Shrek: The Best Movie Ever Made

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Camila Cuevas : I love how you can hear him holding back his laughter in some parts of the video. What an absolute legend.

Meme City : Commenting "So guys we did it" on every Pyrocynical video Day 3

Pigeon Overlord : Actually, the mama bear was turned into a carpet for Lord Farquad. Didn't know that, did you?

Toony : pyrocynical: shrek is the best movie without a doubt viewers: elaborate on that pyrocynical: no

Lone Wind : ah, i see you're a man of culture as well

AlternateHistoryHub : Shrek started in 2001. War on Terror started in 2001. Both control our lives today. Coincidence?

Kuvin : I just watched a 15 minute 25 second review of shrek

TheGreenRocket : I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I think *Eddie Murphy* was a great president and we need him back again :(

2764 Subscribers With Few Videos? : Shrek is the best movie of all time *change my mind*

curryvid : I love your jokes. They come from nowhere but still make sense weirdly.

LemonOVA : This video scientifically proves that Shrek does indeed have Swag

Astros . : Next do a game theory on how shrek 5 is going to be jojo part 9

Ahmed Aamir : 9:29 Fortnite song is funny

CookieRoosterTM : 3:34 is the background music of the sewers in ratatouille the video game. why are you that amazing.

Theroaria : Wow this is more advanced than any English analysis, of a story, with no hidden meaning

thebahooplamaster : Tbh, I honestly feel like half of this video is just brilliant shit posting and that half of this is a legit dissection of Shrek

Thomas Johnson : Review shrek 2 ,and 3 ,and 4

Konny Ezeama : The thumbnail said "Etika viewers watch this" so I came.

Roin : Most people think this is a joke.

S Jester : *Can we get an F in the comments for Mother Bear after she was slaughtered by a dual-wielding Serious Sam?* 😩

et Han of Astora : Do a game theory on how Shrek is the prequel to Dark Souls

herra toveri : 2:26 Great music choice. Oblivion is just the best game ever.

titaneum : whats the song at like 14:00

Anne Blu2 : Did you know that 90% of all of pyros revenue goes to the moving diamonds on top of the water in his outro.

Angel Vela Gamino : LMAO I DIED AT 1:57

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Make this a series?

Absolutely Nothing : 2:35 thanks for unintentionally saying my name

Gamer Over : Shrek: The best anime you never watched

cytone xd : Omg same like if a you agree

Quinn Reynolds : It took me way longer than it should have to realize you were just meming me.

iNabber : Three minutes in and I'm already crying, this is beautiful

Mega Shark : Later in the day Stephen Spielberg confirmed that this video is real

Goundz : To be honest out side of the jokes shrek as a film is revolutionary to movies at the time

D.DoT-Z : 7:01 Bird box

HEHEHE I AM A MASKED WARRIA : #HeyNowYou'reAnAllStarGetYourGameOnGoPlay

Albino : see ya at shrekfest

Fuck You : 1:56

Potato Potato : #HeyNowYou'reAnAllStarGetYourGameOnGoPlay

ICToaN [Ender] : *Pyro laughs at his scripts* WHAT COULD IT BE?!

MEME REVIEW : Petscop 2


Zac Attack : I love shrek, its a great film, please watch shrek came out 4 days after this. Wtf you time traveler.

Shrektastic69 : Couldn’t agree more

C0zmic-_8 : Top 10 absolute mad lads

Ok : The link for this video is in my instagram bio, the world must know of this masterpiece

Justin Y. : Remember, we need 500k likes to get a part 2

highlifer 420 : I will never watch shrek the same again.

Finn Conroy : *Shrek 2**

N0 0n3 : shrekscop 2

Cheetah Unkown : Truly Epic