FIRST TIME HEARING Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video) REACTION

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Joey Reacts : Go watch my Bohemian Rhapsody - Movie Review ->

Joey Reacts : i see some people think i'm lying, but yes this is truly my first time hearing this song.. i just found out who Queen was from one of my subscribers asking me to listen to them. But i can say now i am a big fan of there music :)

Lex Loadgiver : Bro. You have heard that song before. 😂😂

HitzCritz : *BS Detector:* 100%

Sandy : Who else is here after Gus Johnson's video?

Venzulo Scape : this cannot be his first time... fml

The Final Natural : How does it feel to hear this godly masterpiece for the first time 😮 I'm jealous

YaNan : *G U S* J O H N S O N (edit) Damn 150 likes in 24 hours! I just posted a name!

Metzwerg74 : OTHER BANDS HAD HITS Queen made anthems.......

djrabalais228 : Gus told me you lying.... You heard this before

Zophia L : That's how you listen to Bohemian Rhapsody.. now, don't touch that pause button again.

Madame Raven : Blows your mind to think that guitarist is an astrophysicist, too. Doesn't it?

Super Sasha : This should be called watch me bop my head around for 7 minutes

Gail Tilsley : Never heard it before yet his body can groove in time to every nuance and beat change? 🤔

Them Crazy Kids! : This is why it's great to explore all genres of music. You miss out on so much good stuff when you only allow yourself to listen to one type. Good music transcends all races, cultures and nationalities. Freddie will live on forever!

Kendra L Cleveland : I grew up on Queen. I'm black my dad is too but only listens to classic rock & roll. My mom listened to R&B. I'm very eclectic. But Freddie Mercury best singer I've ever heard my 33 yrs on this earth!

Morgan Thuemmler : Never thought i'd hear someone go "like damn WoOOOoaH bro shit" to music from Queen😂

Joy Malou Schubert : Queen's everything 💙💎

greenpsychobabe : I cried so hard at this, because it remembered me of my first time hearing this great song as a kid in 1998. I loved it so much and danced to it. Freddie Mercury was my star! Later my Mom told me that he already died in 1991 and that was the first and last time I cried for an artist/celebrity. With 10 years I didn't understand shit, but I knew the world lost something really precious that could never be replaced. Thank you for bringing me this memory back.

JuiceStain 123 : You are now permitted to die

Santino DeCapua : Hey guys this isn't my first time listening to queen but some of y'all dumb enough to believe me- so let's just jump right into it. Why am I getting recommended this trash

Sam Moerbe : I’m not mad. Surprised yes, but not mad. I’m glad you heard it. It really is a masterpiece

mike moncrief : Yes this is the single greatest song ever recorded.. It is truly a masterpiece.. Freddie Mercury is a God, and Brian May is a genius.. And I heard this the day it came out.. And feel exactly the same way about it as the first time I heard it.. People will listen to this 500 years from now and will get chills, it is timeless masterpiece...

free gamer : more like over-reacting to the song.. u have heard this before.. . clearly

Jason Samoilich : The way he follows the beat of the music, and reacts to the music is such a lie! He knows the song And I’m here after GUS!!

Bill Gates : - “This is fire.”

NOT ANOTHER COOKING SHOW : Hey man, Queen's one of my favorite bands, and watching you experience this for the first time was truly a joy for me. Much love brother.

CeCe Smith : GUS

BrokeCircle 126 : I like how this guy plugs but doesn’t take 10 minutes to say follow me here and here and like subscribe

thefamilyof3 : The production of this song is simply incredible for its time.

Stealth_ Mist : I hate these react channels putting no work into their videos and getting nearly 500x the views and likes

The Campfire : Everyone's first reaction to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Amy Kost : Lol thanks Gus Johnson

rubatha : This song is a straight up masterpiece

bruce wayne : The most gangster song ever written.

Nicholas Bjazevic : Honestly how u never heard this? U live in a cardboard box?

Bubbles Aries_Luv : Still one of the greatest composed songs of all time 💖😌💖

Basically Evan : How... the f*ck... have you NEVER... listened to queen before???

all4onw42 : Was Freddy only 17 years old when he wrote this song? And also is he telling his mum that he killed the old freddy he's going to live as a gay man instead of living a lie with the imposter freddy?

hijacker457 : I don’t understand how you haven’t seen it the song is everywhere unless you never leave your house so unless that is the case there is a very large chance I mean 99.99999 percent chance you are lying.

Nathan : Dude your pretty cool. Thanks for posting this.

shoegazer : You know Joey hasn't really heard it, because anyone that has heard Bohemian Rhapsody can't help but sing the lyrics every single time.

David Spiller : Try "Gimmie Shelter" by the Rolling Stones.

Trevor Bell : Why do people watch this stuff? How sad is your life that you have to watch someone else pretend to be impressed by something like they've never heard Queen before....please. This guy is so full of it.

Diego Cabrejos : EVERYONE IS BLACK

Ben Goddard : he's not actually talking about his mama but killing his past self as being straight and now become his real self being gay/bi-sexual

V Reacts : aren't they amazing? they give me goosebumps when I hear this song. stopping by to show love.

TheBubblyBear : No hate. How have you never heard of queen?!

David O. : Stop lying lmao

wartb. : Yea right...