Archery Extreme: Ode To Joy!
Archery Extreme Ode To Joy Full auto crossbow

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The Machine Bow is a reality. Finally. At last. Freude schöner Götterfunken. UPDATE: Here are some answers to all those suggestions and tips. Angle adapter: Forget those, they create a ton of friction and you lose plenty of torque. Plus they really don't save much space. Angle drills: Not enough torque. Angle grinders: They lack the transmission, super high rpm but ZERO torque. Counterweights: As I said in the video, the "bucking" comes from the draw resistance of the bow limb. If you remove the trigger sear, the whole contraption runs very smoothly. The shooter has to hold the weapon AGAINST the rotation that cocks the string, that takes much force. Add a second bow to compensate: This would only work if the second bow would be cocked at the SAME TIME, but directed downwards. But this won't work as the drill does not have enough power. Ball bearings, teflon, and other fancy stuff: This is the Slingshot Channel, not the "High End CNC channel". I saw parts out from plywood, with a hand saw. Low tech rulez. Mounting the mag from below: Possible, but how to hold the weapon then? Plus, why? This isn't a sniper gun that needs a scope. It is "spray and pray".