Fast & Furious 6 - Big Forehead Scene [HD]

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Potato : Forehead bigger than my future

MrMagnificentMedia : It's Ludacris' reaction that makes me laugh most lol.

Just A Leaf : The best part is, the Rock literally forgot what he was supposed to say and just improvised. So that was Lud's actual reaction XD

Austin Truong : that was luda's actual reaction

Thrain : Dwayne wasn't supposed to have a line after Tyrese said that lol that's why Ludacris' reaction was so genuine cuz it was real lmao

Sawyer : Said one bald man to the other :D

Bits : quick we need a thousand more comments saying this wasn't scripted

Wallace4461 : it was an improv line....KILLED him...Tyrese almost fell completely outta character...LOL

Chris Molyneaux : The "baby oil" line was scripted, the "forehead" line was not. Ludacris' reaction was real. Makes this scene 10x funnier.

Zubin Purewal : Ludacris confirmed in a reddit ama that it wasn't sccripted and that's why he spit so hard

HERCAERO : Even if the line was scripted you can tell Ludacris lost it on Dwayne's delivery. So if it was improved or scripted, it still killed.

Aden Mohamed : Who played it over and over again

Sikerth : My favorite part of the scene is Luda's low-key magic trick of making his glass disappear at 0:04 and return to his hand at 0:07.

Vod Kinockers : That's right Tyrese you earn that pay cheque!

Masta Duck : i had to replay this like 15 times

DJ Warwing : 0:03 Tyrese: "Hey Luda, can you do that one trick where you make the glass leave your hand in an instant?" 0:05 Luda: "Did it."

T R : why does the rocks neck have so many roles? xD

DWSimmy : That guy is so crushed at the end too; ¨I was just joking¨.

Yung Johnny : The best part is that tej spitting out wasn't part of the script He legit did it because the rock wasn't supposed to say that line

God I'm Sorry Have Mercy : No one's forehead, though, is bigger than Brendon Urie's

tidus2323 : Ludacris's reaction was completely real,

IXSyphon19XI : R.I.P Paul Walker the Fast Series will never be the same :(

Cameron Schmid : Best. Improvised Scene. Ever.

Maryam Godje : it wasn't part of the script which makes it funnier😭😭

Wrippon : Even all those years after the Attitude Era in WWF, he's still got it lmao.

R Gonzalez : This was improved lol. Makes it so much better!

lego marvel studios : Better hide dat baby oil, im just playing man Better hide that big ass forehead

southlondon86 : But The Rock has a big ass forehead too....

Space Penguin : 0:05 the beer disappeared.

ChanceTD : It's even funnier now that they are beefing

Noctane : best 10 seconds ever

Chief Redfern : The more I watch the funnier it gets.

jetMFset : This is why Tyrese hates The Rock so much. He still hurt from this scene 😂😂😂

Fay Pooh : Instead of analyzing whether it was scripted or not let's just enjoy the scene :)

Ivy Hunt : Funny as hell, but Luda didn't have any water in his mouth when he laughed and then he did :D :D

Morgan Tui : Better hide that face behind ur head to the rock

ig: sophieferd : Brendon Urie?

Patches4000 : i feel like that wasn't improved just cuz of the fact that the cameras reflected back to get his reaction perfectly.

Filcho911 : "I was just joking, but whatever." 😂😂😂

Daniel Bueno : Did someone already commented that that was Ludacris' actual reaction?

Dee Brownboi : I'm here to tell everyone that The Rock's line was improvised. Incase you guys didn't know.

spring trap : I would've been the guy in the black shirt if I was there

Christina Romero : I watched this like 40 times😂

ShyGuy 15 : 0:03 Holding a cup 0:05 Not holding cup 0:07 holding cup magically again..... HELLO!?!?!?!

d尺o乇メ : I was just joking

Owen Cole : That was real

Mia Tyson : Lol lmao

Ryan Bodker : if this wasnt scripted, why was he holding liquid in his mouth when he wasnt drinking?

Joe King : Greatest roast in fast&furious

And then I fired And I missed : 0:02 Ludacris has a glass in his hands He doesn't have it in the next shot He has it again in the next shot.