LUIGI HATES MARIO (ft. Trevor Moore from The Whitest Kids U' Know)

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yucelmastergamer : Comment team Mario Like team Luigi

Rosie Pindar : For some reason I always preferred Luigi over Mario, not sure why though ;^_^

ExtremeTactics : i one hundred percent agree with Luigi

butter samuri : Although he fell in the lava. Luigi burned him worse

Allie-RX : This is why Luigi was not in Super Mario 64.

Nicholas Musser : Well...those are actually some pretty good points. Not to mention that while luigi got rich and owns a mansion, Mario is just a gold digger, taking money from peach.

Subscriber : I mean, he has a point...

Purbinder : He kept saying Merry-o, I hate when people pronounce stuff like that

Sven97Toni : *Insert Luigi's Death Stare*

Krys Gruca : But guys that's just a theory , a game theory!!!

Roše : Luigi has a point , Mario is an animal abuser and a horrible brother .

Saibot : Luigi: Ha F*ck you Mario I save the Princess! 'Later' Peach: Oh Mario Thanks for saving me every day,not as luigi who never does everything. Mario: You welcome! Luigi: Son of a ...

John Smith : Tell 'em Luigi!

Chromebro : The true side of Luigi is unleashed.

Megan Nordeen : *claps slowly* brava, Luigi, brava. Well said.

MR.AWESOME Boss : Luigi is WAY better than Mario

Jaden Kirby : Nice Mario is missing reference.

giantWario : Its funny how fans keep presenting their relationship as this when in the RPG games (you know, the only ones where the brother actually interact) its the complete opposite. Luigi practically worship Mario, he look him up as an example to follow because Luigi so frigging cowardly that Mario has to be the one to give him the self-esteem and courage to go into most adventures.

WingZero172 a.k.a SilentCobra04 : Come on guys, MORE DRINKING GAMES FOR GAMERS!

Stepz97 • : What the hell? Everyone knows that Mario and Luigi have 4 fingers.

Stefan Leon : Oh, Hell yeah! Finally some justice for Luigi!

ahh : I like that this is their funniest skit and it doesn't even contain all of the actual Warp Zone.

MattBenBig : And it was on this day, Luigi went on to develop his final smash: the negative zone.

Dex :I : Luigi laid the smack down on mario wow,you go luigi

Chris Hall : It always bothers me when someone says "MEH-rio". It's "MAH-rio"!

godlessandlovingit : lol sounds like the Bob-bomb is calling the Bullet-Bill black here.

Geeky Metalhead : and this is why you should learn to appreciate your player 2 more often guys.

Sexualising The Holocaust : Anyone else notice how weird their hair looks with those hats on?

Not The Poultry Man : Sooooooooooooooooo if Luigis no Longer Player 2 he's Not Nintendo

Vincenzo Scannella : luigi has a mansion ok but mario has a castel

Brett Pope : That Walking dead sketch was damn timely. I mean they called what was going to happen

Lorenza Marzolla : Ugh. Another video from The Warp Zone I loved. Can you guy like stop being this funny? No jk please don't.

DTreyProduction : I always liked Luigi more than Mario

Darth Jaulce : What have you guys been doing? You don't produce a lot of videos anymore.

Unknown 14 : Luigi is right he is better then Mario

KINGD353 : aww i was hoping they'd SETTLE IT! IN SMASH!

chicken mf biscuit : Luigi and Mario... they are both good

Angeld5 Miralrio : But Mario did all the work in Mario 64

Gabby Ramirez : Wow so thats why luigi wins by doing nothing

Daria Wells : Trevor swore! On TV! The curse curse is broken!

Caleb Sawyer : I have to agree with Luigi for once on this issue, though. Even though I'm a huge fan of Mario and all that stuff, but come on. Why is it that every time Mario always wins, he always has to rub it in other people's faces and take all the credit that everyone has worked so for all these years while everyone is left with nothing? Seriously, no matter if you win or lose, you have to start being a lot more generous and share the credit with everyone around you. But being greedy and selfish? I'm sorry, but is that is not going to work out this time. Mario has got to learn on how to be a lot more generous from now instead of taking all the victory for himself!

The Neverending Twilight : Luigi is and will always be better than Mario. At least in my opinion. I've always preferred the man in green. Ever since Super Mario Bros. 2, I've always picked Luigi over Mario.

Birb : In super mario bros 3 I made mario die on purpose then I continued the game with luigi.

Caleb Sawyer : Both you and Trevor Moore really nailed the parts of being Mario and Luigi. Trevor's voice is so freaking awesome in this video.

Mostcarpiot : Lyigyi have peoblems?? Hate mario? SUPER SMASH BROS TIME!

Mohammad Sajwani : 997 comments? *adds 3 comments to move it to 1k

Mohammad Sajwani : 997 comments? *adds 3 comments to move it to 1k

liberty hart : I love how this video addresses that luigi is better than mario in EVER WAY! Mario can't even say his own name right!!

felineshadow0221 : Trevor looks like he hates every moment of this like he's having The Whitest Kid's You Know flashbacks still good to see him again

TJ Adams : Whoo Trevor Moore. I loved watching the whitest kids you know. Brings back memory's. Good to see Trevor's still has it in him.