A Whole New World With Realistic Audio

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Kilorat : I'm dying

RM Gmzorz : just close the window

FlyingOverTr0ut : You did well.

Javi Hunter : I got send here by a man who didnt have a proper ending

Yusetzuki : I CAN'T BREATHE

Evan Fonseca : the video description made me laugh way harder than the video itself.

Vensey Ness : I was sent here by a man who was playing a game with controls more fiddly then a pedofilic violin player.

BlueKnight12 : I was sent here by a man who has Gordon Ramsey living in his town

PonzooonTheGreat : Beware, headphone users.

worgie : i always felt something was missing when i watched this as a child

OGSankai : Realistic? Where is the music coming from?

boiledelephant : The first time anyone tries to use a gopro.

Kyle Kieffer : About the 1:00 mark...RIP headphone users...

Hubert Applebaum : And here I was waiting for the allahu akbar.

Key 6 : lmfao!! made me laugh way harder then it should have!!!

DannyG683 : Soundtrack by Merzbow.

Canica Lopez : Didney Worl.

xSociety : My eyes are watering I'm laughing so hard

Blen dy : It made me laugh hard when the wind got harder.

Hristo Georgiev : I was sent here by AAAAAAAAAA

MlSSlNGN0 : still as beautiful as the first time i heard it.

Varun Mathews : I'm in tears right now. :'D

Lorenzo Monreal : I was waiting for a sonic boom

BunnyMan456 : 0:45 Well that wide shot there wouldn't have blown out no microphones on account of the camera being nowhere near the characters. If you was attempting to be realistic, I believe you would of heard voices sounding far away like. Unless the cameraman were in some kind of wind tunnel. Now you could turn hide and say you were pretending the microphones was on the actors, but if that were so, you'd be following them cinematic guidelines of character perspective regardless of camera position, a clear breach of the parameters of reality you set yourself. No, sir. T'aint natural.

JaiJai : I laughed way too hard, but who's playing the instrument?

Clockwork data | diasse : haha! When i flew glider people always said: -Oh! it must be so peaceful! Well no, It's just like this vid...! :)

Sam Anderson : Hilarious!

FallingTime X : did you just blow your dorito breath into the microphone?


Eric Goetz : Should have put a sonic boom at 1:11

Janna R. Lopez Räven : I played this for my sound mixer on set last week. We could not stop laughing. Especially since we were filming at the beach. BTW on a list I am on they said it is missing the RF drops, till someone said it was recorded on the Zaxcam wireless mics. PLEASE make one for the Little Mermaid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

MrSimonono : A carpet that can fly and you're questioning the wind

biggestfanever1 : I listened to hurricane winds for 1:50 and laughed so hard I cried jfc kill me.

JerryLiuFilms & Product Reviews : Hahaha :)

narutokirby333 : laughed so hard i cried

Nexus Kam : The sound of wind is a bit too loud(most of the time) juding by their velocity  and the mic should be inserted next to their neck so their singing should always be heard other than that, this is perfect

Lucas Harvie : HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

zac50333 - 50B : I came here from a man that has an idea for his ou-

Robert Sides : Not only that, but they would have never been able to get the oxygen needed to even sing like that. Hell, can they even see?

CharmingRogue : Why did I watch all of it ;_;

Deliana Alan : I don't know why but im laughing... Is this really funny for you??

Eirahcaz : ''Like Skyrim with ear rape'' - IGN

Matthew Class : Absolute gold hahah

Julz Games & 3D : I now have headache

sonyviva308 : I can't hear shit. I had to increase my PC volume. Then I clicked to watch another video about guns. GODDAMN That was loud

Miguel de la vega : i haven't laughed so hard in a long time

Wingy : LOOOL, but would even be more realistic if they'd sing out of breath cause cause, all that wind in their faces!

gg 123 : this is really funny

hedders : Atleast this has a proper ending.

Michael Bouchie : I knew exactly what to expect, and still laughed.