Whitest Kids U Know - Call Of Duty

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MattyDoggo : even in the year 2016, this is still a thing

Nicholas Julian : I wasn't even there!

Zarkow : This is Rainbow 6 Siege too often...

Nicholas Martinez : Actual representation of today's gaming.

Benny Boyo1903 : That's why they invented the mute button

Hammer of Justice Crushes You OVERPOWER : WELL CALEB'S A LIAR

Tanner Abel : Me and my buddies used to recite this word for word back high school. Fucking classic.

Joseph Ocasio : This an accurate representation of how my older Brother acts when he plays the Division.

Daft life : They should've used A NAAAAAAAIIILLL GGUUNNN


Jub : da bears is an actual legendary 1.6 counterstrike player thats what made this super funny for me

Julio Arias Alvarez : their frustration makes it funnier

stevepartime jobs : ITS MISSUS MCGLOCKENNNN

Kit : I rehearsed this in Ventrilo once during a raid on WoW to piss everyone off. it was great lolol

Hector Cortez : This sorta happened in ME3 to me. This guy was helping I don't know, his kid to do his homework and the whole time we had to keep hearing shit like "do you remember you times table?, look at your times table 8x7= is...." until the end. He was the only one with a mic, and nobody could tell him to be quiet.

JUGGERNOG HELLHOUND 935 : wtf cod player in a nutshell

Goon Rx : This is more like BATTLEFIELD, COD is a bunch of little flags with the fast smg rushing thru horrible maps. BATTLEFIELD IS MORE TACTICAL AND REAL AND BETTER.

Taylor Spruill : That face when he says "MOM" for the first time lol

izer202 : Lmao all...the...damn...time. Why I play solo.

3percentXen : Oh my god one of my old teachers names was Ms.Mclaughlin and one of my class mates Caleb, wtf.

Jonathan McDermott : btf3

Cody L : this is more battlefield or search and destroy

Zack Charlton : Friendly fire.. On.

Nope : This is more battlefield with a cod player.

Toby Hutchinson : Best video ever!!! :0

William Greenall : You're describing syntax. Grammar has taken on that meaning because it comes from Greek γραμματική, which is to do with the γράμματα, the letters. It includes things like punctuation, the correct stresses, the formation of diphthongs, etc. but most of the relevant phenomena aren't found in English any more.

cha ching : omygod I wasn't even there

Jonathan Barrera : Thats why i play search

Joseph Gaster : I love how Timmy doesn't change his facial expression while yelling lmao

griffman78 : this is more battlefield. not cod.

rabitshadow : You know what it tells us? It tells us a young kid couldn't fit the name of his rabbit, shadow, into the username box in a game, so he used one B to adhere to the maximum character count, then stuck with that alias for years. Now, back to the comment you replied to, google it and you'll see i'm right you sweaty little virgin

rabitshadow : because its correct and nobody likes whiny little virgin grammar nazis

rabitshadow : You've just made up your own definition of grammar. Go google it, come back, and apologise

Xaftos : *clap*

PrettyMuchAwesome47 : NNNNNEEEEEERRRRD!!! jk, good point

Puniqe : He wasn't even there...

Earl VanScoder : Check out my new video WOODCHUCK ATTACK CAUGHT ON TAPE

InhaleExhalelol : I wasn't even there.

Adam Villanueva : I watch the whitest kids u know all the time

TheWesterwat : lol he sounds like fred fredburger

xBLAZ3DxTACOx : Search bitches

Sully Bosco : depends on the gamemode your playing on

frank edmonds : It's Mrs.Moglocklin, what I wasn't even there, I wasn't even there, well Calub's a lier.

frank edmonds : It's Mr.Maglocklin, what no I wasn't even there, I wasn't even there.

PennStateUP : haha that was great, not gonna lie i was a timmy when i played COD a few year ago

TheDisarminghinkle : No, that's when idiots play CoD.

someKILLJOY : But nobody plays like this. They still rush like people on crack.

Gucci Lifestyle : that's y u play search and destroy