Vitas Meets Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit / 7th Element Mashup

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Andre Antunes : Nirvitas?

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : This is one of the reasons why i need youtube in my life.

EpicZEVEN : Secret demo of Kurt revealed

seb ASMR : i need a break from life now

Ugly Bag of Mostly Water : Whoever made this mashup is a genius. Gold. Pure gold. Platinum!

ZineMay Agaara : Шикарно. Просто шикарно. Апплодирую стоя.

Antariksha Dahal : Vitvana

Neil Granados - Keys : Nirvitas - Smells like 7th Element

Bronze : Now, this is what I call classical music.

TomsTarantulas : this is Kurt Cobain's final form.

Mojodojo : one of these videos, that u didnt know u needed in ur life. but now dont know how u could live without them

Chad Mojito : VERY YES

Andrew Pappas : I still don't know who Vitas is but this worked surprisingly well, this was hilarious

Reza Wali : 1:24 is simply grammy award material

Ian Whiteout : is this what heavens sound like?

thebeanerinthepot makingitoutthere : I hate this because it sounds so good and it shouldn't

Antariksha Dahal : I like the smooth jazz version a lot.

Dian Kurniawan : Must be soundtrack fifa world cup

Dadallowed prod. : ахахахахахах! я орал в полночь, меня выгнали из дома, но я не могу остановиться, особенно на 1.25

I live on a tropical island : What in the cyka blyat did I just watch?

Bonpoc4er : Полюбому это видео сделал Кодзима, потому что это слишком гениально!

Rob Mcmuffin : imagine.. if this came out instead of the original smells like teen spirit.. how different things would have turned out... theories anyone?

Filippo .Serafin : The "Come as you are" solo at the end got me Very well!

Семён Семёнов : Я пришёл дать лайк этому видео! Отличный мэш-ап!

Хитоми Казуру : О Господи, это гениально!

Xusrav Himself : Нихуя себе!!!

svizard f,hfvjd : Это новое слово в науке и технике

sk00ma : It was April 4th, 1994. Kurt had a vision that night regarding the unborn existence of this video. The next morning, kurt couldn’t handle the pressures of knowing that his fame would be stolen and fade away once this came to existence which is why “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” was written on his suicide note.

Отец : Kurvitas

Fotini Giannopoulou : Smells like 7th element spirit


David Tolentino : Oh internet...

Jakegothicsnake : I wouldn’t be surprised if one could open up his throat and find circuits, wires, and microchips inside.....

о DяэШохЧ о : When Curt Cobain is on drugs, but he has a concert after 1h.

Ивангай : ОХУЕТЬ!

Thais Melo : nirvitas

chilanya : can't stop listening to this

Kadir Šabotić : Fuuuuusion....haaaa!!!!! I am nor Vitas, nor Nirvana. I am Nirvitas.

André Filipe : Even Cobain likes this version

Simon Templer : 0:58 Ladies.. U know it. . he he..

cosmo jesus : До слез, спасибо

Noomi Herran : I didn't know I needed this.

gesouix : god's work

Kurt Johnson : Nooooooooooooo!!

толя чертюга : где бля русские

an00bis : 7th Spirit


Ray Cis : I now understand the great question. What is the meaning of life? After watching this video I now know.

alfarosi yoga : official 2018 world cup song

Underscore The Alien : This is the greatest video on the internet