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Chris Manning : Ok. so I see a Rubies Stormtrooper.... (Not Good).... TK/TB-41066, out.

Pwiest Playing : I hoped the trooper will get out :(

Radio Free Endor Podcast : now thats a fuuny fan film i loved it

Carolus Magnus : Seriously? No one got the Rodian joke? ;)

Woody 5326 : LOL, classic

Elmerbaby Vlogs : 4:03 I laughed so hard!

Kyle Smith : Very well done!

camil marie Morales : Great video 😘

Rebecca Perry : man that movie was so great, I had to share it on facebook, but I do hope that pore stormtrooper did get of the Death Star

Greyzlack : The FX need to be a bit more torough but god, I love the concept, makes me so much laugh, thanks folks x]

MeFilms : that imperial guy is a really good actor!

Luke Skywalker : LUV this holovid! 😆 😂LOL

Lynx : i love this!

Lynx : 2:32 have you seen that new vt 16 XD

Princess Leia Organa : I love it

Nolan Ueno : You were saying

Sean Miller : The one Stormtrooper that could hit a target died on the Death Star...

Phoenix Amaku : Riiiiiiggt a rebel attack!