FIRST TIME HEARING Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video) REACTION

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Joey Da Prince : Go watch my Bohemian Rhapsody - Movie Review ->

Lex Loadgiver : Bro. You have heard that song before. 😂😂

HitzCritz : *BS Detector:* 100%

Sandy : Who else is here after Gus Johnson's video?

Santino DeCapua : Hey guys this isn't my first time listening to queen but some of y'all dumb enough to believe me- so let's just jump right into it. Why am I getting recommended this trash

Diego Cabrejos : EVERYONE IS BLACK

EdgyMonster : FIRST TIME BREATHING OXYGEN -oxygen (official oxygen) REACTION

YaNan : *G U S* J O H N S O N *Edit:* 200 likes!! So many people liked this so sub to Pewdiepie

Simon Says : The thick people in comments. Most people especially black folk who isn't into rock would of not heard this song in full unedited way. But most people has though heard bits and pieces of this song in movies etc.

Stripes : Never heard it before yet his body can groove in time to every nuance and beat change? 🤔

Joey Da Prince : i see some people think i'm lying, but yes this is truly my first time hearing this song.. i just found out who Queen was from one of my subscribers asking me to listen to them. But i can say now i am a big fan of there music :)

djrabalais228 : Gus told me you lying.... You heard this before

KiannaOshun : I honestly had never heard the COMPLETE song until this year . I've only heard snippets of part when the tempo change in movies. I didn't even know who these people were. Sorry but everyone doesn't grow up listening to a multitude of genres. My mom literally only listened to gospel & blues, & r&b. ❤🙄❤Do you know how many hits exist?!? How can u expect anyone to have heard them all ?

Jason Samoilich : The way he follows the beat of the music, and reacts to the music is such a lie! He knows the song And I’m here after GUS!!

David O. : Stop lying lmao

Madame Raven : Blows your mind to think that guitarist is an astrophysicist, too. Doesn't it?

free gamer : more like over-reacting to the song.. u have heard this before.. . clearly

Amy Kost : Lol thanks Gus Johnson

Lynn Howard : He has to be the ONLY person on the planet that has not heard this song!

Comrade Dyngus : Excellent faking!

Sam Moerbe : I’m not mad. Surprised yes, but not mad. I’m glad you heard it. It really is a masterpiece

Alex Dawkins : Fake or not this video made me smile, and I found myself head banging along too :)

Judy Johnson : This is at Least 5 songs in 1.

Grim Tickler : you're a terrible actor

Liz : I have just only heard this song complete, no big deal. I believe you, it’s new to me.

Morgan Thuemmler : Never thought i'd hear someone go "like damn WoOOOoaH bro shit" to music from Queen😂

Mike Cranston : What's next first time trying water or hearing the Beatles? 100% of these Queen reaction videos are FAKE! Dude, 1992's Wayne's World brought this song to EVERYONE. This is another fake reaction video guaranteed.

CeCe Smith : GUS

Zoen Stewart : Here because of Gus Johnson

Indio Moustafa : Goddamn liar.

Baki : How does it feel to hear this godly masterpiece for the first time 😮 I'm jealous


TheBubblyBear : No hate. How have you never heard of queen?!

John Medved : What is with 11K negatives? WTF? This is one of the best bands and best songs ever written.

Mr. O'hare : Gus Johnson took me here.

JaVaughn McGregor : This just shows how young people missed out on a swath of great and timeless music before they were ever even thought about. The bullshit sounds they make now will never compare to the great music of the past.

Marlon Hinton : Published on august 18th 2018 ? And you say you have never heard this song? You would have had to be living under a rock to have never heard this song before. The song was released in 1975 for crying out loud.

Christian Hinton : E V E R Y O N E I S B L A C K

JaePeaGee : This is so fake ffs

David Buschhorn : 4:57 I get goosebumps...

bookmarkthis : This guy lies worse than Trump. OK maybe not that bad.

Ian Nania : I'm sorry but... I'm going to call bullshit on "first time ever". You're telling me you've never heard this play in all of the ads, movie soundtracks, and department stores that play classic songs or songs from Queen 24/7?

Custard : Go to 1:18 he know how the next part was gonna sound lol there are many instances of this

V Reacts : aren't they amazing? they give me goosebumps when I hear this song. stopping by to show love.

MØRTE ET DABØ : Lmfaaooo in reality this is his most played song on his playlist since he was 8

I.M.P MC/BeatMaker : Word? 3 million + views on this video.. lol you winning son! Damn

I have no Subscribers : Stop lying this is not would how Queen wants their songs to be represented

Jay Mello : You are the bomb.....keep it going....great job man...

shoegazer : You know Joey hasn't really heard it, because anyone that has heard Bohemian Rhapsody can't help but sing the lyrics every single time.

Jesse Anguiano : Like every other react video you know damn well you lyin bro lmao