Fast & Furious 6 - Big Forehead Scene [HD]

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Potato : Forehead bigger than my future

MrMagnificentMedia : It's Ludacris' reaction that makes me laugh most lol.

Just A Leaf : The best part is, the Rock literally forgot what he was supposed to say and just improvised. So that was Lud's actual reaction XD

Austin Truong : that was luda's actual reaction

Thrain : Dwayne wasn't supposed to have a line after Tyrese said that lol that's why Ludacris' reaction was so genuine cuz it was real lmao

Bits : quick we need a thousand more comments saying this wasn't scripted

Sawyer : Said one bald man to the other :D

Wallace4461 : it was an improv line....KILLED him...Tyrese almost fell completely outta character...LOL

Chris Molyneaux : The "baby oil" line was scripted, the "forehead" line was not. Ludacris' reaction was real. Makes this scene 10x funnier.

Aden Mohamed : Who played it over and over again

Zubin Purewal : Ludacris confirmed in a reddit ama that it wasn't sccripted and that's why he spit so hard

Sikerth : My favorite part of the scene is Luda's low-key magic trick of making his glass disappear at 0:04 and return to his hand at 0:07.

Vod Kinockers : That's right Tyrese you earn that pay cheque!

HERCAERO : Even if the line was scripted you can tell Ludacris lost it on Dwayne's delivery. So if it was improved or scripted, it still killed.

Masta Duck : i had to replay this like 15 times

T R : why does the rocks neck have so many roles? xD

DJ Warwing : 0:03 Tyrese: "Hey Luda, can you do that one trick where you make the glass leave your hand in an instant?" 0:05 Luda: "Did it."

jetMFset : This is why Tyrese hates The Rock so much. He still hurt from this scene 😂😂😂

Yung Johnny : The best part is that tej spitting out wasn't part of the script He legit did it because the rock wasn't supposed to say that line

IXSyphon19XI : R.I.P Paul Walker the Fast Series will never be the same :(

DWSimmy : That guy is so crushed at the end too; ¨I was just joking¨.

Cameron Schmid : Best. Improvised Scene. Ever.

tidus2323 : Ludacris's reaction was completely real,

Wrippon : Even all those years after the Attitude Era in WWF, he's still got it lmao.

God I'm Sorry Have Mercy : No one's forehead, though, is bigger than Brendon Urie's

ADDMcGee25 : "Better hide yo baby oil" - Luda with drink in hand "I'm jus playin'" - Luda with no drink "Better hide that big-ass forehead" - Luda spit-take while holding drink MOVIE MAAAAAAJICK

Maryam Godje : it wasn't part of the script which makes it funnier😭😭

R Gonzalez : This was improved lol. Makes it so much better!

ChanceTD : It's even funnier now that they are beefing

Ivy Hunt : Funny as hell, but Luda didn't have any water in his mouth when he laughed and then he did :D :D

Chief Redfern : The more I watch the funnier it gets.

Space Penguin : 0:05 the beer disappeared.

Noctane : best 10 seconds ever

Fay Pooh : Instead of analyzing whether it was scripted or not let's just enjoy the scene :)

Patches4000 : i feel like that wasn't improved just cuz of the fact that the cameras reflected back to get his reaction perfectly.

ig: sophieferd : Brendon Urie?

Morgan Tui : Better hide that face behind ur head to the rock

Daniel Bueno : Did someone already commented that that was Ludacris' actual reaction?

Dee Brownboi : I'm here to tell everyone that The Rock's line was improvised. Incase you guys didn't know.

Jeff Company : Anyone else want to comment that the line was improvised

Christina Romero : I watched this like 40 times😂

Filcho911 : "I was just joking, but whatever." 😂😂😂

Ryan Bodker : if this wasnt scripted, why was he holding liquid in his mouth when he wasnt drinking?

Awesøme Sauce99 : Lol omfg I'm dying

Joe King : Greatest roast in fast&furious

Vegito Blue : SAVAGE!

- Static : I was just joking.... whatever

SpetZemas : I heard this was improvised and Lud’s reaction was him breaking character and it all turned out to be so funny that they just left it in. Is this true?

Đ尺Ø乇メ : I was just joking

ShyGuy 15 : 0:03 Holding a cup 0:05 Not holding cup 0:07 holding cup magically again..... HELLO!?!?!?!