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Radio Free Endor Podcast : now thats a fuuny fan film i loved it

Chris Manning : Ok. so I see a Rubies Stormtrooper.... (Not Good).... TK/TB-41066, out.

Pwiest Playing : I hoped the trooper will get out :(

Carolus Magnus : Seriously? No one got the Rodian joke? ;)

Woody 5326 : LOL, classic

Kyle Smith : Very well done!

Elmerbaby : 4:03 I laughed so hard!

Paulo Agnelo Malzoni Filho : best star wars fan film ever!!!! great job

Greyzlack : The FX need to be a bit more torough but god, I love the concept, makes me so much laugh, thanks folks x]

Princess Leia Organa : I love it

MeFilms : that imperial guy is a really good actor!

Lynx : 2:32 have you seen that new vt 16 XD

camil marie Morales : Great video 😘

Rebecca Perry : man that movie was so great, I had to share it on facebook, but I do hope that pore stormtrooper did get of the Death Star

Lynx : i love this!

Luke Skywalker : LUV this holovid! 😆 😂LOL

Michael Wolfe : I liked this fan film...but it further reinforces the reminder of the tragedy of the DS1 destruction. Rebel Scum. All those people dead, sons, daughters, siblings, husbands and wives...dead....they are dead. The rebel alliance is truly one of the most destructive terrorist organizations in all of fiction.

Sean Miller : The one Stormtrooper that could hit a target died on the Death Star...

Phoenix Amaku : Riiiiiiggt a rebel attack!

Nolan Ueno : You were saying