Frozen Chippy Cheese Snacks - Junk Food Review

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Mr Shambleface : The editing is what truly makes these videos perfect.

Ciel Freeman : New brutalfoods lore: Ian lives under the sink and comes out every episode.

Keith Donovan : Holy shit, that "Don't let the devil consume your bum bum" with visuals had me rolling on the floor. That was hilarious.

Meme Master64.667 : Ian does the best editing in the WORLD, like damn son.

WildFreck : I love Doritos with a passion. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a pack because they looked spectacular. We went straight home with pure excitement and cranked on the oven. A few minutes past and the smell of rotten vomit came crawling from the inside of the stove. We thought that a mouse had died in our oven and started burning. A few more lengthy minutes pasted and the timer set off. We were starving by this point. Opening the oven door exposed the horrid smell like a cloud of smoke. We gagged. As we took out the 'food'. We set the 8 triangles of doom on the counter to cool. Eventually we grabbed a few of the demon triangles and placed them in our virgin mouths. The flavor that oozed out was a disgusting array of satanic fluids. "What the heck are these things filled with?" was asked our selves as we darted to the bathroom, clenching our poor bums. We've never felt the rage of 1000 demons purge through our bodies and into the poor unforgiving toilet. All I can say is that the plumber got a fat check.

PeanutButterGamer : Glad I'm not the only one that misses those Doritors 3D things.

Strain42 : Dear Ian, I moved to China a few weeks ago and they have Chicken Flavored Cheetos here...that is all.

im lazy : he protecc he atacc but most importantly he eat snacc

John Crum : Ian gets a lot of mileage out of that "plop" soundbite, which I definitely appreciate.

Bee : *Don’t let the devil consume your bum bum* Edit: wow didn’t think this would get so many likes lmao

Chan0 : I don't know when this channel turned into the college students version of the cooking channel but I do know one thing, I'm totally fine with this change.

Cobra Eels : Plop

NX64 : did you know that 3d Doritos are still alive but they're in Mexico

Oh Gee It’s Liegh : daddytoadsworth should be a writer

AlwaysGonnaSing : They look like samosas on the outside kinda

Kaizo Audio : I’m sure it’s a TON more work, but I definitely liked that you tried to make a better, homemade version of the frozen stuff. I’d like to see more of that. Really fun video like always.

The 711Devin : I was given a nacho cheese one for a free sample. It was pretty good, but I didn’t buy some because I have a smidge of respect for my health.

SkyTech RTS : You'd think Doritos would bring back the 3Ds due to: -Nostalgia culture/pandering -Millenial culture/pandering -Asshole's like me demanding they make them so I can give them my money come on doritos, do it, bring back the 3Ds.

Darkcode ninja : who thinks brutalfoods should be on TV?

Very Moist, Indeed. : 13:16 who else heard the "plop"

Adam DraconaQuest : I love the Brutalfoods videos. The editing is hilarious, and your reactions are priceless. It's always worth the wait!

Beckett : If you want to crush up a bunch of Doritos for mozzarella sticks, I'd recommend getting a serving size bag, poking a small hole in it with a safety pin or needle, and crushing the chips inside the bag with your hands. Then, you can just open the bag and empty the contents into a bowl.

Steve bobs : i gotta go with NACHO .........HUH?

Miki's GamePlay : i like nacho huh more.

Zane Spivey : I'm not even kidding, you look really good man.

Alyssa Levenberg : A food review AND a recipe video?! WHAT A TWIST

Matthew Tarleton : Dude....for years I've been trying to think of the name of that car game and you finally gave it to me, it's not the exact game but the same character, thank you so much for reminding me of some of the best times of my childhood

Efrem Kessler : Dude at 25:07 you sounded like aziz ansari

K Håland : I love the dramatic review readings

Black-Op345Gaming : I vote for nacho huh?

Vlogwaves : It kills me every time Ian stacks his sound clips when he overuses a word. XD

Dr.Kuhmilch : 8:52 I'm pretty sure it's empty because, idk, maybe it all spilled out? Nah that doesn't make sense...

Deluxe Edition : it's the red pill blue pill question except with thick nacho cheese and cool ranch doritos!

NoahPro64 : I’m a Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos kind of guy

Biscuit Boi : i JuSt dOnT KnOw aBoUt ThAt

Shesez : 12:08 is surely an underappreciated moment. Did you did such a great read and editing

Magnus Ameh : aNd ReMeMbEr KiDs, DoNt LeT tHe DeViL cOnSuMe YoUr BuM bUm

Rockin Mage : I'm pretty sure when the cheese starts to pop out of the food, you're cooking it for too long I also wonder what the mozzarella sticks would taste like if you were using better cheese

Nicholas Herrstrom : Yesterday I came across some "Top Ramen Ramen Noodle Flavored Pringles" and they weren't that bad actually.

Wgbee Pcgaming12745 : Cool Ranch is best doritos

Raptor : Best. Food. Reviews. Ever.

Sebi Morales : They aren't originally frozen. The Doritos are from 7 Eleven and the Mac and Cheetos are from Burger King

Megapoophoop : there wasn't any cheese because it leaked while cooking man

D Pa : 1:32 How to Impress the Women of Your Dreams 101

bup : 34


John Joyner : Nacho Huh? FTW

Zachary Stevonson : 13:00 what in the world? People are bizarre

SweetIvory 1203 : 13:16 *plop*

ThaEnglishPwner : I'm triggered that you didn't get the difference in cheese. Nacho cheese, cheese is supposed to be NACHO CHEESE and cool ranch cheese is supposed to be MOZZARELLA ... great video. 8.89/10