Polymer Clay Sculpture - Purple Fungus - Time Lapse

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Comments from Youtube

Ingeborg Granli : wow, that's beautiful❤ great colour combination too!

scum of the earth : what's the first song called? I love it. beautiful sculpture btw, your art never fails to amaze me

cristianci00 : great piece of work and nice music

jadeetdaly : toujours aussi fabuleux de voir la vie se creer dans tes doigts sans parler du sujet et de ce qu'il sous entend bravo

Anjas wonderland : 💙love it💙

Maggie Kirkwood : Do you bake the pieces before you put them on or do you put the whole thing in after? I’m working with polymer clay in my AP 3D class right now and was wondering if the can would react in the oven

joseybegood : I absolutely adore your work. Brilliant!

Igrad Tar : Haha the dry brushing is so fun

Mims Victims : Your work is so suitable for time lapses, so nice to see it being built up. Beautiful video & art. (:

Leetzanna Royalla : So peaceful. I miss the feeling of creating but I feel some of it again when I watch you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Marion Mathews : Yet another beautiful masterpiece! Love the addition of the Pebeo paint ‘spillage’. Gorgeous effect! TFS

Erin Ward Sloan : I think this is such a clever way to combine old materials with sculptures. Good on u keep up the awesome work

Lucía Tarazaga : 👏🏻good job. I love your art. It inspires me to sculpt myself

LMNOPopsicle : Sooooo awesome! Creative colourful brilliant.

msnounours : Another nice piece! Love the bug details :)

RUSSELL DAVIS : the MRS here... what can i say miss Stephanie--- gorgeous as always <3

Nasma tijjj : I love your art

Ale Crafts : WOW

Tube You : I keep waiting for so long to watch your video :)) as usually your art still the best for me

Robin Bowman : This piece is just Gorgeous...♡♡♡

mari hop : Awesome work, love the beetle . Tfs. :)

Buttered Lumps : I wonder if i'm the only one who thinks your art literally implies recycling because fungi are nature's ultimate recyclers.

Reinwald Fabienne : Magnifique!....😍

teadrip : mindblowing!!!

Jane B. : That is so cool. About how long did that take to make?

Marina Gélineau : Magnifique encore une fois, Stéphanie !! J'aime beaucoup cette coloration, et la sensibilité de tes pièces est toujours aussi magique. Merci à toi de nous régaler les yeux, et très belle année à toi 😊

pomatia : so cool! enjoyed every part of it :-)

Akshay Sule : Wow, amazing artwork! Truky beautiful.Also, if l may I ask, what material is the purple stick/stem? The ones you used to stick the purple mushroom heads to the top of the can. Is it really thin steings of clay or wire or something else? Thank you!

Jill Emms : WOW WOW WOW !!!

lianadine pastrana : What brand of polymer clay do you use? Also love your art!

leticia martinez cervantes : Muy muy bello!!!!.

Aryan Dolare : What is this material called

Ever Redd : Hey steph do you put wire into the mushrooms before you attach them. Onto the can? For support?

Isabelle Scouten : Can you put that in a gas oven safely??

Vero shwannie : C'est immensément beau et artistique ce qui me gêne c'est la boîte de conserve un matériaux beaucoup plus noble serait bien ce n'est pas une critique juste une suggestion

RubyStandingDEER : SLOW DOWN