Shrek: The Best Movie Ever Made
Shrek The Best Movie Ever Made

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Taffy is trashy : "And Donkey, is donkey coloured which represents that he's a donkey." - Pyrocynical, 2018

Sundel : We only need 300k more likes until we get a Shrek 2 analysis, come on guys!

IrrieldeCZ : Female Dragon? thats sexist... The correct word is dragoness.


Meme City : Commenting "So guys we did it" on every Pyrocynical video Day 3

Sam Nikola : This is basically *Shrekscop: The Best Movie You've All Seen*

loomman529 : Shrek truly was the MCU before it's time.

McClony : Dunkey should've voiced Donkey in Shrek *Change My Mind*

Kevin S : This wasn’t a video it was an experience

The Jester : *Can we get an F in the comments for Mother Bear after she was slaughtered by a dual-wielding Serious Sam?* 😩

Manacraftmod : he protec he atac but most importantly he want his swamp bacc

Austin The Cook : i can’t believe that pyro doesn’t understand capitalism. -Ben Shapiro, 2019

Theroaria : Wow this is more advanced than any English analysis, of a story, with no hidden meaning

Springy Coyle : Shrek should be in the final season for Game Of Thrones

The Abominable Squid : "Shrek has saved my marriage and my entire life" every married person on the internet

LUCAzade : Tbh it definitely is the best movie. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Grimey : Watching this in class, my teacher kind of resembles Shrek, which is ironic...

CFI Secure : I was suicidal before I watched this video, I am now married and have 2 kids at 15. I have a job that pays $122,000 a year and thanks to this video I have beat aids. Thank you Shrek!

Cordex : I can’t be the only one who cried fourteen times during this documentary

Flubabuba psycho : You may not believe me but I've watched shrek around 2500 times and it is in 3 years


Endmin1 : “I Am Legend” got it right with a protagonist that loves Shrek.

et Han of Astora : Do a game theory on how Shrek is the prequel to Dark Souls

BlazinInfernape : I'm a donkey. How can you show this? I'm donkey colored.

KickStartTV : ~\|[{spideR maN iNtO da SpIdeR-vErsE}]|/~ *_I beg to differ_*

Dominic Lewis : Come on my gong gang we must reach that 500k like goal to torcher pyro even more 😈

Anne Blu2 : Did you know that 90% of all of pyros revenue goes to the moving diamonds on top of the water in his outro.

thebahooplamaster : Tbh, I honestly feel like half of this video is just brilliant shit posting and that half of this is a legit dissection of Shrek

Liam Harrison : *types colud* d i d y o u m e a n c l o u d

Austin Ravioli : 6:44 It is not pronounced "Jodl" yet pronounced as "Yoe - dl" due to the germans being weird when they decided making their own language was a good idea.

Cali Gurl : shrek is Donald trump because he's going to build a wall around his land

matthew sowell : everybody like now or ur pp is small *MORE SHREK*

LemonOVA : This video scientifically proves that Shrek does indeed have Swag

Ralph does things : Donkey is donkey colored so that represents him being a donkey :Pyro 2018

4y : Worst part is that some of the analyse is true.

Just another wahmen : Also not to forget the groundbreaking sexual relationship between a huge dragon & a tiny donkey which manages to break all the laws of physics & biology together

Spint the slug : Pyrocynical: Now, Duloc backwards is absolutly nothing. *shows picture of clouds* Me: excuse me sir, that’s illegal. It’s Colud. Close enough. 👌🏻👌🏻😂

iNabber : Three minutes in and I'm already crying, this is beautiful

Sophie Crouton : The mother bear can actually be found in Lord Farquaads room in the mirror scene

FireFlame002 : My teacher wouldn’t let me do the book version of shrek for my book review as she said there ‘is nothing to analyse.’ im’ma show her this.

MegaFeces : Too think that when Donkey flattened the soldiers in Dulac with the barrel, they're families had to be told that he was flattened by a barrel riding donkey.

Censored Music : Pyro: A man of his word.

JolyneRule34 : Not even a single E meme Impressive

Elias Hakala : shrek + dark souls music = perfection

Squiggly Mint : Day 700 of waiting for shrek 89

Hooked On Chronics : *_Cinema Sins: Shrek (Gone Sexual) (Gone PCP) (Gone Transexual)_*

Tammy Kat : Why does this sound like an assessment? My English teacher would be proud

Pixel : detroit: become human is actually based off of shrek

thorium is future of energy : 14:04 background music, please.