How to Make the Worlds Best Paper Airplane - Banned in Competition

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JonnyEthco : This is so ridiculous that I love it. More How To With Ketchup!

Hank and Jed : This feels like cheating.

DaBest 81 : Whose here from commenting on comments?

Ryan A : Anyone from commenting on comments

Howto WithKetchup : thanks!

noregrets92 : Cashier: "So that's fifteen bottles of ketchup, are you sure there's nothing else?" Ketchup guy: "No no, that'll be all thank you. Just the ketchup" Cashier: "Are you sure? It's just that you never seem to buy anything els..." Ketchup guy: "Just... the... ketchup." Cashier: "Right, see you same time tomorrow then."

elgiacomo : How to do your own oil change with KETCHUP

Anduu 57 : How to make mustard with ketchup

SarPach : Simon!!

Howto WithKetchup : Mustard is a less superior condiment on many different levels including aerodynamics.

Lewis Mooney : I love the parody on how to videos! Plus it's fucking Simon so who doesn't love this! I love how serious you are!

bookzandmore : hahahaa i love this uncle bryan great how to video you should check out my how to videos to :)

cptjfike : Simon is uh... he needs.... Simon are you okay?

Schmmiii : How to make ketchup, with ketchup

blitz main : This was uploaded on my Birthday!

Majin INC : SIMON!!! SIMON!!! IT'S SIMON!!!!

Barfing Chicken Studios : How to clip your toe nails with ketchup?

Brandon Obregon : this is fuckin stupid

n0gulag : Where’s Subnautica?

Z4V43T4 : This guy is fukin hilarious

JonnyEthco : @Xplosivo101 Yes I did. It was delicious.

ernest_hemingway666 : or you can fold the aeroplane without ketchup.. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Bradford Roberts : Profound.

luisr5432 : All I see is a grown man playing with ketchup :o

The Mythical Guy : How about how to build a house for the homeless with ketchup

Joel Robertson : This is the weirdest video ever watched

galan0 : lol am i the only one that thought this was really funny

mothman21 : I want to see a video of you flying that soggy plane. And then eating it.

Howto WithKetchup : @JuBxGhost A bit graphic but thank you:)

Howto WithKetchup : @Schmmiii You know by now I made how to shuffle with Ketchup.....atleast now you know. How to make ketchup with ketchup is now officially on the list!

Howto WithKetchup : @sinkingship5 I promise to keep the insanity coming!

Howto WithKetchup : @Elocho17 God Bless YOU!!!

Howto WithKetchup : @Galan0 You are one of a select few.....and for that I like you ....but as more than a friend

Howto WithKetchup : @kakaobe You Ketchup:)

Howto WithKetchup : @kakaobe Not as graphic as the guy above but it's a start:)

Howto WithKetchup : @luisr5432 What you actually see is an INTOXICATED man playing with Ketchup

Howto WithKetchup : @Kiretrams1 No it's not!

Howto WithKetchup : @noregrets92 Have you been following me?

Howto WithKetchup : @rozzalenda123 Both paper and ketchup recycled. I'm not stupid.

Howto WithKetchup : @eezee83 I am mad eezee83.....mad for ketchup!

AliothSenator : Better use semen

ortoa quinnso : siiiiiiimmmon

No : "This is optional". I love these vids Brian!!! I'll never stop lovin' em.

Mitchumthegreat : You just earned urself a sub... next gen ketchup usage.

The Notorious B.R.Y.A.N. : How to decorate cake with ketchup

True Story : uhhhhhhhhh..... ok?

Taeo13 : Me lol

Jared Couturier : @jonnyethco Ever tried flying one of these?!

Nicholas Balogh : Oh Simon, you are the best. Thank you for this. World peace brother.

Force : You are sick man