Everything You Need to Know About The Last Dab, the Hottest Sauce on Hot Ones

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Jenna Gold : I need hotter, can't I get one that physically melts flesh?

Benny46drift : I think PepperX should stay as is! Or I will put forward "The Naughty Nugget"

Igor Malusevic : Peper X (Devil's Tongue)

IN JIK : selling legal toxin wow

purebredcats : butts

Theo the Goober : looks a bit too chunky for me

Tru Alpha808 : Where can I get some pepperx seeds?

Rasta Lion : Wait is Sean part of the collaboration?

Ace Of None : I thought the guy @8:17 was Hugh Jackman!!!

Irene Chan : 15 dollars for shipping are u serious

Solveg Rasmus : why eating this? you wanna have it hot? why not take a zip from gas and light it up, now thats the hottest thing you can have!!!! I love to watch' HOT ONES', but seriously guys, you are a bunch of idiots

Vizzlemeister : Wow, they're literally like 30 minutes away from where I live. I'll have to check them out.

Joseph Peters : Why would you want to do this to yourself????

Saamee Rasheed : Anyway to get an interview of the creator Chris in season 4?

Carlingus : Sean’s voice sounds raw in this video, was he sick

Larry Owens : Bottle ordered a week ago. Email says not gonna ship till december. :/

joseph michaud : What is the background beat?

Shotikhan : Ed is like a secret biological weapon creator.

chicken voyage : I really wanna try one

Jeff Zahnd : name it "pepper rick"

Sun Wukung : This is in the range of commercial pepper spray. Holy fuck.

Daniel Cooley : Does anyone know of a very hot dry rub?

#number sign : Omg can't wait for the seeds to be sold here

David P : Sean at least you are not doing the weather in some Podunk town like the one I grew up in.

Xavante42 : Where can I get a bag of Pepper X's

Howard Maguire : The presenters face makes me upset and angered.

joe smith : Got mine in yesterday, it's orange in color and has red pepper chunks in it. Definitely not all pepper x, and a teaspoon is about as hot as a habanero. It doesn't taste bad though. Kinda pissed they cut it with red peppers though.

TruSpectrez : Okay... Now... When's the next episode with Chili Klaus with Pepper X ?

Daniel Tedeschi : Mind Bender or call it Carolina Devil

witham241 : I love noah's fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk face

SupremeChickenx : I want to dedicate this post to Sean Evans who eats this shit every week

Black Tractor : Just met Ed Currie at the Cincinnati hot sauce convention this weekend. Great guy!!!

G0BLiN : I need a bottle I will hit a baby

Pahricida : Your language needs a new word to describe food with lots of capsaicin. Hot refers to temperature, spicy to .. well spices and flavour. Git distinguished !

Tristan Mosley : Call it the pussy pepper, the strongest pepper on earth

Tim Wagenknecht : You should call this Pepper X - The Death Charmer

Steve Macinsky Jr. : Pepper X is the perfect name!

Movie Junkie : Sean’s delivery of his lines is so dead pan and straight faced it just shouldn’t work. But he’s just so lovable, here’s to you Sean.

Muhd Hafiz : When life makes you pepper X. You fuckin eat it. *Whole*

Alicia Marshall : Anyone know how to connect with Sean on fb?

dagoelius : Will this be available for your international chillifans?

ItsTaylor : *Waits for a bunch of youtubers to eat it*

Thomjin Thomjinson : Buy one of these and you will never get caught smoking weed.

FujiR500 : Alright Sean, you GOTTA get Chili Klaus in another pepper challenge video once the Pepper X is available on the market...THIS VIDEO IS A MUST!!!!

George8LIVERPOOL : Bring Ed Currie on the show!

John Wicks Puppy : Why is the host dude such a stoic faced dude? His voice and mannerisms gives off a very bored look. Or awkward and uncomfortable.

DoctorWhisky : Only 20$ for this sauce ? YEY ! Oh shit 33$ of shipment in France, well fuck :c

Patrick Lakilak : 3:51 love how he holds the bag of peppers like it’s a bag of weed hahah

oldtin82 : They should call it Mr Hands

Kristina : the last dab isn't the hottest sauce on the planet, cajohn's black mamba is 6 shu, 20 min burn is 7.3 shu, blair's ultra death is 8 mil shu and mad dog 357 gold edition comes at a whopping 9 mil shu