnam etc as well. While the rise of Japan, Korea and China has grabbed the attention of the world, I think south east Asia will have an equally important role to play in the near future - we are located at the crossroads of global trade, we are super diverse, we have huge populations that dwarf western nations, and our culture & politics are vibrant.

Leaholea : Why is this perceived as something negative? A culture with many transgender people shows me that in general the country is very open and non-judgmental, which leads people to feel freer to express themselves. This is an amazing quality and Thailand should not be ashamed of it

helmsdeep84 : buddhism=reincarnation, hey they must be women in their past lives...ok, that might be oversimplifying things...

rj contreras : I hope the next topic was ,why there's so many koreans did the plastic surgery

RN : This is nice.... I see that Thais are tolerant towards trans. Their view is neutral, non-discriminating and accepting... which is not common in many Asian countries.

natchakai barbie : อะไรก็ก็เรียกตุ๊ด กระเทยเค้าไม่มีนางไหนนะที่อยากได้ยินคำว่าตุ๊ด เรียกกระเทยยังดีเสียอีก พิธีกรควรรับทราบด้วย

East Mercier : แม่งก็มีทุกที่ในโลกปะวะ เมิงทำให้เป็น media อย่างเค้าว่ากันเองอะ ละเมิงเลิกใช้คำว่าตุ๊ดที ขนาดกุผู้ชายฟังกุยังรู้สึกถึง discrimination

IZaubermausI : Wether there are more transgenders in Thailand than in other countries or not - Thailand can be proud of being so tolerant to transgenders and tomboys!!! I love it.

Ahava : As a woman, i have yet had a gay man who is tranitoning or identifies as a wman explain what a woman feels like. Cause outside of my bioligy, we don't feel like anything

Merit R : As a Thai I never understand what the big fuss with Bruce Jenner coming out as trans, like they gave her awards, call her brave, etc. Some celebrities in Thailand have been openly trans for like 3 decades already, lol.

"Real Selling" by Jevon : Saw the title and knew I had to go straight to the comments lol

Avi Kaushik : Its good that Thailand respect lgbt community well....but there is a problem for straight people who are tourists mostly...because we always confused now whom to date or sex with🤔

Alfred Romeo : The first transgender I ever saw was one evening in Soho, London around about 1978. I remember feeling quite startled and a little uneasy as I had never seen a transgender before, I was obviously quite wet behind the ears to such matters. Now as a frequent traveller to Thailand I see them all the time, whether they are walking the streets or working in bars/shops etc, and generally have found them to be quite friendly, fun loving and outgoing.

Nasra Abdinasir : this is first time I am hearing this word "ladyboy" never knew there was something like this

Rei : So many westerners would be shocked by their opinions. It's almost like someone else's gender isn't any of their business or concern.

Ian Hargis : "Today I only saw two" Two more than I have ever seen in my life.

cedric ver : because you only lived once, so why not

NTH THN : Wow they're so accepting! Imagine if the US were like this!

Kalvin One : Thailand is the best country in the world. people are so respectful and everyone enjoy the life as they want in respect to all others. none other countries would have such respect. do no come there if you're not open minded or extremist and you have a bad behaviour please. because of those people ; Thailand will make much more rules and all citizen will change their behaviour because of those bad people.