Alpha Delta Pi Texas sorority's 'terrifying' recruitment video

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Alpha Delta Pi Texas sorority's 'terrifying' recruitment video VIDEO VIRAL LAS PUERTAS DEL INFIERNO


Jake : The gates to hell

riu jumponalsdolla : Girl at the beginning looking like she's trying to catch a damn fly with her mouth open that wide

TheY2AProblem : What’s the difference between a sorority and a circus? A circus has a cunning array of stunts.

Sadie Ali : Is this a cult?

Von Hoffenfloffen : The hell are they saying?

Jacob Hoss : With the sea of seemingly disembodied heads, outstretched arms, and bIood curdIing keening, I'm reminded of HeII in the movie What Dreams May Come

Vvbb Vvbb : "That baby got eaten alive" 0:19

G4mmaLotus : I'm not sure if they're "Delti Phi" or saying something about a piece of pie...

FairyGardens TV : I heard something about a baby being eaten alive.

ChristMEMEa : This is what you see when you enter Hell

Wegra : Why do all look the freaking same?

Straw Hat : I dont know if I can eat 80 pies but I'll give it a try....that is what they are telling me to do right? I'm so confused and aroused.

Iriss Abyss : it’s creepy because they’re so synchronised especially the girls clapping at the back

Final Hour : What are they even saying?

Dominic Vargaz : the doorway to the ancient cosmic horror known as azathoth submit yourself to the beast who screams “i wanna get eaten alive — don’t you?”


Luis C : I want to be PC WOO WOO

Simon Adams :

S P2 : I can only imagine how annoying the planning of this video was lol

Plague Doctor : If you want to get eaten alive why don’t you go to the zoo?

CDH5x3 : *inhales helium* I'm Haley, Chapter President

Caty Cornwell : I’m in a sorority and I still think this is terrifying. 😬

Fillerfatten : BEGONE THOTS!!!!!!!!

primoenthusiast : Are these the dean’s very special students?

rainbow20112011 : That's super testicles about it.

Jon Irenicus : The most terrifying video I have ever seen.

NPC_1138 : Straight outta r/nosleep

• Sailxcreature • : *boom boom* I wanna go ADPi *boom boom* and baby that ain't no lie! *boom boom* I wanna go ADPi, dont you?

i7887 : Well there is about 50 girls i wouldn't mind seeing dead.

C.K. Blackwood : HAIL PAIMON

Virdeo : drugs r bad

Simon Adams : Gross

corey holliday : Even the damn zetas are better then whatever this is

Lupa Lupo : I really don't get what is so scary about this?

King Loz : retards

P Am : We let females go to school and this is what they do... shudda never let broads out the kitchen ...