Shrek: The Best Movie Ever Made

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Justin Y. : Remember, we need 500k likes to get a part 2


Bryzo : One flaw in the video, you called Shrek a motion picture, it’s actually a anime series.

Just D. : Continuity error: you said that Shrek takes place in 2003, although at the end where you show Donkey breaking his neck and dying you say “Rip Donkey 1990-2001” coincidence, I think not

Morgan Lemons : Honestly Shrek made my childhood worth living....but now its over so I should kill myself

Camila Cuevas : I love how you can hear him holding back his laughter in some parts of the video. What an absolute legend.

Toony : pyrocynical: shrek is the best movie without a doubt viewers: elaborate on that pyrocynical: no

Pigeon Overlord : Actually, the mama bear was turned into a carpet for Lord Farquad. Didn't know that, did you?

TheGreenRocket : I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I think *Eddie Murphy* was a great president and we need him back again :(

Dawid D : I feel like am watching my english teacher analyse shrek

iNabber : Three minutes in and I'm already crying, this is beautiful

Lone Wind : ah, i see you're a man of culture as well

frg'ndrt'rtrt : a fifteen minute trailer for shrek has swag reboot

2764 Subscribers With Few Videos? : Shrek is the best movie of all time *change my mind*

AKS World : Shrek was a legend as soon as smashmouth utterd the first lyrics

thebahooplamaster : Tbh, I honestly feel like half of this video is just brilliant shit posting and that half of this is a legit dissection of Shrek

Flishy Fish : Donkey is donkey colored which represents him being a donkey.

[SBZ] Karma : He forgot to mention that the knight's appearance is similar to the knights of the Crusade, which shows that Farquaad is secretly trying to reclaim Shrek's swamp, or the Holy Land.

Pat Moon : I hear that Oblivion music you sneaked in there

Astros : Next do a game theory on how shrek 5 is going to be jojo part 9

AlternateHistoryHub : Shrek started in 2001. War on Terror started in 2001. Both control our lives today. Coincidence?

Mateorradoren : Best. Video. Ever. And It's all true!

Kuvin : I just watched a 15 minute 25 second review of shrek

ShadowsCrescent : #HeyNowYou'reAnAllStarGetYourGameOnGoPlay

Blake Brown : I can’t tell if he was being serious about the review of the movie or just joking about the movie the entire time.

LemonOVA : This video scientifically proves that Shrek does indeed have Swag

Ahmed Aamir : 9:29 Fortnite song is funny

CookieRoosterTM : 3:34 is the background music of the sewers in ratatouille the video game. why are you that amazing.

TheGuyEatingPie : 1:19 - 1:31 Is that the dark souls 3 fire link shine backround music I hear, or am I hallucinating?

hydro greninja91 : i genuinely believed this until 1:11

et Han of Astora : Do a game theory on how Shrek is the prequel to Dark Souls

a gaming turtle : 14:04 song is gallowmere waltz of the psp game medieval resurrection

curryvid : I love your jokes. They come from nowhere but still make sense weirdly.

Thewuggle : I better get a shrek 2 review I swear

Thomas Johnson : Review shrek 2 ,and 3 ,and 4

Pixel : detroit: become human is actually based off of shrek

Konny Ezeama : The thumbnail said "Etika viewers watch this" so I came.

Cameron Birchill : Umm why isn’t this Shrek has swag 5??

Mr.Blitz 2017 : This is why its my favorite anime

Bertiboy : I don’t think we’re going to make 500k boys. This truly breaks my layered heart

Gaston Varela : soundtrack at 1:34?

Cassadelic : this is probably the best content you've ever created damn

donovanisnear : Who else watched the entire video

ByyteHD : This isn't shrek has swag 5

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Make this a series?

Clorox Bleach : what is that video at the very begining lol I NEED TO KNOW. pls tellmi

F.P. : like the video before i find out where you live

DANK BOİ : the first thing i am gonna do i am gonna build a 10 foot wall around my land ''donald trump'' 2036

Eggs Benedict : This isn’t “Shrek has $wag 5”....

Daniel Sambar : *It’s about time that we got Shrek has Swag 5...*