Everything's beautiful when you're traveling

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Spain!!! so exciting


Lum : Godddddd the dialogue in these videos is just always top notch perfection, so surreal yet relatable and regular sounding

MITCHELL WIGGS : I was just about to take a mid day passive aggressive depression nap when I got the notification that you had blessed earth with another work of art. I was not disappointed. #freckleforever

Cass Stoler : two videos in two days?? 20gayteen is delivering

Corgettes : 'Like when we went to Twickenham in England' haha very exotic 😂

Freya Stewart : As someone from Twickenham in England, it’s super surreal hearing anyone outside of London even mention it

Ellie Wright : We’re just walking

TomTalks : You must have looked mental filming this

M : The first half of the video I thought: "That's so true. Everything seems to be better when you're travelling." And then I was just confused.

Carli Cusano : top ten biggest anime plot twists

Edward raines : I'm in love with your style of comedy

Wheatos : Brian is back and so is my will to live.

darthquintin : Wow two uploads this close together? Thanks God.

Belén T. : i am an actual spaniard and i am here because i am gay

Kassidy Humes : two uploads within the same lifetime?! wow!!!! truly a blessing

lonely soul : This is my house.. we're home... 🤣🤣🤣

Oska : the way these videos develop fuking getme every time

Gavan : BABE YOURE BACK. I love and support you in everything x

Petros : No way does Spain have so many pickup trucks

Zaena : lmao im actually in LA rn, on vacation, and lemme tell you. everything is beautiful

LmbrJck_t : You. Have. Got. To. STOP. I almost dropped my cereal when I got this notification!!!! MILK EVERYWHERE!

Miss Wilde : For a moment I actually believed you were in Spain, my country, and I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Crostal : can confirm, i only wear flipflops outside of the house while i'm travelling as well.

joyehful : posted 25 seconds ago! YES YESSS

Tyron Davis : 2 uploads? In the same month? King of youtube

Sam Scott : If there's anything I can do to encourage more of these videos, I'd like to do it.

Catbug : Honey Twickenham...oh babe no


ashycloudy : "Like when we went to Twickenham in England" LMAO

Ibelieveinthedoctor : So glad you're uploading again!!

Kasza : Peak cinematography

Jack Mungeam : Ahahaha shout out to Twickenham, such a beautiful place....

Arthur Franklin : Your videos make my soul laugh. I cannot thank you and your team enough.

Regina Montiel : this is not spain.

miguel k : daddy

Kristen Howard : I feel more alive when you post new videos

Eoin Burke : listening my house on airbnb rn in the hope that some day you''ll come visit

Bat Man : maan i’ve been watching your videos 24/7 for the past week. you all are so talented!!

just twinkle : Brilliant as always

Qwerty Qwerty : I love them

enna aaa : LOVE YOU

Lauren Wilson : Words cannot express how happy I am that you're uploading again

Charlie Wow : i was a little upset clicking on this, thinking it was going to be predictable and boring compared to what you normally do. I was very wrong, once again, you've taken it somewhere completely left field.

Unicorn Forever : Omfg! New Vid! Yas!

Channotek72 : Incredible

Nate Nordwall : *We’re just walking*

ForgottenOnes : lmfaaaaaao

billY Tandaypán Rodriguez : Genius

Florence CG : fucking TWICKENHAM

hurrr mmhMMMHMGHH : genius