'What The Fuck!' The English Language's Most Versatile Word

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Dylan Walsh : Classic from the days of ebaumsworld good times.

GamerEX : Internet history. Like 2003 or something.

Avoid My Snipes : This is hilarious

LuigiVEVO : I swear this is gonna be a meme.

Pocket Soviet YT : English GCSE sorted

NPC #1337 : .... Centence.

Ezra Kainz : One of my favorite videos; I had to come back to rewatch!

Asp Lupa : It's spelled "Incompetence," not "incompitance." Otherwise, it was an excellent video!

Izzle Tizzle : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAGcDi0DRtU

misdirection : i remember a friend sent a .wav of this file to me on aol. this shit is ooooooold.

Kimberley wild : Vote for "cunt" to take first place in the most versatile word in the English language. With "old mate" running a close second place in the versatility category.