ASU Laser Hit

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GTablet Rooted : Just so yall know, this 41 year old adult man committed a crime on both the state and federal level at approx 7:36 pm and was arrested and subsequently released the very next day at 5:44 a.m. on his own recognizance. I just dont get it... How in the hell is this guy released from jail without even having to pony up a single dollar to bail out..... Its a federal crime in the U.S. to aim laser pointer beams at aircraft or their flight path; punishable by up to 5 years in prison and up to $250,000 fine... Nice.. Go make a sensational news announcement on the website but conveniently leave out the details that let the public know what a mockery of justice all of it really is..

trancehi : Seemed staged to make a public information warning film.

Ataris : Do these dumbasses not realize that the laser pointer points directly back to them?

Maxime Armand : Good jobs officers ! You used two police cars and 3 officers to catch a guy with a laser, you must be veryyy proud! Thank god we have you to protect us. Real heros !

Hoof Arted : What the charge? Assault with a laser?

Spiderus : It is a federal felony crime. In 2015, another idiot got 14 years in jail after pointing a laser at a Fresno police helicopter.

Patrice Mersault : "Grabbing curb" is a great expression.

Donny Hurst : should have just strafed him and be done with it like our military does

Nananki : What thoughtless malice, hitting a helicopter with a laser, pointless and stupid.