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IRA FREEDMAN : I don't trust, Bald Barbers or Barefoot Cobblers.

purple rain : A perfect example of you get what you paid for

Miles Curtis Norwood : boy you just gave his heel an extra heel wtf

Jenny H : I saw this guy in skyrim in some sewer.

Mritieunjay Kumar : I used the repaired shoe for next 4-5- months.

Justin R : 9:10 - That's the final result an uneven sole, yep great work he managed to make them worse.

Mritieunjay Kumar : Love it or hate it --this footwear repair saved some carbon footprint. JUST DO IT ...YOU TOO.

Panzer Faust : Well like i was once told.Just because the hoods up on your car and you have a wrench in your hand dont mean you're a mechanic.

alex alvarez : This man did a perfect job. I’d tip him. He’s on the side of the road working to feed his family. He knows his craft. I wish people were like that in the USA instead of begging for money

Alex Shinder : I saw a lopsided dude with a walking stick today, was that you, hahaha

Ross Jordan : Superglue won't hold that, he should put two nails in it!

Rax Lex : Just buy a new one.

Alan White : I'll give an hour before it peels off.

Badd Dawg : Great job. I like these type of videos.

cubacereos : you should ask him to make sandals out of them,that would give you more views.

OXFORD486 : You can hardly see the join...😆

ahyar setiawan : hey kumar.. show us another video that irritates people.. soon you become a gold button youtuber man.. keep up

waas02 : That's the worst shoe repair I've ever seen. However I should mention that I haven't see many

Steve Thomas : I have 40 years owning my own shoe repair shop. I can only say this is one way to really piss off a customer. Reading the reviews here the customer seems happy with his heel repair. But I think it's in defense of his fellow countrymen . If we did this botch job we would be out of business in very short time . But to each his own I guess.

Rude Rocky : Shit came out worse than when he took it in

Monica Cordova : 😂😂😂 well at least whoever wears those shoes will be taller🤣

Eddy Lorenzo : Lmfao now u need an alignment

Leon Evans : He’s be better off doing horse shoes

juliemc76 : It's a pitty the west don't repair shoes and clothes so much! We seem to have developed a throw away culture which I find sinful . It's bad for the planet. I enjoyed the video very much!

Cruz 85 : Fk. No lol

Santos Tolentino : Only in India

no body : Respect the poor..the rich you need to be afraid of.

dekaos88 : I fell bad after saw this video I change of shoes every month and put my old in the trash..

robertatx22 : Glad to see who’s taking care of all those nikes

X-Men : I would of made him eat the rubber with his curry ass and shove it right his he crooked eyes can see it is not even level on the shoes.

Andrew Kononov : good work!

David Roman : Lmao

ripman : watching this was a huge waste of time. it didn't even have a end.

cubacereos : you should ask him to make sandals out of them,that would give you more views.

Juan Pablo Rodriguez Blanco : Q cochinada

Independent Automobile Repair Shop : That is just awful. AWFUL!

Dustin Pomeroy : I really like these videos that show things we would just toss here in the U.S. being fixed by a craftsman of an artform that doesn't exist here,we take so many things here for granted

Mudbone gaming : If you can afford a pair of nikes, you can afford a second pair. The shoes are going to be uneven and you’re going to have foot pain. Perfect example of what not to do.

Mr J Bettison : OMG that’s a rough repair.....

brianjschumer : Another reason for God to bless America

Fidel Valdez : Repair ?

Richard Rich Marc Leveque : I think he is the bomb

Emre Tunc : I don’t understand if this is about orthopedics or insisting to keep a pair of shoes that was overpriced because of the logo.

daniel guerrero : Your wack

Lipika Footwear : Ky h ye shoes ka Nas kar diya

Sam Globetrotter : Do a favor to yourself and buy a new pair of shoes. You will have spine and hip problems using this.

fernando moreira : Show parabéns


Jim Talor : You have to admire a people who can setup a shop anywhere and work for pennies to a dollar. What about that repair?? That's the ugliest patch job using rubber cement and superglue together!

Кот Леопольд : Я б ему руки вырвал...