LYNX New Zealand | It’s all about the confidence

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GYSTFORKICKZ : Nice need to get me some of that chur chur

John Vaka : 2:41 to this day he's still waiting for that hi-five

Flynn Ivatt : Haha I'm that bucket head guy lol missed the hand shake after Humphrey winning handball

Joshua Zhang : Great follow up from the previous ad. It's hilarious how they referenced our Aussie cricket incident

AmericZelander : This is the only ad on YouTube that lasted more than a minute that I've watched to the end. That enjoyable.

Wassup Cuzzz : This a proper aussie and nz ad

Blake Morris : That ball obviously would have landed out of the court meaning the Aussie won.

S9732 : Yeah this is actually funny...from an Aussie.

LifeAsASkrub : im better at handball than both of them

Ethan Sharp : Hey thats pretty good

nick kidd : What does it smell like? Buds n Lion Red?

Wassup Cuzzz : It's all about the confidence bro

Boba Fett : George!!

Thomas and friends : haha this is great! steve smith came to my school a few months ago too

Help me Reach 15k subscribers with no videos : Now I can smell like fish and chips

N F : Aussies.. no surprises there 😂

GalvatronMurder : My true role model

Kadeisawesome : HEY RACHEL PECKHAM 😎

Kadeisawesome : 0:33 when I see a meat pie at the canteen but I'm short 10 cence

Kadeisawesome : A good game of handball

Mickeymouse god : Funny because lynx New Zealand is made in Australia

Judyana Grace : haha Julian crack up haha

aZy _Jonti : Hey Rachel Peckham

Jeff the Potato : Reminds me of when i was a kid. 1:35

ViliAmbassador : Yo mean Flynn bro crack up keep it up

Miz Squish : I absolutely love this!

jade whippy : 2:07 ''get on your corner'' how he says it lmao

Bunny Hophophop : Geez thanks again Steve Numnuts Smith for making all Aussies look dodgey!

Kyla Petersen : This Is amazing

Tom Webb : Question: How long will I smell of Pork Bones and Puha if I use your product?

Zeal Annihilator : No one gonna notice the cricket reference in the hand ballgame??

KosyKruptioN : ah great ads....good too see some back and fourth between countries

Joss Brodie : I wonder if he's still hunting sparrows

Feebii : Lol first time in a while that I actually watched the whole ad haha

lord_ Redpanda : Hes so puffed out at the dairy because he ran all the way from Miro St walkway to Gardner Ave dairy....even though there are at least 3 closer by hahaha

smol little zella : okay i would actually buy your product if i was a man

The Man 121 : Hahahaha cchhuurrrr solid ad cuzzy

Obsessed with Trains : There’s a LYNX New Zealand? WAT

luca hao : he didnt pay call 911