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Kindergarten Cop 1990 Who is Your Daddy Scene

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Kindergarten Cop - Who is Your Daddy?: Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) learns more about the kids in his class when they tell him about their fathers. BUY THE MOVIE: Watch the best Kindergarten Cop scenes & clips: FILM DESCRIPTION: In this action-comedy, unusual circumstances find big, brawny cop John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) posing as a kindergarten teacher in order to apprehend major drug lord Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson), as well as his ruthless accomplice and mother, Eleanor (Carroll Baker). While pretending to be a kid-friendly instructor, Kimble falls for pretty fellow teacher Joyce Palmieri (Penelope Ann Miller) as he battles both unruly children and dangerous bad guys. CREDITS: TM & © Universal (1990) Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger Director: Ivan Reitman WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: ComingSoon: Indie & Film Festivals: Hero Central: Extras: Classic Trailers: Pop-Up Trailers: Movie News: Movie Games: Fandango: Fandango FrontRunners: HIT US UP: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr:


Jason 999 : Kid: "And he looks at viginas all day long." Me:"Ya- what what?"

TheUnknown : 'Our moms says that our dads is a real sex machine'. Hahaha words to live by

NellyBelle : ''My Dad watches TV all day long...'' lmao!! Kids are way honest!! love it!

Tom tonka : One of Arnold's favourite queries to so many poor, innocent people he happens to randomly call on the phone.

Johnny Klebitz : The boy who is talking about Vagina's is Gabe from Pet Semetary.

ZuRriX : 1:53 - The greatest part.

Eternal Horror : My dad is Kyle Reese and he stops terminators

90loneeagle : 0:24 lmao her dad is a loanshark

Kirdistan Republic Mapper : 1:36 when you realise something is wrong

Games Spy : 0:55 Is your dad Bill Gates?

Lightning McQueen : Lil girl: his head is so big he can't wear hats Me: oh wo- wait hold up what?

Ashanark : Cute kids :) Makes me wonder if any of the kids were actually talking about their dads, or if it was all scripted.

Kitty Song : The last boy Aaron from full house was hilarious

Urnddm Jhdj : At 1:11 it looks like she has no arms 😂😂😂

CommissarKane : The first girl delivered her lines exactly likes kids who listen to parents ravings. Makes me laugh everytime.

Reyna Ramales : 1:53 the trouble maker

Tommy Robert : my dad looks at vaginas all day long LOL

ScoobySnacks : Look up arnold as Darth Vader

Carl Broughton : This is gonna get so many likes!!!

Kara Smith : I can't imagine how much restraint it took to NOT laugh while filming this part 🤣🤣

DiarrheaChain : 1:53

DaveGX : *ROFLMAO!* The twins kill me! XD

DaviD Leviton : One of Arnold’s more underrated movies.

NICK GURR : 0:24 Kid your dad is a loan shark

Daniel Williamson : 1:32 LOL Arnold's reaction at 1:37 is priceless.

Amanda Rose Entertainment Inc. : The twins were from The Problem Child 2!

Corey Cooper : Girl at :52 is the best part of this by far

August Favella : McBain, Let's Get Silly!!

Michael Espiritu : the two twin girl said our dad is a real sex machine hahahah

TULUS SITUNGKIR : This is so real not acting.. better than Laura Ingalls told about her Mom on the LHOTP series

joker 2002 : Isnt the girl from 52 fom beethovan

Sideshow Bob : "our mom says that our dad is a real sex machine" "our mom says that our dad is a real sex machine" ...good

Raven : Am not a policeman I'm a princess🤣

Geo Boy : Guys anyone here in 2018

Chaos Primordial : It's good that her father is helping women who have Pinheads. The Pinhead rebellion!

Charlie : Coincidentally, this popped up in my recommended on Father’s Day.

Mike c : should have been a gynecologist ! :0

Adam Ohm : My dad fixes wrecked cars that are driven by women who are pinheads.

Johnny Dodger : The last boy is a real life Ralph from the simpsons

Anil P : Twin girls from problem child 2😎

LC MARK : Before BS political correctness.

Kyra Dudley : My favorite part of the movie😂😂😂😂

CredibleDerek6511 : Terminator *cuts off arm* Listen very carefully *W H O I S Y O U R D A D D Y A N D W H A T D O E S H E D O*

Nicola Mcguinness : 2 double trouble twins girls with that faces from the movie 1991 problem child 2

Nelster : I wonder if the actors/actresses understand what they're lines mean...

6 O'Clock News at 8 with TheImBrian : "My dad's mom's divorced..." 🙁🙁🙁

alienboya : Last one should of said my dad works at a pet cemetery.

Armando Sanchez : Tsuoriyyosr Tie

Briseur De Lance : 01:36: Arnie's reaction to the twin sisters' speech. :-3