Frozen Chippy Cheese Snacks - Junk Food Review

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Kaizo Audio : I’m sure it’s a TON more work, but I definitely liked that you tried to make a better, homemade version of the frozen stuff. I’d like to see more of that. Really fun video like always.

Arbiter91 : I love your editing, it's improved greatly since I was last here

big papa : OMGGDGJLH I LOVE THIS SERIES. The reviews are so ridiculous.

EpicZEVEN : 7:12 Nice Dorito rhythm

Wolfebane42 : Let's be honest here, opening something up and finding it full of air where food could have been is the perfect description of opening an actual bag of Doritos

Mr Shambleface : The editing is what truly makes these videos perfect.

That Loser Mika : Sweet & Spicy Chili is the best flavor of Doritos. Cool Ranch is second best. Spicy Nacho is better than Nacho Chrese.

TheArchsage74 : Never let this series end. This is amazing.

Ash Leigh : Mm yes I do enjoy some good quality c h i p s .

AlwaysGonnaSing : They look like samosas on the outside kinda

PeanutButterGamer : Glad I'm not the only one that misses those Doritors 3D things.

Mizz Bella Kitty : The cheese in those Doritos loaded looks nasty!

Devon Ball : I vote Nacho Huh?!

VieraTail : *clap clap* FOOD. REVIEW.

nekoseam : These are the comfiest videos on youtube. Never quit Ian :)

Chan0 : I don't know when this channel turned into the college students version of the cooking channel but I do know one thing, I'm totally fine with this change.

TheGodshatter : Ian is gonna be so Damn sad when he finds our that, the Doritos loaded taste NOTHING like a mozzarella stick, lol.

Chemicalex : I give it to nacho huh.

Ethan L : about the debate, i just hate Doritos in general.

Marcus Eaton : coolrach is best!

Raptor : Best. Food. Reviews. Ever.

Kisu Composer : Hey Ian, for your next BrutalFood recipe, can you make us some Tuna Noodle, my favorite!™️

Jack Rad : Ian! How can I send you my dvd copy of invisible mom?! I need you to review the rest of the trilogy!

Strain42 : Dear Ian, I moved to China a few weeks ago and they have Chicken Flavored Cheetos here...that is all.

The 711Devin : I was given a nacho cheese one for a free sample. It was pretty good, but I didn’t buy some because I have a smidge of respect for my health.

Adam DraconaQuest : I love the Brutalfoods videos. The editing is hilarious, and your reactions are priceless. It's always worth the wait!

[[[[ARCHIV3[[ : god i love your channel man. keep going. makes my day, im serious

Shenponkybingbong : Just make a brutal foods channel

Matthew Tarleton : Dude....for years I've been trying to think of the name of that car game and you finally gave it to me, it's not the exact game but the same character, thank you so much for reminding me of some of the best times of my childhood

Empress Li Hui , Circa: Now : You and I have GOT to be friends someday, Ian!

Alyssa Levenberg : A food review AND a recipe video?! WHAT A TWIST

Meme Master64.667 : Ian does the best editing in the WORLD, like damn son.

Austin Forbes : Great video as always ian

NX64 : did you know that 3d Doritos are still alive but they're in Mexico

Violet Gyre : I really like cool ranch and I HATE nacho cheese

Courtney (ProjectSNT) : I'm loving those alien earrings you're sporting in this vid, Ian.

bup : 34

Tide Pockets : Cool ranch

Spuck dafuk : 7-11 sells those Doritos, they don't taste too bad if your drunk.

Seth P : My favorite spin on Cheetos is the Chester's puffcorn

Vlogwaves : It kills me every time Ian stacks his sound clips when he overuses a word. XD

Miki's GamePlay : i like nacho huh more.

Vrikrar : I liked watching this.

egor 9215 : 16:12 "ugly cam" hahaha it's funny cause it's true

Cobra Eels : Plop


NoahProVG : I’m a Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos kind of guy

K Håland : I love the dramatic review readings

Sam Baker : Plop

Efrem Kessler : Dude at 25:07 you sounded like aziz ansari