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My neighborhood artisan of repair my wornout sole of US bought nike shoe.

Comments from Youtube

Rude Rocky : Shit came out worse than when he took it in

IRA FREEDMAN : I don't trust, Bald Barbers or Barefoot Cobblers.

Miles Curtis Norwood : boy you just gave his heel an extra heel wtf

alex alvarez : This man did a perfect job. I’d tip him. He’s on the side of the road working to feed his family. He knows his craft. I wish people were like that in the USA instead of begging for money

Alex Shinder : I saw a lopsided dude with a walking stick today, was that you, hahaha

OXFORD486 : You can hardly see the join...😆

canal presente : Yo entiendo que no tiene materiales ,paquinaria profesión de zapatería..pero bueno se puede mejor ...pero hay que vivir de algo...saludos

Panzer Faust : Well like i was once told.Just because the hoods up on your car and you have a wrench in your hand dont mean you're a mechanic.

Leon Evans : He’s be better off doing horse shoes

ahyar setiawan : hey kumar.. show us another video that irritates people.. soon you become a gold button youtuber man.. keep up

waas02 : That's the worst shoe repair I've ever seen. However I should mention that I haven't see many

Bob Davis : I'll let him have em after that

cubacereos : you should ask him to make sandals out of them,that would give you more views.

Mritieunjay Kumar : I used the repaired shoe for next 4-5- months.

Santos Tolentino : Only in India

Monica Cordova : 😂😂😂 well at least whoever wears those shoes will be taller🤣

Man of the north : Quick fix. Its not pretty but will do the job.

Independent Automobile Repair Shop : That is just awful. AWFUL!

andy andy : best repair in ever i see

robertatx22 : Glad to see who’s taking care of all those nikes

Justin R : 9:10 - That's the final result an uneven sole, yep great work he managed to make them worse.

Alex Undiscovery : looks like you step on dirty gum

David Roman : Lmao

lamar quick : recap good for another 50,000 miles.

Kuba MMM : No to ku...wa naprawil 😂😂😂👣

raj kumar : Hi this is good jobs in India

Nitin Maru : Please give address

Fidel Valdez : Repair ?

józsef kovács : Nem is értem .. minek bízod rá ?? Ez egy kókler

Cruz 85 : Fk. No lol

Jenny H : Beeeep

Richard Rich Marc Leveque : I think he is the bomb

cubacereos : you should ask him to make sandals out of them,that would give you more views.

Daan Made in Holland : Lol shoe repair men dont have shoes ?

Alan White : I'll give an hour before it peels off.

Ross MacSuirtain : Superglue won't hold that, he should put two nails in it!

dekaos88 : I fell bad after saw this video I change of shoes every month and put my old in the trash..

Jim Talor : You have to admire a people who can setup a shop anywhere and work for pennies to a dollar. What about that repair?? That's the ugliest patch job using rubber cement and superglue together!

Andrew Kononov : good work!

Mudbone gaming : If you can afford a pair of nikes, you can afford a second pair. The shoes are going to be uneven and you’re going to have foot pain. Perfect example of what not to do.

Kivi Tropikal : Man done the best with his restricted resources.

Emre Tunc : I don’t understand if this is about orthopedics or insisting to keep a pair of shoes that was overpriced because of the logo.

JohnnyX21 : I’m thinking he’s about to do something amazing...

Badd Dawg : Great job. I like these type of videos.

Cowworshiper PissDrinkingHindus : Lol🤣🤣🤣 he'll forget to do the alignment on that shoes so now I'm walking around in circles. 🤣🤣🤣🤧

손흥민 : ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

rod conan : KkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkQue bosta de serviço.kkkkkkkkk

BAims : Whole different planet these folks r on. How do they sit like that good lord

Mr J Bettison : OMG that’s a rough repair.....