A Whole New World With Realistic Audio

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Kilorat : I'm dying

CharmingRogue : Why did I watch all of it ;_;

MlSSlNGN0 : still as beautiful as the first time i heard it.

Javi Hunter : I got send here by a man who didnt have a proper ending


Evan Fonseca : the video description made me laugh way harder than the video itself.


worgie : i always felt something was missing when i watched this as a child

Hubert Applebaum : And here I was waiting for the allahu akbar.

OGSankai : Realistic? Where is the music coming from?

Jellybean Green ASMR : This was the hardest I've laughed in a long time.😂❤️❤️❤️

FallingTime X : did you just blow your dorito breath into the microphone?

Kyle Kieffer : About the 1:00 mark...RIP headphone users...

Key 6 : lmfao!! made me laugh way harder then it should have!!!

Canica Lopez : Didney Worl.

Lorenzo Monreal : I was waiting for a sonic boom

Blen dy : It made me laugh hard when the wind got harder.

Varun Mathews : I'm in tears right now. :'D

JaiJai : I laughed way too hard, but who's playing the instrument?

DannyG683 : Soundtrack by Merzbow.

Vensey Ness : I was sent here by a man who was playing a game with controls more fiddly then a pedofilic violin player.

Clockwork data | diasse : haha! When i flew glider people always said: -Oh! it must be so peaceful! Well no, It's just like this vid...! :)

Eric Goetz : Should have put a sonic boom at 1:11

Janna R. Lopez Räven : I played this for my sound mixer on set last week. We could not stop laughing. Especially since we were filming at the beach. BTW on a list I am on they said it is missing the RF drops, till someone said it was recorded on the Zaxcam wireless mics. PLEASE make one for the Little Mermaid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

biggestfanever1 : I listened to hurricane winds for 1:50 and laughed so hard I cried jfc kill me.

Sam Anderson : Hilarious!

Lucas Harvie : HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Miguel de la vega : i haven't laughed so hard in a long time

sonyviva308 : I can't hear shit. I had to increase my PC volume. Then I clicked to watch another video about guns. GODDAMN That was loud

Michael Bouchie : I knew exactly what to expect, and still laughed.

bben415 : Haha, brilliant!

Multiplio : I was not expecting this... I'm still wiping the tears of laughter away from my eyes... :D "Instead what I'll do, is I'll...."

HASEnoncorperated : well at least flying carpets don't usually travel at mach speeds.

Dick Trickle : this is the loudest wind on youtube

Ethan Bortier : Michigan vid

Sofia Reactz : 00:58 got to me

Meaghan Fabiani : lol

Hom Tanks : Came here from that Michigan video.

The Veg Edge : 😂accurate people ruin everything lol

شاهين رسولی : بازنشدچرا

Henry Mosquera : Lmao

fred bear : Lol try this with headphones in full volume

Nyamooni : im cRYING??

thecolorofcolour : WHy is this so fuckign funny

Denny Kurien : haha - good one!

Wurdswurth : 00:54!!

Jacqueline Ann : Lmaoooooooooooo

Chris RamenSan : In Arabia, magic carpet flies you!

GALAXY VAPOREON : a whole new world

Spence ah : nice meme