How to Make the Worlds Best Paper Airplane - Banned in Competition

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DaBest 81 : Whose here from commenting on comments?

Ryan A : Anyone from commenting on comments

Howto WithKetchup : thanks!

elgiacomo : How to do your own oil change with KETCHUP

Majin INC : SIMON!!! SIMON!!! IT'S SIMON!!!!

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Samuel Clay : Friggin Simon

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No : "This is optional". I love these vids Brian!!! I'll never stop lovin' em.

Marc Connolly : I sat and watched through this entire thing...

Joel Robertson : This is the weirdest video ever watched

The Mythical Guy : How about how to build a house for the homeless with ketchup

BigMoist : This is oddly satisfying.

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JonnyEthco : This is so ridiculous that I love it. More How To With Ketchup!

Derry McSilver : Looks like your playing with a used menstruation pad at the end

ernest_hemingway666 : or you can fold the aeroplane without ketchup.. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

JonnyEthco : @Xplosivo101 Yes I did. It was delicious.

Howto WithKetchup : @Schmmiii You know by now I made how to shuffle with Ketchup.....atleast now you know. How to make ketchup with ketchup is now officially on the list!

Hank and Jed : This feels like cheating.

Schmmiii : How to make ketchup, with ketchup

Jared Couturier : @jonnyethco Ever tried flying one of these?!

True Story : uhhhhhhhhh..... ok?