Yumi's fantasy

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Priteesh Garg : She talks like Google assistant

E Lowe : Praise the algorithm gods for putting this one in my recommendations.

sharkface : Rofl. She’s so lovable. With delivery. And intelligent comedy. Beautiful. Rofl. She’s funny man.

Tanay Sharma : It's possible. People. It's possible. We can have a comedian who's a female and funny. It's possible. Yay!

Unworshipediety : Whoa! I like her style.

croyant rêver : Wow new comedian on the rise! You have talent. As a person who knows gay people, they laughed with you too! even if they don't think so, ya got humor!. Keep it up Yumi!

Arrthur Gomes : Did....did she just explain indirectly why some girls like yaoi so much?

JaiUneGuruDeja : For all those who have described Yumi as an "Asian woman", I believe she prefers the term "Japanese Godess". And, IMHO, she qualifies.

Uatemydoodle : I have absolutely no idea what I watched, but jokes are 10/10.

David Hester : the presumed language barrier actually makes the pacing fantastic, bet she speakada great engrish

sharkface : When she said, Oh he likes that one. Hahahahaha

Mr P : Get this girl a netflix special.

Bob Ross Erotica Fanfiction : You really don't need the subtitles. You're very easy to understand. Great set.

eyemall ears : YES!!!! Cut across American culture with your sword of humour!

SuperAlfaDogg : Stand up is not easy. This girl nailed it! 👍

Rajat Mane : 16 years old Mt Fujii Hilarious 😂😂😂😂

Ren Karasu : "beautiful cocksucker.... blood sucker" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Kartik Kale : Yumi is adorable & funny. 😙😍

bernhard knabl : Who is she, and where can I marry her?

chris campbell : She was awesome made me laugh non stop.

Paul Luna : Dirty Banana lol I’m done 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

renato yap : The only forbidden fruit I know is Durian ... damn you got some funky / weird humour ( and friends too )

Abhijeet Payasi : Classic Japanese and my confession about what made Japanese women more sensous is their voice and extremely clear and smooth .. Definitely have to get one

Peter Clarke : Watch this lady... she’ll be big

Terry Barker : Hmmm thank you Yumi I just found out I'm #teamjacob

Chris Willis : Okay Netflix pay her up! 🤣🤣

Patrick William : I agree with one of the comments below, Netflix should offer you a deal immediately. Your standup is crazy hilarious and your delivery is perfect. New subscriber and definitely a fan. You have to come to Dallas, I’d be front and center. Great job.

Chris Lupe : Lmao she has tears running down my legs!!!

Aayush Sharma : Her soft voice in comedy is an amazing combo❤❤❤❤❤

Crash Bandicoot : SNL take notice!!!

Lord Mamba : I think she’s funny.

e z : You should put the subtitles under the closed captions! It's funnier to hear your delivery without spoiling the punchline :)

Kami Sama : Lol a yaoi or is that yuri lady open confession 😂😂😂

Mika'ele Keni' : Nice 😁 I like her!

Jim Hoadley : You killed it! Need more!

손지상 : Love because of forbidding, old Japanese thought of Koi(Love). Kata-Omoi. Shinju. Keep it up, lady! I entertained by your joke. 日本語でも書かせてください。僕は韓国人ですが、多少漢字と仮名が読めますんで。大変面白かったです。頑張ってください、スタンドアップの世界で、長嶋さんのジョークを聞いた限り、生意気ですが、アジア人と女性の力を見せる時も遠くないはずと感じました。

Just a bit of Junkie : Why the subtitles?!

Aniket Sengar : She has a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel vibe! Without the caffeine-fueled fast talking of course.

Aman Bishnoi : Love from *INDIA* 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

J.B.SMITH GOLDHUNTER : Woo shes fine! Yumi , a very appropriate name indeed!😎👍

Mark Mays : this makes me think women like gay guys cause you both send out mixed signals and thats just neurotic but very fanny hohoho

Jason Dzane : Well am calling it, she is gonna be a star.

Aish T : Like Porn Broadcast 😆😆😆😊

Abraham Hernandez : Yoo the end got me😂

deb santos : I think im in love.. hahaha

Stephanie Bonilla : You deserve more gigs!

R Alexander : Please announce when you play NYC. I will bring friends.

Akhilesh Gupta : You sound like a robot 🤖 but a funny one. 😂

Paddington in wonderland : She looks like Jessica Huang

Dimitri : Odd how a lot of us fantasize about women we can't get either, not only because they may be gay, but also out of our league or told they have someone. How is a dirty banana forbidden? Anyways, we need those available like Yumi out here