Polymer Clay Sculpture - Purple Fungus - Time Lapse

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Ky Shinju : Your piece's are always outstanding. ♡ a dream of mine is to be able to buy one of them one day.

Ingeborg Granli : wow, that's beautiful❤ great colour combination too!

scum of the earth : what's the first song called? I love it. beautiful sculpture btw, your art never fails to amaze me

jadeetdaly : toujours aussi fabuleux de voir la vie se creer dans tes doigts sans parler du sujet et de ce qu'il sous entend bravo

cristianci00 : great piece of work and nice music

Ale Crafts : WOW

Igrad Tar : Haha the dry brushing is so fun

Anjas wonderland : 💙love it💙

Nasma 16dz : I love your art

Buttered Lumps : I wonder if i'm the only one who thinks your art literally implies recycling because fungi are nature's ultimate recyclers.

Bella S. : Can you put that in a gas oven safely??

Ever Redd : Hey steph do you put wire into the mushrooms before you attach them. Onto the can? For support?

pomatia : so cool! enjoyed every part of it :-)

RUSSELL DAVIS : the MRS here... what can i say miss Stephanie--- gorgeous as always <3

Tube You : I keep waiting for so long to watch your video :)) as usually your art still the best for me

Reinwald Fabienne : Magnifique!....😍

Marion Mathews : Yet another beautiful masterpiece! Love the addition of the Pebeo paint ‘spillage’. Gorgeous effect! TFS

msnounours : Another nice piece! Love the bug details :)

Marina Gélineau : Magnifique encore une fois, Stéphanie !! J'aime beaucoup cette coloration, et la sensibilité de tes pièces est toujours aussi magique. Merci à toi de nous régaler les yeux, et très belle année à toi 😊

leticia martinez cervantes : Muy muy bello!!!!.

Robin Bowman : This piece is just Gorgeous...♡♡♡

Erin Ward Sloan : I think this is such a clever way to combine old materials with sculptures. Good on u keep up the awesome work

Jane B. : That is so cool. About how long did that take to make?

Lucía Tarazaga : 👏🏻good job. I love your art. It inspires me to sculpt myself

Jill Emms : WOW WOW WOW !!!

mari hop : Awesome work, love the beetle . Tfs. :)

teadrip : mindblowing!!!

Pat IR : I unsubbed a long time ago because during the videos you kept talking about things completely unrelated and said things that were rather controversial. But I am resubbing today, because I feel you have grown. Not only as a clay sculptor but a youtuber. Good job and Thank you.