Everything You Need to Know About The Last Dab, the Hottest Sauce on Hot Ones

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JustinTime : Sean, we care about you. #DoubleDab

alyssa marie : david dobrik is going to try to get those peppers

It's me SEP : I will give you my first born child for a bottle of that sauce

KitMadly : The tag line on the bottle should have been "You don't have to if you don't want to" HA HA

Austin Harris : at 1:53 he talks perfectly on beat with the background music.

afro curly girl : You have to have brass balls to be confident enough to name your company PuckerButt. I know a lot of people who would take that the wrong way. Lol 😂

huntakilla1234 : Seeing as the PepperX is the hottest pepper on planet earth, why not give homage to its creator and call it ''The PuckerButt'' ?

nathan sfarcioc : Finally something I can put on my eggs.

Shaun Z : Ed strikes me as the sort of guy who has a double life running an underground drug empire

dkdrock456 : Ghost. Scorpion. And Carolina Reaper pepper. These were the ingredients used to make the perfect little hot sauce. But Professor Scoville accidentally added an extra ingredient ... PEPPER X.

MaXiNCaLi : Hotones wing restaurant would be a huge hit.

Truly Infamous : And I can barely eat a jalapeno without practically dying.

Ryan Moore : "Pepper X in all it's (out of focus) beauty."

David Bernado : What the hell is that pose in the thumbnail

steakrub : They should have smokin ed on the show bust instead of chicken wings they have spicy peppers

Dan Smoke : 9:38 *is the most NYC thing I've ever seen Sean say, lol*

Ripiin FOOLS : Please call it the Peruvian puff pepper

mrm95 : Call it Currie Gold

animalmother556x45 : ........possible names for this pepper.... Sean Evans Is My Butch Apollo 1 Fire AF Tunguska Sphincter

gllmusic : I know it's really odd, but the Last Dab doesn't taste all that hot. I doesn't really hit your taste buds hard the way some spicy foods do. It does cause the blood to rush to your head and near instant sweating though, so the impact is definitely there. The sauce is certainly very tasty. The lemony taste of the coriander really comes through and pairs well with fish.

Cristopher Arreola : The devil wasn't satisfied with normal Carolina Reaper because it had his friends name. He decided to make a new chile he didn't want to be like his friend and name the chile with his name. so the devil picked the best word in the alphabet X. he decided to give this knowledge to his favorite chile maker and now it's is made and will be the hottest Chile. until the devil gets bored once again.

Daniel Cooley : Does anyone know of a very hot dry rub?

PHIL-yes-PLZ : Imagine pepper Y and Z

MoMo Bro : I just dabbed now, I got the "Last dab".

cragluke : You and Chili Klaus need to eat Pepper X now

TheInternetwatcher : Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton want to be on the show, I would love to see that happen!!!

Fact : Ed is like a secret biological weapon creator.

Robert S : At 5:27 you can see the effects of this sauce on a human being...

0Axel0 : Pepper X name ideas: The Maelstrom, The Mephisto Pepper, The Pearly Gates, The Rite of Spring, Dark Matter, The Great and Terrible Pepper, The Bane, The Entity.

Irene Chan : 15 dollars for shipping are u serious

Jimmy Neutron : Wtf is he doing 5:26

Jay Breeden : Hey folks at hot ones. I am subscribed to another channel on YouTube called Andertons tv they are a music shop based out of The U. K. They just posted s video recently saying the Rob Chapman (front man for the band dorje) and "The Captain" Lee Anderton (owner of the store) want to be on your show is there anyway you all could make that happen?

TomTheSoupCat : Call the pepper 'the black hole'. Mainly because it has a spice so strong that no flavor can escape, the pepper just overwhelms all of your senses.

Salem Shanouha : Someone need to send that pepper to the Good Mythical Morning guys...

Drinker_Of_Milk : You need to call Pepper X something that doesn't sound hot. Sort of how Greenland is actually icey. So you can trick people.

Rivo Haavandi : God I hope its name wasn't inspired by that shitty armpit smelling dance fad..

HydroXenon93 : This is what Jake Paul has hopefully done

Keith Inglis : Pepper McPepperface?

Nylon : You say you're out of the sauce, but I see 5 bottles right there! Send me the second from the right, and the pepper Sean was fingering.

Shkotay D : I just got mine. TASTY as hell. But NO WAY this is even close to being even middle of the road hot. Kind of disappointed. I was looking forward to some really tasty pain. Whats up with that guys?

Brown Sinatra : "segue," his favourite word

Big_G_Dub : I don't want none of that.... LOOK AT HIS MOUTH..... looks like it causes INSTANT TOOTH DECAY!!!

Ryan Reffert : But flashbang sauce from pepper palace is 3.5 million scoville...

K Drop : Until The Guinness book of World Records says so this "X" is NOT the worlds hottest. Heck the Reaper (one pepper from the batch tested), clocked in at 5mil when testing - but it's what the AVERAGE hottest rating is and not just from one pepper but from a lot of them & it's very expensive to do. Take the "Dragon's Breath" for example - It was also said to be the worlds hottest but it was really just to bring attention to a pepper show happening in Whales so it just fake news. . So THE CAROLINA REAPER IS STILL THE WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER,................FOR NOW. js https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShnygwhH5LY&t=1s

Robert Eckhardt : Still waiting for Angela Merkel to be on that show..

Pimp 6972 : At 5:01 the guy is talking about "delicious produce" but look at Sean's face.

animalmother556x45 : ........possible names for this pepper.... Sean Evans Is My Butch Apollo 1 Fire AF Tunguska Sphincter

tobi97dk : I just have one question.. Why the hell would you make such a big ass bottle of the sauce? 😂 People will take one dab of it and say "NOPE", and never touch the sauce again

animalmother556x45 : ........possible names for this pepper.... Sean Evans Is My Butch Apollo 1 Fire AF Tunguska Sphincter

Holyspecter : 4:53 Food on food crime Kreygasm